Chapter 1776 - Baffled

MGA: Chapter 1776 - Baffled

“Someone actually arrived before us? Who might that person be?” Yan Xie raised his head and gazed deeply at the pagoda that had been lighted. It was as if he wanted to know who the master of that pagoda was.

Unfortunately, that pagoda was located extremely far away. Furthermore, the pagoda itself also possessed the effect of blocking one’s vision. Thus, Yan Xie was simply unable to see the silhouette of the person in the pagoda,


Right at this moment, two large words appeared in that dazzling golden light, Leng Yue.

[1. Leng Yue → Cold Moon.]

“Leng Yue, she’s a disciple of the Heavenly Law Palace. Furthermore, she is the strongest of the three Heavenly Law Palace’s Heavenly Generals,” Upon seeing the words ‘Leng Yue’, Big Radish immediately sucked in a mouthful of cold air. His gaze was filled with reverence.

Although he did not know exactly how powerful Leng Yue was, it was reported that Leng Yue was the only disciple of the Heavenly Law Palace capable of contending against their Underworld Palace’s strongest disciple, Underworld Messenger Kuang.

As for Underworld Messenger Kuang, he could be said to be an existence akin to a god among the younger generation of the Underworld Palace.

“If it wasn’t for Chu Feng leading the way, even if I were to try to crash through the trials myself, I would not have been able to arrive here this quickly. Yet, that Leng Yue actually managed to arrive this quickly. Her strength is definitely above mine,” Upon seeing the words ‘Leng Yue’, Yan Xie gasped with admiration.

Although Yan Xie was anxious to fight against the peak experts of the young generation, he also knew his own standing very well. He knew that, even when excluding Chu Feng, he would not be the strongest member of the younger generation who had come here. As for the truth, it was precisely that.

“It’s all our fault. If it wasn’t for us, Brother Chu Feng would definitely have been the first one to arrive here,” Big Radish had an expression of feeling ashamed.

“What are you saying? It was me who insisted on bringing you all here, and not you all who insisted on coming here with me.”

“Furthermore, this sequence of events is unable to illustrate anything,” Chu Feng consoled with a smile. Then, he waved his hand and said, “Let’s quickly go and choose the pagodas that we like so that they do not become occupied by people who arrive after us.”

“Mn,” Seeing Chu Feng show an expression of indifference, Big Radish, Chili Pepper and Little Radish also felt a lot more comfortable.

Then, Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish all went to choose their own pagodas. After the three of them reached their pagodas, not only did those pagodas shine with light, they also revealed the words ‘Chili Pepper,’ ‘Big Radish’ and ‘Little Radish.’

“It would appear that the names being displayed on the pagodas are the names we wrote on the paper previously,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s most likely the case. Merely, their names are truly somewhat unconventional. I truly wonder what others will feel upon seeing those names,” Yan Xie said.

“They will likely be baffled,” Chu Feng smiled. Then, he asked Yan Xie, “Which pagoda are you planning to choose?”

“Any one is fine,” Yan Xie said casually.

“I’ll take that closest one. Brother Yan Xie, after you finish choosing yours, come and find me. I might have something that I need to trouble you with,” Chu Feng pointed at the closest pagoda.

“Sure,” Yan Xie nodded.

Then, Yan Xie illuminated a pagoda that was beside the pagoda that Chu Feng had chosen. After the words ‘Flame Emperor’s successor’ appeared on the pagoda, Yan Xie did not choose to rest, but directly went to find Chu Feng. With a beaming smile on his face, Yan Xie asked, “What might it be that would make you request my help?”

“I will have to enter closed-door training for a while. I fear that unforeseen events might occur during the time I am in closed-door training. Thus, I wish to ask you to protect Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish during the time I’m in closed-door training so that they do not get bullied. After all, you also know their strength,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was really planning to enter closed-door training. Although he had obtained the Golden Leaf World Spirit Flowers, it was not that simple to use the Golden Leaf World Spirit Flowers to wake Eggy up.

Chu Feng would have to first transfer the spirit formation that contained the Golden Leaf World Spirit Flowers into his own world spirit space. As for that, it was not something that was easy to do. Instead, it was something that required a certain amount of time to accomplish.

However, Chu Feng knew that of the people who would be arriving here, not a single one of them would be ordinary characters. Furthermore, based on Chu Feng’s understanding, those people would mostly be arrogant individuals who viewed everyone else to be beneath them.

Thus, he was worried for the safety of Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish.

“Oh you. And here I was wondering what it was that would make you ask for my help with such a serious expression. It turns out you just want me to protect Chili Pepper and the others.”

“Rest assured, as they are your friends, they are also my friends. With me, Yan Xie, here, I will definitely not allow anyone to bully them,” Yan Xie said with a smile.

“I, Chu Feng, naturally know that you, Yan Xie, are a person who is loyal to his friends. Merely, I must still inform you of this beforehand, no?” Chu Feng smiled. With Yan Xie agreeing to help him, Chu Feng felt relieved.

After this matter was decided, Chu Feng immediately entered closed-door training. The reason for that was because he had to wake Eggy back up before the competition officially began.

Actually, Chu Feng could have waited until the competition was over before he tried to wake Eggy.

However, upon thinking about how he would be able to wake Eggy sooner, Chu Feng became extremely impatient to wake Eggy.

Although Yan Xie didn’t know why Chu Feng had decided to enter closed-door training, he knew that Chu Feng must not be disturbed.

Thus, Yan Xie did not return to his own pagoda to rest. Instead, he stayed in Chu Feng’s pagoda to prevent others from disturbing his closed-door training.

To his surprise, Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish soon arrived in Chu Feng’s pagoda as well. Furthermore, they were not planning to pay Chu Feng a visit. Instead, they were planning to stay here.

Although Yan Xie felt that it was not very sensible for all of them to be in one pagoda and waste the other four pagodas, he determined that with them all being together, they would lower the possibility of unnecessary troubles happening.

Thus, Yan Xie did not try to urge Chili Pepper and the others to leave.

After all of them settled in Chu Feng’s pagoda, the remaining pagodas began to be illuminated by other people in succession.

When the final pagoda was illuminated, the entrance to the various traps and mechanisms began to shut off one by one.

At this moment, many dazzling names that were shining on the various pagodas began to shoot toward the sky to appear in the horizon.

Underworld Messenger Kuang, Underworld Messenger Zhan, Underworld Messenger Gui, Feng Yihao, Feng Erhong, Feng Sanmei… [1. Yihao → First, Grand. Erhong → Second, Great. Sanmei → Third, Younger Sister. Great naming sense...]

Baili Xinghe, Ximen Feixue...

King Monstrous Dragon Beast, Eastern Divine Deer, Golden Peng Clan, Sea Alligator Clan…

[2. Peng is a giant bird of myth. Kinda like a Roc.]

Seeing those names, Yan Xie was actually very unfamiliar with them.

However, Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish were discussing them beside him. Thus, Yan Xie came to have a general understand of who those people were.

There were a total of twenty spots. Discounting the five that had been obtained by the five of them, there remained fifteen other spots.

Of those fifteen spots, nine had been taken by the Three Palaces, and four had been taken by the monstrous beasts. As for the remaining two, they had respectively been taken by the personal disciple of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, Baili Xinghe, and the strongest member of the younger generation from the Four Great Imperial Clans, Ximen Feixue.

In short, none of the remaining fifteen spots were taken by ordinary characters. They were all obtained by people with impressive fame in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“There’s actually no one from the Ancient Era’s Elves? Could it be that none of them managed to successfully pass through the trials?” After carefully observing the names of the remaining fifteen pagodas, Big Radish was a bit disappointed.

The Ancient Era’s Elves had existed since the Ancient Era. They possessed very strong and powerful strength that brought fear to both humans and monstrous beasts.

As for the younger generation of the Ancient Era’s Elves, they were generally the top existences among the younger generation in the Holy Land of Martialism. In fact, it was not only Big Radish who was wondering about this; many other people had been anticipating the arrival of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ younger generation. They all wished to see exactly what sort of abilities the Ancient Era’s Elves’ younger generation possessed.

“With the Ancient Era’s Elves’ strength, if they were to come, it would be impossible for none of them to be here. The way I see it, they simply have not come,” Yan Xie said.

“That’s most likely the case. However, even with this being the case, the people here are all extraordinary characters. Just thinking about how this bunch of people will be fighting one another to determine the victor makes my blood begin to boil,” Big Radish said with a face filled with excitement.

“So what? They’re all going to be defeated by Chu Feng,” Chili Pepper curled her lips as she said those words. However, a keen sense of anticipation was flickering through her beautiful eyes. She was anxious to see with her own eyes how Chu Feng would defeat those various geniuses with extraordinary statuses.

At the moment when Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish were discussing the powerful members of the younger generation from all around the Holy Land of Martialism that were present here, they did not know that they had also become the target of speculation for those same members of the younger generation.

The first thing that the people who had arrived at the fort did was inspect who their opponents were.

It was one thing for there to be a Flame Emperor’s successor. Although they were surprised, it was something that was within their expectations.

After all, the successor of an era’s overlord, Emperor Gong’s successor, had appeared. Thus, it would not be strange for the successor of the Flame Emperor, who had been defeated by Emperor Qing, to appear.

However… Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish, exactly what was this?

The three of them had actually already occupied pagodas before they had arrived. Their speed was even faster than them?

Could they be the personal disciples of a certain hidden expert?

Could they be Natural Oddities that had trained for several tens of thousands of years? [3. How would they be younger than 100 if they were?]

At this moment, the dragons among men that were in the various pagodas were all baffled.