Chapter 1804 - A Chess Move Behind

MGA: Chapter 1804 - A Chess Move Behind

Nangong Beidou looked like he was planning to kill the fake Chu Feng. However, even after having captured the fake Chu Feng for some time, he still hadn't killed him. It was clear that this was all a show.

“As expected of Ancestor. It would seem that he will not show himself. Four Great Imperial Clans, you all can continue to play with yourselves.”

Chu Feng smiled lightly. If Baili Xuankong fell for the trap, he would’ve acted right away. However, Baili Xuankong had still not revealed himself. Thus, Chu Feng knew that Baili Xuankong would not reveal himself.

If Baili Xuankong wouldn’t fall for the trap, the show that the Four Great Imperial Clans had spent meticulous effort to put on would be in vain. Not only that, they will have wasted many of their experts for this, and given Chu Feng an opportunity to escape.

Thus, Chu Feng planned to use this opportunity, as well as the talisman paper that Zhang Ming had given him, to rapidly escape from this place.

As long as he escaped from this place, escaped from the various spirit formations the Four Great Imperial Clans had set up, Chu Feng would have many method to allow Baili Xuankong to know that he was safe. At that time, with Baili Xuankong’s abilities, he would also be able to safely withdraw from this place.

“Nangong Beidou, if you dare to touch a single hair on Chu Feng’s head, I will make you suffer the consequences.”

Right at this moment, a sudden shout was heard. Following that, an Emperor’s might spread out. It turned into a golden sword that thrust toward Nangong Beidou.

“Ah?” Hearing that voice, Chu Feng was immediately startled. He turned his gaze toward the direction of the voice, and a figure appeared within his line of sight.

“Senior Hong Qiang?” Upon seeing this person, Chu Feng’s body trembled. The person that had acted earlier was Hong Qiang.

Furthermore, he was the real Hong Qiang. At this moment, Hong Qiang was already no longer a peak Half Martial Emperor. Instead, he had become a rank one Martial Emperor. It would appear that he had successfully reached a breakthrough and stepped into the Martial Emperor realm.

However, with only a cultivation of rank one Martial Emperor, how could he possibly be a match for Nangong Beidou? With a wave of his sleeve, Nangong Beidou took control of all the surrounding martial power, then turned it into a whirlwind that swept toward Hong Qiang.

The golden sword that Hong Qiang had formed began to spin in the wind like a maple leaf. In the end, it was shattered.

Then, Nangong Beidou raised his hand and grabbed. Immediately, Hong Qiang was captured in his hand.

When Hong Qiang landed in Nangong Beidou’s hand, he lost all ability to fight. It was not that he was weak. Rather, it was that Nangong Beidou was simply too strong.

“Damn it, I’m a chess move behind,” At this moment, Chu Feng ruthlessly smacked his thigh. He felt himself to be very useless.

While Baili Xuankong had not fallen for the trap, he had not expect that Hong Qiang would fall for the trap. Furthermore, he had not expected that Hong Qiang would be here.

This was something that he neglected. With Hong Qiang’s character, if he knew that Chu Feng was in danger, he would definitely show up. Thus, how could he have failed to anticipate Hong Qiang being here?

Unfortunately, thinking about all this was useless now. Chu Feng absolutely couldn't nothing, now that Hong Qiang had been captured. Else, Hong Qiang would definitely be tormented.

Sure enough, after Hong Qiang was captured, Nangong Beidou shouted loudly, “Hahaha, Chu Feng, are you still not going to reveal yourself? Do you wish to watch this senior of yours suffer so much that he’ll wish he was dead?”

“What is the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief saying? Isn’t Chu Feng captured and in his hands?” The crowd were all puzzled.

Then, Nangong Beidou let go of the fake Chu Feng in his hand. The fake Chu Feng started to tremble, and turned into a person covered fully in black.

This person the fake Chu Feng turned into was very disgusting. Although he had the shape of a person, he appeared to be made out of mud. It had no nose or mouth. The only thing present was a pair of pupil-less eyes. It was very frightening to look at.

“Ah? He’s actually a fake. It was actually… formed by the Hundred Transformations Clay Man.”

“It was actually a scheme. For the sake of capturing Chu Feng, the Four Great Imperial Clans set up such a scheme.”

“Truly, never would I have expected them to request the help of even the Hundred Transformations Clay Man. Truly, for the sake of capturing Chu Feng, the Four Great Imperial Clans have spent meticulous effort,” As the crowd looked to the black mud-like man, they all came to a sudden realization.

Hearing the discussion of the crowd, Chu Feng came to realize the origin of that Hundred Transformations Clay Man.

The Hundred Transformations Clay Man was not a man. Rather, it was a Natural Oddity that had managed to mature. His strength was on par with Yao’er, both being rank one Martial Emperors.

Merely, due to the fact that the Hundred Transformations Clay Man possessed the ability to change his appearance to that of anyone, he became very famous in the Holy Land of Martialism.

It was precisely because of the Hundred Transformations Clay Man’s special ability that many people had tried to request his help. Merely, the Hundred Transformations Clay Man was someone that would come and go without a trace. Thus, no one was able to find him. Furthermore, even if he was found, he would also refuse their request.

Yet, the Four Great Imperial Clans had actually managed to successfully request the help of the Hundred Transformations Clay Man. The crowd felt that the Four Great Imperial Clans must have spent a large amount of wealth to request his assistance.

However, this was not what Chu Feng was worried about. He was worried about Hong Qiang.

“Chu Feng, you’re still not going to show yourself? Turns out that you’re also a vile coward who fears death,” Nangong Beidou sneered. Then, he looked to Hong Qiang and said, “It’s the first time we have met each other. However, I know that you’re called Hong Qiang. When Chu Feng went to the Immortal Island, it was you that went alongside him to protect him.”

“You’re truly a righteous person, loyal to your friends. Even though you knew that your strength was insufficient, you still came to throw your life away. I admire your camaraderie.”

“Unfortunately, while you’re a righteous person that is loyal to your friends, Chu Feng is nothing more than a coward,” Nangong Beidou said those words to sow dissension. He was trying to publicly ruin Chu Feng’s reputation.

“Pah! If you wish to kill me, then kill me. If you wish to torment me, then torment me,” Hong Qiang snorted coldly. Then, he shouted, “Chu Feng, do not come...puu!!!”

Hong Qiang wanted to warn Chu Feng to not come out. However, before he could finish saying those words, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

It was Nangong Beidou. Nangong Beidou had pierced his hand into Hong Qiang’s heart.

“Chu Feng, since you’re this fickle and unrighteous, I shall help you accomplish your aim, and let you see how this senior of yours will suffer a life worse than death.”

As Nangong Beidou spoke, he took out a jade bottle from his Cosmos Sack. As he opened the black bottle, black gases surged forth. Then, many little earthworm-like insects appeared from within the black gases. Those insects were entirely black in color. They were very slender. Although they were very small, they were fully covered with black hair, and appeared to be very terrifying.

“It’s the Black-haired Poison Insect. Through the heart, they will enter one’s bloodstream and reach one’s entire body, leaving one feeling so much pain that they’ll want to die,” Someone recognized those insects.

Nangong Beidou was going to place those insects into Hong Qiang’s heart that he had pierced through with his hand.

“Damn it!” How could Chu Feng possibly do nothing? At this moment, he was planning to reveal himself.

“Chu Feng, escape when you can. Leave this place to me. I will bring Hong Qiang away safely.”

Right at this moment, a boundlessly powerful aura surged forth. In a blink of an eye, the aura arrived before Nangong Beidou.

It was a man wearing a conical bamboo hat and holding a golden brush. He was so strong that he managed to actually seize Hong Qiang from Nangong Beidou’s grasp. Furthermore, right after he arrived, he immediately suppressed Nangong Beidou.

This man was Baili Xuankong. Merely, at this moment, Baili Xuankong’s strength was even stronger than when he was in the Mooncloud City. Of course, the reason why he was so strong was all because of that Death Kill Brush.

“You’ve finally revealed yourself,” In response, coldness flashed through the eyes of the Ximen, Beitang and Dongfang Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs. Then, they took out their respective Incomplete Imperial Armaments and began to surround Baili Xuankong to attack him.

“Amazing. He is actually fighting the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs by himself. Is this man Chu Feng’s backer?”

The crowd were all shocked. Baili Xuankong was indeed fighting the four Imperial Clan Chiefs by himself. Furthermore, he was not at all losing to them.

“Chu Feng, quickly escape. I will protect Hong Qiang,” Baili Xuankong shouted again.

“Escape? Am I really to escape?” At this time, Chu Feng was frowning deeply. Even though Baili Xuankong was very strong, Chu Feng felt that, with how much the Four Great Imperial Clans wanted to kill him, they would definitely not have only sent forth their Four Clan Chiefs.

“None of you can escape,” Sure enough, an extremely imposing voice suddenly sounded from deep underground.

In an instant, the earth shattered, and the soil began to burst into the air. Like reverse meteors, many golden rays shot into the sky as a very powerful might enveloped this entire region.