Chapter 1794 - Absolute Humiliation

MGA: Chapter 1794 - Absolute Humiliation

“I’ll let you experience true lightning,” Chu Feng eyes narrowed. Then, his body started to spin.


As he spun, light began to flicker, and countless lightning bolts were out explosively from Chu Feng’s body like sharp blades.

Wherever the lightning passed, everything in its path was destroyed. Even the golden light that protected Leng Yue was unable to resist the lightning.

Finally, a total of six lightning strikes pierced through Leng Yue’s hands, legs, chest and abdomen.


Once the lightning bolts entered her body, Leng Yue immediately let out a scream. Then, like a kite with its string cut, she fell from the sky and crashed onto the ground.

The power of her fall was so strong that even the Incomplete Imperial Armament which she had held in her hand ended up being knocked far away.

“What were those lightning bolts? Could it be a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill? But, why do they so closely resemble the lightnings that cover Chu Feng?”

Everything had happened too quickly. Baili Xinghe had not managed to see what had happened clearly. However, he had managed to see the lightning bolts that Chu Feng had unleashed, and felt how frightening they were.

Then, Baili Xinghe looked to Leng Yue. At this time, she had fallen to the ground, and was rolling about and screaming in pain.

From this, Baili Xinghe knew that, regardless of what sort of technique Chu Feng had used earlier, he had managed to successfully break through the defense of Leng Yue’s Heaven Taboo: Dao Light Seal and inflicted serious injuries upon her.

This battle was Chu Feng’s victory!!!

“Impossible! This is impossible! How could I be defeated?!”

“Wuuahhh~~~” At this moment, Leng Yue struggled to get back up. However, a portion of the lightning that had pierced through her body was left behind within her body.

It was precisely that portion of lightning that was tormenting Leng Yue, causing her to suffer terribly. She was unable to unleash any of the power in her body. In fact, she did not even have the strength to stand back up.

“As they say, there can never be too much deception in war. Leng Yue, you’ve been completely defeated,” At this moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded from the sky.

“Chu Feng, you…” Seeing Chu Feng, who was looking at her with a calm smile on his face, Leng Yue was shocked.

Chu Feng’s gaze was filled with contempt, filled with the intention to toy with her. It was as if he was looking at a plaything.

Plaything. Leng Yue was a plaything in his eyes. Even though she possessed overflowing strength, she had been toyed around with by Chu Feng since the very beginning.

Everything had been fake. Chu Feng’s clown-like appearance earlier, that flustered and panicking appearance, had been made deliberately.

Chu Feng did that so that she would let down her guard so that he would have an opportunity to approach her and unleash a surprise attack.


Leng Yue sat onto the ground. She had a dejected expression on her face.

Although she had come to that realization now, it was already too late. She had truly been defeated in this battle.

She had not been defeated in terms of cultivation, battle power or even martial skills. Rather, she had been defeated in terms of techniques.

However, it was precisely because this was the case that she was unreconciled to accept the truth.

“Damn it,” At this moment, Leng Yue had already forgotten the pain of her body. She clenched her jade fists tightly.

Defeat. This was the first time that she had been defeated this miserably.

Suddenly, Leng Yue’s expression changed greatly. She raised her head and shouted, “Chu Feng, what are you doing?!”

It turned out that Chu Feng had actually arrived before her. Not only that, he had snatched away the Cosmos Sack at her waist.

Leng Yue had connected that Cosmos Sack to her body through the use of spirit formations. Thus, it was simply impossible for ordinary people to snatch it away. However, Chu Feng had easily severed the connection between her and her Cosmos Sack, and then snatched it away. Then, he snatched away her other Cosmos Sacks.

“What am I doing? Leng Yue, since you agreed to the bet, you must accept the loss. Have you forgotten what you said earlier?”

“It’s fine if you’ve forgotten. I can remind you. This match between us, the victor shall obtain all of the treasures that the loser possesses. Thus, these treasures of yours are all mine now.”

“That said, you have quite a lot of treasures with you. It must have taken quite a bit of effort to acquire all these treasures, no? I must truly thank you for all your meticulous effort to provide all these treasures for me. Thank you.”

Chu Feng inspected the Cosmos Sacks in his hand, then said those words with a complacent expression on his face. The reason for that was because Leng Yue truly had quite a lot of treasure in her Cosmos Sacks.

Chu Feng’s complacent appearance appeared to be extremely provoking to Leng Yue.

However, Chu Feng was not satisfied just yet. Instead, he began to walk toward a southwestern direction. The reason for that was because Leng Yue’s Incomplete Imperial Armament was there.

“Not bad. It’s a very good weapon. It should be quite valuable,” Chu Feng picked up the rod and began to examine it earnestly.

“Chu Feng, put down all of those items!” At this moment, Leng Yue obtained strength out of nowhere and actually managed to stand back up. Although she was staggering, she began to run toward Chu Feng to take her treasures back.

“Leng Yue, I’d advise you to not come here. Else, you shall bear the consequences,” Chu Feng said.

“Return them to me!” With how deeply angered Leng Yue was, how could she stop?


Suddenly, a shattering sound came from underneath Leng Yue’s foot. She lowered her head to look, and discovered that she had stepped into a spirit formation.

That spirit formation was very delicate, and had been hidden extremely profoundly. Overcome by desperation, Leng Yue had not noticed that spirit formation at all.

At this moment, Leng Yue had a very uneasy expression on her face. She first smelled a strange and stinky odor from underneath her foot. Then, she saw yellow-brown substances spilling forth from underneath her foot.


In an instant, the yellow-brown substance erupted from underneath Leng Yue’s foot like a volcanic eruption. There was so much of the yellow-brown stuff that it swallowed Leng Yue up in an instant.


Seeing the yellow-brown substance that had submerged Leng Yue, Baili Xinghe’s eyes were wide open, and his tongue was tied. He did not dare to believe what he was seeing.

“For real?!” At this moment, even Her Lady Queen had a stunned expression on her face.

She recognized that spirit formation. Chu Feng had set up that spirit formation. Furthermore, he had set it up before coming to this place.

Back then, Chu Feng had told her that he needed two items to make his plan a success. First, there was the ring on Eggy’s finger. Second, there was that spirit formation.

Back then, Eggy had not understood exactly what that spirit formation was. However, she now understood.

Contained within that spirit formation was manure. Once the spirit formation was activated, it would turn into an enormous cesspool. At that moment, Leng Yue had fallen into the cesspool.

Chu Feng sighed, “Didn’t I say not to come over? Why must you refuse to listen? Look at this, you’ve jumped into it yourself. You can’t blame me for this,” Chu Feng said with an innocent appearance. Then, he smiled beamingly and said, “That said, Leng Yue, tell me the truth, how do you enjoy this flavor? After all, those are treasures from me, Chu Feng. Ordinary people would not even be able to see them. And yet, you’re taking a bath in them. You could be said to be quite fortunate.”

“Are you kidding? Those are his own…. He used his own to make the spirit formation?”

“Eaaah, Chu Feng, you’re truly disgusting,” Eggy first cast a side eye at Chu Feng. Then, she laughed and said, “Although it’s very disgusting, I must admit, you’ve done it beautifully.”

“Chu Feng, I’ll kill you!!!” Leng Yue jumped out from the cesspool. Due to the fact that she was seriously injured, she had been unable to protect herself using world spirit techniques in time. Thus, her body had been soaked in that cesspool.

At this moment, not only did she stink from head to toe, she was also in a furious rage.

She, the number one disciple of the Heavenly Law Palace, had actually fallen into a cesspool. If this matter were to spread, how could she possibly continue to live?

With enormous killing intent, she pounced at Chu Feng. She truly wished to rip Chu Feng to pieces with her own hands!!!

“Get the hell away from me, stinky woman,” Chu Feng raised his sleeve and waved. Then, a surge of wind appeared. The wind directly blew Leng Yue away several hundred meters away. When Leng Yue landed, she rolled on the ground several times before being able to steady herself.

Due to being injured by Chu Feng’s Divine Lightnings, Leng Yue was extremely weak right now. Thus, she was simply incapable of fighting against Chu Feng.