Chapter 1773 - Target Of Public Criticism

MGA: Chapter 1773 - Target Of Public Criticism

“Elder, what you’ve said is incorrect. How is Chu Feng arrogant and conceited? How does Chu Feng consider everyone else to be beneath him?”

“Although it is the first time that I’ve met Chu Feng, I did not see an arrogant and conceited person who considers everyone else to be beneath him.”

“I presume that it is also the first time that you’ve met Chu Feng. In that case, how do you know that Chu Feng is as much of a degenerate as you’ve described him to be?”

Right after that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder said those words, people began to question him. Furthermore, it was not a small number of people who were questioning his words.

“Humph, that child Chu Feng has hidden himself extremely well. How could his actual character be something that people like you all can see through?”

The Heavenly Law Palace’s elder snorted coldly. The gaze with which he looked to the crowd with was filled with contempt.

As an elder of the Heavenly Law Palace, he looked down on these people present here from the bottom of his heart.

“So that’s the case. However, why didn’t you say those words before Chu Feng’s face?” Someone asked with a loud voice.

“......” Hearing those words, that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder started to frown, and the corner of his mouth started to twitch. Although he felt extremely angry, he did not know how to respond to that question.


Seeing him reacting in this way, many of the people present started to laugh, and reveal gazes of mockery in their eyes.

While the people from the Heavenly Law Palace looked down on them, they too looked down on the people from the Heavenly Law Palace.

Perhaps people would think that the Heavenly Law Palace was a power of righteousness before; that they were one of the best reputed human powers. When they saw the elders and disciples of the Heavenly Law Palace, they would inevitably feel admiration for them.

However, after what had happened earlier, the status of the Heavenly Law Palace had already taken a hundred-and-eighty-degree turn in the hearts of the crowd. The sacred sensation they had held for the Heavenly Law Palace had been greatly devalued.

“The way I see it, you do not dare to say those words before Chu Feng, isn’t that right?” A man said. Then, he burst into a loud laughter.


At the same time, many of the other people present also burst into loud laughter. This was especially true for the people from the Underworld Palace; their laughter was even louder and more straightforward.

Not only was the crowd laughing, the gazes with which they looked to that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder were also filled with contempt.

The reason was because the crowd all knew why that elder did not dare to say those words in front of Chu Feng. The reason for that was precisely because he was scared of Chu Feng.

However, that was understandable. After all, Chu Feng’s strength was above his own, and he was very decisive when killing people. It was normal for that elder to be afraid of death, and thus not dare to say those words before Chu Feng.

However, the people were deeply disgusted with how he didn’t dare to say anything when Chu Feng was present, and immediately began to speak ill of him behind his back the moment he left.

If he had spoken ill remarks about Chu Feng before, the crowd would still understand. After all, those who were ignorant could not be blamed. Before Chu Feng had appeared, many people had also suspected Chu Feng’s strength.

However, they had all experienced Chu Feng’s strength. Furthermore, this elder had been spared by Chu Feng once. Yet, he had actually refused to repent and still spoke ill of Chu Feng behind his back.

This made it so that the crowd had no choice but to feel disgusted with him. After all, he was a grand elder of the Heavenly Law Palace. Yet, the only thing he was capable of doing was talking badly about someone behind their back.

When behind others, he acted as ferocious as a tiger. When before them, he acted as lowly as a dog. Someone like him… was utterly a lowly vile character. Even if he were to be held in contempt by others, it could not be blamed on others.

“All of you, shut your mouths! Since when did this old man become someone that trash like you all can insult?!” Suddenly, that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder was enraged.

In an instant, his oppressive might began to surge out. Like an invisible flood, it swept forth toward his surroundings to attack the crowd that was mocking him.

“What? Only you are allowed to talk about others behind their backs, but others cannot point out your wrongdoings?” However, right at this moment, an equally powerful oppressive might swept forth and canceled out that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder’s oppressive might. It turned out that it was the Underworld Palace’s Elder Chang Ping who had acted.

“Underworld Palace, what are you planning to do?!” That Heavenly Law Palace’s elder shifted the target of his attack to Elder Chang Ping.

“Nothing much, I merely wanted to speak a few words.”

“It is not that I am denouncing you. Earlier, when you spoke ill of little friend Chu Feng behind his back, little friend Chu Feng still did not investigate it. His actions were extremely magnanimous.”

“However, now that little friend Chu Feng has left, you actually still continue to act this way. Don’t you think this leaves you no face?” Elder Chang Ping asked with a beaming smile.

“You…” Seeing his adversary belittling him in public like this, that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder was enormously enraged. Perhaps he might be able to endure insults from others. However, when being insulted by someone from the Underworld Palace, he could not endure it.

“That’s right, to be all smiles in front of someone, and then talk badly about them the moment they leave, this is not something that a Heavenly Law Palace’s elder should do.”

“You refused to fight against the Evildoers’ disciples, and instead insulted Chu Feng, who had killed those Evildoers’ disciples and saved our lives. Today, at last, I have a whole new understanding of the Heavenly Law Palace.”

Before that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder could refute him, the surrounding crowd all began to echo insults at him.

All of a sudden, the hearts of the crowd were all aligned, and the Heavenly Law Palace became the target of public criticism.

At this moment, that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder had an ashen complexion. As for the disciples, their expressions were also extremely ugly. In fact, those without thick skin even lowered their heads in shame.

Being part of the Heavenly Law Palace had always added glory and honor to them. However, at this moment, they actually felt like they did not dare to continue to carry on the name of the Heavenly Law Palace.

They all knew very well that part of the reason why this was happening was because the leadership of their leading elder was extremely bad. He had done too many dishonorable things that caused them to lose all popularity in this place.

However, most importantly, it was because of Chu Feng. It was Chu Feng who had turned them into the target of public criticism in this place.

However, even with this being the case, the majority of the disciples from the Heavenly Law Palace did not detest Chu Feng. Instead, they were fearful of him.

As a fellow member of the younger generation, the strength that Chu Feng possessed made it impossible for them to not be fearful of him.

In this sort of situation, even though that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder felt extremely unwilling, it was too embarrassing for him to continue to stay here. Thus, he ended up gnashing his teeth and leading the people from the Heavenly Law Palace who were still alive to leave their current location and head into the forest to hide from the humiliation.

“Good, leave. You all should’ve scrammed sooner. It’s much quieter now that you all have scrammed. Hahaha…” After the people from the Heavenly Law Palace left, cheers began to rise unceasingly from the area around the entrance.

“Chu Feng is truly amazing,” Seeing the reaction of the crowd, Elder Chang Ping gasped in admiration.

“Elder, what do you mean by that?” Someone asked with a low voice.

“I am not talking nonsense here. Among all the current members from the younger generation, I personally feel that only Chu Feng possesses the character to become an overlord,” Elder Chang Ping said.

Hearing those words, the several people beside Elder Chang Ping all sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

While Elder Chang Ping could not be considered to be a person with enormous status in the Underworld Palace, it remained that he had lived for close to a hundred years, and had seen many people. He had even seen the ten Underworld Messengers.

However, Elder Chang Ping actually gave such an evaluation of Chu Feng. Even the ten Underworld Messeners were unable to compare with Chu Feng. As such, how could they not be shocked?

Chu Feng did not know about what had happened outside. In order to quickly arrive at the central region of the fort, he was racing against time.

There were a lot of hurdles in this place. There were world spirit traps, as well as bloodthirsty ferocious beasts. Even the weakest among those beasts were Half Martial Emperors.

Other than those, there were hidden obstacles too. While one’s body would not be harmed by those hurdles, they were extremely time-consuming. One would have to go around them, and waste a lot of time in the process.

The hurdles of this place were not only a test of one’s strength, they were also testing one’s intelligence.

However, with Chu Feng leading the way, it was not that difficult.

Chu Feng had been proceeding onward the entire time. He had not even stopped his footsteps once. Not only was his speed extremely fast, even Yan Xie who was following closely behind him had received enormous benefits from him.

With Chu Feng opening the path ahead, all Yan Xie had to do was run behind him. There was simply no need for him to do anything else.

Even though Yan Xie was not protected by Chu Feng’s world spirit barriers like Chili Pepper and the others, he was actually only able to attain such a fast speed in reaching this place all because of Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped. He looked ahead and said with a serious expression, “This should be the final hurdle. Yan Xie, follow me closely.”