Chapter 1780 - Exactly Who Is It?

MGA: Chapter 1780 - Exactly Who Is It?

The crowd became even more joyous upon seeing this scene.

As the saying goes, when watching a show, one would not mind it becoming bigger. Although Chu Feng had defeated Ximen Feixue, the disparity between the two of them was simply too enormous. Thus, although the match had revealed how powerful Chu Feng was, it had not been a marvelous battle to watch.

However, these two men from the Heavenly Law Palace were a different story. The two of them were both Divine Bodies. Furthermore, they were twin brothers. Thus, their Divine Powers had a resonance with one another.

It was precisely because of their special resonance that their Divine Powers appeared to be much more powerful than ordinary Divine Powers.

Thus, although their battle power was inferior to Chu Feng’s, the crowd felt that this pair of brothers would be able to fight against him.


However, at the moment when the crowd was prepared to enjoy the show, an angry shout suddenly sounded out of nowhere. This ear-piercing voice caused the crowd to feel pain in their eardrums.

This was especially true for the two Heavenly Law Palace’s brothers. They were in so much pain that they started to grimace, and hurriedly covered their ears. It was clear that that voice was aimed at the two of them.

Not long after that voice landed, a boundless oppressive might also appeared. That oppressive might covered the entire region.

Once that oppressive might appeared, space itself started to distort. Everyone present was able to feel that enormous pressure that covered their bodies and souls.

That oppressive might was so powerful that they were simply incapable of escaping it. With merely a thought, the owner of that oppressive might would be able to completely eliminate them, leaving behind neither body nor soul.

Martial Emperor. Furthermore, it was not an ordinary Martial Emperor. That person’s cultivation… was most likely above the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs. Else, it would be impossible for that oppressive might to be this powerful.

After being shocked, the crowd raised their heads and looked upward. It was only then that they discovered a figure was standing in the sky.

When they saw this person, Chu Feng and the others all revealed expressions of reverence.

This person was none other than that mysterious man that had appeared in front of the entrance before it had been opened.

Merely, this time around, he was no longer a projected image. Rather, it was his actual body. His actual body’s oppressiveness was evidently many times more powerful than that of his image.

“The competition has yet to begin. Yet you all have begun to spar without permission. This is extremely disrespectful toward the party holding this competition.”

“It is one thing for that Ximen Imperial Clansman to not understand the rules, but do the Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples also lack understanding of rules?” That man stared at the two men from the Heavenly Law Palace and spoke in a stern manner.


Hearing those words, Ximen Feixue’s bloody face began to become distorted. Although those words were being said to the two Heavenly Law Palace’s brothers, they were actually insulting him.

However, that man’s strength was extremely powerful. Furthermore, this was his territory. Thus, other than enduring the humiliation, there was nothing else Ximen Feixue could do. Today, he had truly been utterly humiliated. The humiliation he had suffered today was even more enormous than all of the humiliation he had experienced in his life.

“Senior, we were merely joking around with Chu Feng. We never truly planned to fight him,” The two Heavenly Law Palace’s brothers said with smiles on their faces.

“That would be for the best,” That middle-aged man nodded. Then, he swept his gaze at the crowd, “All of you, listen carefully. The sparring will officially begin tomorrow. Before that, make sure to act properly. You are not allowed to fight without permission.”

“If there is anyone who refuses to listen, I will remove their qualifications to participate in the competition and expel them from this place.”


Hearing those words, the crowd were all startled. This man’s attitude was truly unyielding.

Although all of the people present were from the younger generation, and their strengths were all greatly inferior to his, it remained that they all possessed grand origins. While these members of the younger generation might be afraid of him, the powers standing behind them might not necessarily be afraid of him.

However, this man’s attitude was extremely unyielding, and his tone did not leave room for anyone to say otherwise. It was evident that he did not place the powers behind these members of the younger generation in his eyes.

“What senior says is correct. As the saying goes, without rules, there will be no standards.”

“We have understood senior’s words. However, Chu Feng and Ximen Feixue have already broken the rules. Senior, how shall this matter be handled?” Baili Xinghe said with a respectful appearance.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly. A trace of displeasure flashed through his eyes.

He discovered that this Baili Xinghe was a truly treacherous individual. It was clear by those words he said that he wanted for that man to kick Chu Feng and Ximen Feixue out of this competition.

Chu Feng didn’t know how he had offended Baili Xinghe. However, at this moment, Chu Feng placed Baili Xinghe onto his list of enemies.

If others didn’t provoke him, he wouldn’t provoke them. If others provoked him, he would definitely eliminate them.

“What happened earlier was a bit different. The two of them were not sparring. Rather, Ximen Feixue publicly provoked Chu Feng. Although Chu Feng had attacked him, the way I see it, what he did was correct. He protected his dignity as a man. Thus, I am able to forgive Chu Feng’s behavior,” the man said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief. He had never expected this senior to speak on his behalf like that.

“Senior is wise, discriminating and fair-minded. I am truly in admiration,” To Chu Feng’s surprise, the man representing the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts began to clasp his fist and bow to that man with an expression of admiration.

Although he had spoken those words on his own behalf, it was very clear that he was crying out for justice for Chu Feng.

As the King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s princess had invited Chu Feng to be a guest of their King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, and left a very good impression on Chu Feng, Chu Feng’s current impression of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts was also extremely good.

“While I am able to forgive Chu Feng’s behavior, I am not able to forgive this Ximen Feixue’s behavior,” The man turned his gaze to Ximen Feixue.

Hearing those words, Ximen Feixue’s expression took a huge change. What sort of situation was this? Chu Feng could be forgiven, but he could not? Wasn’t this simply discrimination against him?

“Senior, I was ignorant of the rules before. I hope senior will give me a chance,” Although Ximen Feixue was unconvinced in his heart, he still begged for forgiveness.

He did not wish to be the first one to be eliminated, because there were a lot of people outside. If he were to be kicked out from this place, he would not only humiliate himself, he would also humiliate the entire Ximen Imperial Clan.


However, the mysterious man completely ignored Ximen Feixue’s begging. He made a grabbing gesture in the air, and Ximen Feixue started to float upward. Then, he raised the hand he had made the grabbing gesture with, and made a throwing motion, and Ximen Feixue turned into a ray of light that started to fly toward the sky and out of the fort.


At this moment, although the fort was sealed, the crowd’s gazes were still focused on the fort’s central region. They all knew that the strongest members of the younger generation from the Holy Land of Martialism were all gathered there.


Suddenly, a flash of light shone in the center region of the fort. Then, a figure shot out explosively from the fort.


At the same time, Ximen Feixue’s scream began to resonate through heaven and earth.

“What is this?”

Seeing this scene, the crowd were all shocked. Why would someone fly out of the fort?

“That seemed to be a member of the younger generation. But exactly who is it? Why would he be beaten to such a state? The competition hasn’t started yet, right?”

The crowd looked carefully at Ximen Feixue, who had been shot out. However, because Ximen Feixue had been badly mutilated by Chu Feng, the crowd was unable to determine who he actually was.