Chapter 1770 - Scouting For Intelligence

MGA: Chapter 1770 - Scouting For Intelligence

“These are for Chili Pepper. Big Radish, accept them for her,” Then, Chu Feng took out some more treasures and handed them to Big Radish.

Compared to the treasures he had given to Big Radish and Little Radish, these treasures were even more numerous. It was not that Chu Feng was biased. Rather, when he had obtained the treasures from others, a portion of the treasures he obtained were made for women.

It was meaningless for Chu Feng to keep these things to himself. Thus, he had decided to give a portion of them to Chili Pepper.

“Hehe, Brother Chu Feng, regarding this… it’s better that you do it yourself,” Big Radish said with a mischievous laugh.

“That’s right. One should personally give gifts to others. Could it be that even someone like you would be embarrassed?” Yan Xie said.

“I, Chu Feng, do not know the meaning of being embarrassed. Merely, I fear that girl Chili Pepper would be embarrassed,” Chu Feng said with a chuckle.

“Who said I’m embarrassed?” Right at this moment, Chili Pepper suddenly pushed the door to her room open and came out. Even though her tone was very unyielding, her face was still extremely red. Furthermore, after her gaze landed on Chu Feng, she immediately turned her gaze elsewhere.

At this moment, Yan Xie stood up and coughed. Then, he glanced at Big Radish and Little Radish and walked out.

As for Big Radish and Little Radish, the two of them were very, very tactful. Immediately, they realized Yan Xie’s intentions. While laughing mischievously, the two of them also walked out of the world spirit building. At this time, only Chu Feng and Chili Pepper remained inside.

Seeing that Big Radish and the others had left, Chili Pepper became extremely embarrassed. However, since it was unsuitable for her to hide herself again, and since she did not dare to look at Chu Feng, the situation became extremely awkward for her.

“Chili Pepper, why aren’t you looking at me?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“I… I… I…” Chili Pepper didn’t know how to respond. She was grabbing tightly onto her skirt. From this, it could be seen how nervous she was.

Chu Feng sighed. “It would seem that I am too ugly, and have made you afraid to look at me. Since that is the case, it’s better that I wear this again,” As Chu Feng spoke, he placed the conical bamboo hat on his head again.


Chu Feng’s action caused Chili Pepper to burst into laughter. Then, she said, “That’s not it! It’s just that I find it very embarrassing to face you after finding out your true identity.”

“What’s embarrassing about it?” Chu Feng removed his conical bamboo hat.

This time around, Chili Pepper did not shift her gaze away from Chu Feng. However, her face was still as red as before. In a very ashamed manner, she said, “Before, I told you to change your name. However, I didn’t know that you were actually Chu Feng.”

“Speaking of this matter, why didn’t you tell me that you were Chu Feng? The way things are now, I feel that I have greatly shamed myself,” Chili Pepper said.

“Haha, if I were to tell you that back then, you definitely would not have believed me. In fact, you might even have scolded me,” Chu Feng said.

Chili Pepper grew silent. With her temperament, it was true; she might really have scolded Chu Feng.

“Actually, the situation now is quite good too. It is precisely because of this that I felt that you stood out from the masses and were very adorable,” Chu Feng said.

“You really think that?” Hearing those words, Chili Pepper revealed a joyous expression.

“That’s true, of course. Chili Pepper, we’re already friends. Between friends, there is no such thing as avoiding one another. In the future, if you are to see me again, do not hide anymore,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn, I’ll definitely not hide anymore,” Chili Pepper nodded. Then, she blossomed into a very brilliant smile. She discovered that the sensation of chatting with Chu Feng face to face was extremely good.

“These are some gifts that I have prepared for you. Earlier, you suffered in order to defend me,” Chu Feng handed those treasures to Chili Pepper.

Chili Pepper did not try to refuse Chu Feng’s gifts like Big Radish and Little Radish. However, she was also very cautious and careful as she accepted his gifts.

However, Chili Pepper was still different from Big Radish and Little Radish. Big Radish and Little Radish were very cautious and careful because of how precious Chu Feng’s gifts were. As for Chili Pepper, she was cautious and careful because these treasures were gifts from Chu Feng.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and Chili Pepper chatted about many things. During their chat, Chili Pepper’s nervousness disappeared. Even though she no longer talked to Chu Feng in as carefree and casual a manner as she did before, she acted a lot more naturally now.

Afterward, Chu Feng called Yan Xie and the others back into the world spirit building. Finally, they were all able to chat with one another normally.

“This Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly, other than Chu Feng, there also seem to be a lot of formidable opponents. While I do not plan to fight with Chu Feng anymore, I still plan to fight against the others.”

“Thus, Brother Radish, as someone from the Underworld Palace, you should know about the people that have been invited, right?”

“By chance, do you know who among them are noteworthy?” Yan Xie asked Big Radish.

“Indeed, there are a lot of powerful characters that have been invited. While I am not familiar with the monstrous beasts that have been invited, I have heard about pretty much of all the humans.”

“I feel that, of the humans invited, the ones that possess the greatest threat to you would be the nine people from the Three Palaces. They are our Underworld Palace’s three Underworld Messengers, the Mortal King Palace’s three Feng Family Siblings, and the Heavenly Law Palace’s three Heavenly Generals. All of them are extremely powerful characters.”

“This is especially true of our Underworld Palace’s three Underworld Messengers: Underworld Messenger Kuang, Underworld Messenger Zhan and Underworld Messenger Gui. The three of them are extremely strong. I have heard that Underworld Messenger Zhan is a Divine Body, and Underworld Messenger Gui practices a Forbidden Mysterious Technique. Furthermore, I’ve also heard that the two of them had broken through to rank six Half Martial Emperor not long ago.”

[1. Kuang → Mad. Zhan → Battle. Gui → Ghost]

“The most powerful among them would be Underworld Messenger Kuang. Not only does he practice a Forbidden Mysterious Technique, he is also a Divine Body. Furthermore, he has successfully grasped both of them. Without mentioning his heaven-defying battle power, his cultivation is above that of Underworld Messenger Gui and Underworld Messenger Zhan.”

“Underworld Messenger Kuang is not a rank six Half Martial Emperor. Instead, he is a rank seven Half Martial Emperor,” When Big Radish mentioned the three Underworld Messengers, he had a very respectful appearance. Although they were all disciples of the Underworld Palace, those three Underworld Messengers possessed an otherworldly status in the Underworld Palace; they were the idols of countless disciples.

“All of their cultivations are actually above my own. It would appear that the Overlord Domain is truly extraordinary,” Yan Xie said. Then, he asked, “Then, what about the six from the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace?”

“I am not very familiar with the Heavenly Law Palace’s three Heavenly Generals. However, I’ve heard of them before. The three of them are the three strongest Heavenly Generals of the Heavenly Law Palace’s Ten Heavenly Generals.”

“Just think about it. The Heavenly Law Palace possess Ten Heavenly Generals who all have extraordinary strength. However, only the strongest three Heavenly Generals received the invitation. From this, it is enough to indicate how strong they are.”

“As for the Mortal King Palace’s three Feng Family Siblings, they are also the three strongest disciples from the Mortal King Palace. Their faces have already spread through the Overlord Domain. Not to mention those from the same generation, they have even defeated countless experts from the older generation.”

“However, the three of them have been in closed-door training for two years now. I am also not sure what their current cultivations are.”

“However, back then, they were always the formidable opponents of our Underworld Palace’s three Underworld Messengers. Likely, they will not be weaker than our Underworld Palace’s three Underworld Messengers now,” Big Radish said.

“Sure enough, this is a place with experts as numerous as the clouds. However, it is precisely because of this that it’s interesting,” At this moment, Yan Xie was not discouraged. Instead, an expression of anticipation appeared on his face.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Brother Yan Xie, you’re able to reach a breakthrough, right?”

“How did you know?” Hearing those words, Yan Xie was immediately startled. He revealed an expression of shock.

“Don’t forget that I’m a world spiritist,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Heh, I nearly forgot that your world spirit techniques are extremely powerful,” Yan Xie came to a sudden realization. Then, he said with a smile, “Indeed, I am about to reach a breakthrough. However, there’s still a bit to go. If I am to train by myself, it’ll take me at least three months.”

“However, if I am to use this, I reckon that I will be able to successfully break through to rank six Half Martial Emperor before this competition officially begins,” As Yan Xie spoke, he took out an item from his Cosmos Sack.