Chapter 1778 - Disparity

MGA: Chapter 1778 - Disparity

“Chu Feng is ranked second. In that case, who’s ranked first?” After feeling excited, the crowd turned their eyes to the horizon once again.


In front of the focused gazes of tens of thousands of people, the words ‘Leng Yue’ appeared.

“Leng Yue, it’s the Heavenly Law Palace’s disciple Leng Yue.”

The crowd were all startled. After all, the name Leng Yue was very famous. She had always been a well-known figure among the younger generation.

When they saw the words ‘Leng Yue’, the crowd from the Heavenly Law Palace revealed smiles of pride. As for the crowd from the Underworld Palace, they started to frown and became a bit moody.

Compared to the Underworld Palace, the people from the Mortal King Palace were not that downcast. However, they were also not very happy.

After all, the Three Palaces were equally famous. Yet, of their disciples, a disciple from the Heavenly Law Palace had obtained the first spot. This, to a greater or lesser degree, caused them to feel humiliated.

“Let’s act. Since Chu Feng has come, we absolutely cannot let him leave here alive.”

At the moment when the crowd was astonished by Leng Yue’s name, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs led their respective elite troops and quietly hid themselves in the vast crowd.

They had already made plans. If Chu Feng didn’t come, it would all be fine. However, if Chu Feng was to show up, they would definitely not let him leave here alive.


Inside the fort. The crowd was still wondering exactly who Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish were.


Suddenly, a figure shot out explosively from a pagoda. Like a meteorite, that figure landed in front of Chu Feng’s pagoda.

This scene piqued the attention of many people. The people from all the other pagodas all turned their gazes toward Chu Feng’s pagoda.

At this moment, it was a man that had landed below Chu Feng’s pagoda.

This man had a handsome appearance. However, he emitted a very cold and aggressive air. He was none other than Ximen Feixue.

Ximen Feixue’s eyes were filled with coldness and devoid of emotions to begin with, but at this moment, his gaze was even more ice-cold.


Suddenly, Ximen Feixue pulled out his Heavenly Immortal Sword and pointed it at the pagoda that Chu Feng was in. In an instant, surging coldness turned into a frosty wind that brought about great devastation.

In the end, the cold air that was visible to the naked eye began to engulf the pagoda Chu Feng was in like many ferocious beasts, causing Chu Feng’s pagoda to tremble slightly.

It turned out that Ximen Feixue was no longer a rank five Half Martial Emperor. Instead, he was a rank six Half Martial Emperor. Ximen Feixue… had actually reached a breakthrough.

With a voice like thunder, Ximen Feixue shouted, “Chu Feng, I, Ximen Feixue, have come for none other than you.”

“Since you’ve actually dared to show yourself too, I will definitely defeat you with my Heavenly Immortal Sword this time around, and wipe away my previous disgrace!”

Although Ximen Feixue had spoken those words with enormous resentment, he was also filled with confidence.

He did not believe that Chu Feng would be able to reach a breakthrough in such a short period of time like himself. Thus, he felt that if Chu Feng were to fight against him, he would definitely be defeated.

“Yoh, so it’s actually a battle for revenge. This is quite interesting.”

The many dragons among men all realized Ximen Feixue’s intentions. Thus, they all began to earnestly watch the show.

In fact, there were even people that took out dimsums that were already prepared in their respective pagodas and began to enjoy them while watching the show.

They had not had the opportunity to see the battle between Chu Feng and Ximen Feixue before. However, it was pretty good too to be able to see Ximen Feixue’s battle for revenge against Chu Feng today.

“Oh no! It’s actually Ximen Feixue. Why would he come to challenge Chu Feng before the competition has even begun?” Although the people outside were enjoying the show, Big Radish and Little Radish were extremely nervous.

Although they were disciples of the Underworld Palace, they still knew how powerful Ximen Feixue was.

“Don’t be afraid. Stay here. I’ll go out and meet this Ximen Feixue,” As Yan Xie spoke, he turned into a ray of light and flew out.

At the moment he appeared outside, his rank six Half Martial Emperor aura also swept forth and beat down Ximen Feixue’s cold aura that had engulfed Chu Feng’s pagoda.

After descending, Yan Xie took out his Fire Dragon Emperor Spear and pointed it at Ximen Feixue. He shouted, “A guy who was defeated by Brother Chu Feng dares to act this arrogant? It is fine if you wish to challenge Chu Feng. However, you must first pass through me!”

“Who are you?” Sensing Yan Xie’s aura of a rank six Half Martial Emperor, Ximen Feixue became serious.

“I am the Flame Emperor’s successor, Yan Xie,” Yan Xie said.

“And I was wondering who it might be. So you’re that Flame Emperor’s successor. And here I was thinking about how amazing that Flame Emperor’s successor would be. But it turns out he’s nothing more than Chu Feng’s lackey,” Ximen Feixue said mockingly.

“Enough of your rubbish. You can either fight me or scram. Everyone‘s already looking at you, it would be best if you stopped trying to make an exhibition of yourself,” Yan Xie said.

Hearing those words, Ximen Feixue looked to his surroundings. It was only then that he discovered that a figure was standing on top of each pagoda. Each and every one of them was extremely imposing and extraordinary. They were all dragons among men, children blessed by the heavens… They had actually all come out from their respective pagodas to watch the show.

Seeing this scene, the corners of Ximen Feixue’s mouth lifted into a light curve. The reason why he had challenged Chu Feng at such a time was precisely to have these people know that Chu Feng was inferior to him.

“Very well, it wouldn’t be too late for me to eliminate you first and then eliminate Chu Feng.”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

After saying those words, Ximen Feixue unleashed his attacks. Cold rays began to flash all over. His Heavenly Immortal Sword turned into a sharp, murderous weapon as it pierced through the air toward Yan Xie.

“Humph!” At the same moment the Ximen Feixue unleashed his attacks, Yan Xie also unleashed his own attacks. Holding the Fire Dragon Emperor Spear, he collided with Ximen Feixue.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

The two men both held an Incomplete Imperial Armament in their hands. Their attacks were constantly changing. The strength of their attacks were powerful enough to shake the blue dome of heaven.

While Ximen Feixue possessed his Imperial Bloodline, Yan Xie was a Divine Body. With the two men going all out to fight against one another, the outcome of the battle was unable to be decided instantly.


Another shout. Following that shout, violent surging winds began to blow away the clouds, and golden light began to radiate all over. Ximen Feixue had unleashed his Imperial Bloodline and increased his cultivation to rank seven Half Martial Emperor.


Right after Ximen Feixue unleashed his Imperial Bloodline, surging purple flames swept forth. Yan Xie had unleashed his Divine Power, also increasing his cultivation to rank seven Half Martial Emperor.

The two men had both unleashed their trump cards. However, when they fought again, they were still unable to prevail over one another, and entered a stalemate again.

Two hours.

Four hours.

A total of six hours passed...

Ximen Feixue and Yan Xie were still fighting against one another. Furthermore, judging from their appearances, the two men would not be able to determine victory unless one of them exhausted his stamina first.

However, with the cultivation and strength of the two men, it would likely be impossible for either of them to exhaust all of their stamina until after several days and nights’ worth of fighting.

If they were to fight for several days and night, this Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly would likely have already ended before they were done.


Suddenly, Ximen Feixue missed his attack. Then, his body moved backward, and he distanced himself from Yan Xie. After that, he shouted, “I’m not fighting anymore. The person I am searching for is Chu Feng, and not you, Yan Xie.”

Yan Xie also retreated. He also did not wish to continue fighting. If they were to continue to fight, even if they were to be able to determine a victor, neither of them would be able to participate in the official competition.

Since Ximen Feixue had stopped his attacks, there was no need for Yan Xie to continue fighting. After all, even if he were to win against Ximen Feixue, his gains would not make up for his losses.

“Chu Feng, you have truly disappointed me.”

“I had previously thought you to be a man. However, never would I have thought that after my cultivation increased, you would not even dare to fight against me.”

“However, remember this: while you can hide now, you can’t hide forever. Even if you are able to hide inside that tower like a turtle today, you will still have to fight me tomorrow.”

“I will let you know that you, Chu Feng, only defeated me, Ximen Feixue, because of luck.”

“However, you will absolutely not be able to defeat me a second time. From today hence, I, Ximen Feixue, declare that I will crush you to death. I’ll make you, Chu Feng, be beneath me forever. I’ll have everyone know that you, Chu Feng, are inferior to me. I will also let you know the true gap between us.”

Ximen Feixue began to insult Chu Feng nonstop. Although he did not plan to continue fighting Yan Xie, he had not planned to let Chu Feng get away.

Seeing that Chu Feng had still not shown himself even though Ximen Feixue was insulting him like this, many of the others present began to ponder in their hearts.

Could it be as Ximen Feixue had said, and that Chu Feng only defeated him back then because of luck?

Now that Ximen Feixue’s cultivation had increased, did Chu Feng not dare to face him anymore?

That legendary Chu Feng was merely a coward.


Right at this moment, a loud explosion suddenly sounded from Chu Feng’s pagoda. Following that, a boundlessly powerful oppressive might flew out of the pagoda.

Once that oppressive might appeared, the crowd’s expressions all changed. As that oppressive might spiraled in the sky, it was like an invisible, bloodthirsty ferocious beast overlooking its prey down below. It… was actually the aura of a rank seven Half Martial Emperor.


Suddenly, that oppressive might gathered in one location, turned into a ray of rainbow-like light that came crushing down onto Ximen Feixue.


Seeing this, Ximen Feixue snorted coldly. Then, he brandished the Heavenly Immortal Sword in his hand and unleashed his strongest attack to face the incoming oppressive might.


However, that oppressive might was unstoppable. Not only did it completely shatter Ximen Feixue’s attack, it also crushed Ximen Feixue into the ground.

Ximen Feixue’s clothes were all torn, and he was drenched in blood. Over half of his body had been destroyed by that oppressive might.

Ximen Feixue had used his strongest attack, but had been unable to even resist a single burst of oppressive might, and was instead left with a disastrous injury.


At this moment, the dragons among men who stood atop the pagodas were unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

A heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation. The owner of that oppressive might possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation. That was why Ximen Feixue had been defeated so utterly.

A rank seven Half Martial Emperor with a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation. This sort of strength was extremely powerful.


Right at this moment, a figure flew out from the pagoda and steadily landed before Ximen Feixue.

Seeing this figure, the crowd’s eyes all shone. The reason for that was because it was none other than Chu Feng.

Chu Feng looked to Ximen Feixue, whose body was filled with blood and injuries. There was not the slightest trace of sympathy in his gaze. His mouth was raised into a curve as he asked, “Do you know the disparity between you and me now?”