Chapter 1786 - Don’t Make Things Difficult For Me

MGA: Chapter 1786 - Don’t Make Things Difficult For Me

“Milady Queen, I’ve missed you to death.”

Seeing that Eggy had woken up, Chu Feng was unable to contain his excitement. Like an eagle trying to capture a little chick, he pounced at Eggy.

If he were to successfully reach Eggy, that little beauty would definitely be embraced by Chu Feng.


However, when she saw the incoming Chu Feng, Eggy’s body shifted. As her skirt fluttered, a gentle breeze swirled. Then, a fragrant aroma assailed Chu Feng’s nostrils and left him feeling very relaxed.

However, by the time Chu Feng landed on the ground, Eggy was already no longer standing where she was.

“Little boy, you’re trying to take advantage of this Queen again? This Queen is an extremely noble person, how could I allow you to sully me repeatedly?” Eggy’s laughing voice sounded from behind Chu Feng.

Turning his head over, Chu Feng discovered that Eggy was looking at him with a mischievous smile on her face. Even though she was smiling mischievously, due to the fact that she possessed an extremely beautiful face and innocent airs, no matter how Chu Feng looked at her, she appeared to be extremely adorable.

“Eggy, your cultivation…”

“Rank three Half Martial Emperor. You’ve actually broken through directly to rank three Half Martial Emperor?” After sensing Eggy’s current aura, Chu Feng was overjoyed.

Even though he knew that the Golden Leaf World Spirit Flowers might help Eggy increase her cultivation, he had not expected that her cultivation would increase this much.

After all, Eggy’s method to increase her cultivation was similar to the way Chu Feng increased his cultivation. While she could increase her cultivation by absorbing source energy, the amount needed was incomparable to ordinary world spirits.

It was beyond Chu Feng’s expectations for the Golden Leaf World Spirit Flowers to bring about such a great benefit to Eggy.

“That’s true. For this Queen to possess her current cultivation, it’s all thanks to the Golden Leaf World Spirit Flowers you got for me.”

“This Queen has always been one to repay favors shown to her. In order to express my thanks to you, here, I’ll bestow you with a hug.” As Eggy spoke, she began to gracefully walk toward Chu Feng while smiling sweetly. When she was about to reach Chu Feng, she suddenly leaped. Like an elf, she jumped into Chu Feng’s bosom.

As he felt that soft body reaching his bosom, Chu Feng’s heartbeat actually started to accelerate. Chu Feng, a person who would remain calm even before Mount Tai, was actually nervous from Eggy throwing herself into his arms.

Chu Feng could be considered to be someone who had embraced quite a few women. Yet, when embracing Eggy, he felt the most wonderful.

When such a beauty had entered his bosom, how could Chu Feng possibly let her get away? He extended his arms and planned to tightly hug Eggy.

However, before he could even hug her, Eggy’s delicate body suddenly moved backwards; she had once again separated herself from Chu Feng’s bosom. The only thing that remained was her alluring fragrant aroma.

Eggy hid to the side and extended her little tongue, “I gave you the opportunity, but you were unable to seize it.”

“Tsk,” Chu Feng curled his lips. Even though he was feeling a bit unreconciled, there was nothing he could do.

Her Lady Queen’s battle power was at least capable of surmounting six levels of cultivation. Furthermore, Chu Feng didn’t even know her overall battle power. Likewise, he also did not know her abilities.

Thus, although Eggy was only a rank three Half Martial Emperor, it was not certain that Chu Feng would be able to defeat her. Thus, even though she was toying with him, there was nothing that Chu Feng could do about it.

“It’s fine for me to not hug you. However, the next time we encounter danger, you must not make the selfish decision to sacrifice yourself,” Chu Feng said in a very serious manner.

“Since when have I sacrificed myself? I merely slept for a while. I know everything that you’ve encountered during the time I was asleep,” Eggy said in a witty manner.

“In that case, do you know how worried I was?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course I do. I’m no fool,” Eggy’s beautiful eyes narrowed as she revealed a brilliant smile. Her appearance was so sweet that she could melt one’s heart.

“Oh you,” Faced with Eggy’s ability to act cute, Chu Feng gave up his resistance. He no longer had the heart to continue finding fault in her.

“Brother Chu Feng!!!” Right at this moment, Yan Xie walked in with a nervous expression on his face.

“Someone’s looking for you. Quickly, go back out,” Eggy waved her hand.

Seeing Eggy acting like this, Chu Feng was truly reluctant to part with her. However, as proper business was more important, Chu Feng ended up casting his consciousness back into his body.

It was only then that Chu Feng discovered that not only had Yan Xie walked in, he was also holding a special letter in his hand.

That letter was flickering with light and lingering with runes. Furthermore, it contained world spirit power. It was a world spirit letter. Without the ability of a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, it was impossible for someone to open that letter.

“Who sent that letter?” Chu Feng asked.

“Leng Yue,” Yan Xie said.

“Oh? That Leng Yue is actually a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist?” Chu Feng was startled. He had originally thought that the only Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists present here were him and Baili Xinghe. To his surprise, this Leng Yue was also a snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist..

Not only does that woman possess heaven-defying battle power and overwhelming strength, her world spirit techniques are also this powerful. Even Chu Feng did not dare to look down on her.

However, not daring to look down on her did not mean that Chu Feng was afraid of her. At the very least, opening that letter was a simple task for Chu Feng.

Chu Feng unleashed his technique, and golden light began to shine. He managed to easily undo the seal on the letter. After the seal was undone, the letter turned into a strand of golden light that began to spin before Chu Feng.

Chu Feng understood what this meant. While the letter possessed contents, there was no substance. If he wished to know the contents of the letter, he would have to absorb that golden strand of light into his mind.

To do this would require very powerful control. It would be impossible to accomplish unless one was a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.


Chu Feng’s eyes flashed. Then, that floating strand of golden light, as if it had been controlled by Chu Feng, shot toward Chu Feng’s forehead and was assimilated into Chu Feng’s mind.

The very next moment, words began to appear in Chu Feng’s mind.

‘I am not interested in the other people in this Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly. I only wish to fight against you, Chu Feng.’

‘Tonight, come to this location and fight me. As long as you come, regardless of whether you win or lose, I will still bestow you with rewards!!!’

“What an arrogant Leng Yue,” Chu Feng sighed lightly, This Leng Yue was actually using rewards to coerce Chu Feng to battle her.

However, she used the word ‘bestow’ to describe the rewards she would give him. From this, it could be seen that although she wished to fight Chu Feng, she actually looked down on him.

“Chu Feng, what’s going on?” Yan Xie asked.

“Leng Yue has challenged me to a fight against her tonight,” Chu Feng said.

“What? Wouldn’t this be going against the rules? If that man were to find out, both you and her would be disqualified from the competition,” Yan Xie was shocked at first. Then, he asked Chu Feng, “Are you going?”

“Of course,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah?” Yan Xie was even more shocked. He advised, “Chu Feng, you absolutely cannot go. If you wish to fight her, you can do so tomorrow. Why take this risk?”

“Brother Yan Xie, I possess my own reasons to fight Leng Yue.”

“Even if she hadn’t come to find me, I would’ve gone to find her tonight too. Since she has actually come to find me, it just so happens to be exactly what I wanted,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

“It would seem that I am unable to advise you against it,” Yan Xie said.

Chu Feng smiled. Even though he did not say anything, he had declared his standing.

“In that case, the only thing I can tell you is to be careful,” Yan Xie said.

“My thanks,” Chu Feng was able to tell that Yan Xie was really worried about him. Although they hadn’t known one another for long, Chu Feng felt that Yan Xie was an affectionate and loyal brother.

At this moment, Eggy’s voice suddenly sounded. “If Yan Xie’s advice is useless, then what about this Queen’s advice?”

“Milady Queen, you should understand me. Please don’t make things difficult for me, okay?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

When Chu Feng said those words, there was a trace of pleading in his tone. He feared Eggy advising him against this matter, because he held Eggy in high regard and cared deeply about her point of view. If Eggy was against it, that would make it very difficult for him.