Chapter 1579 - Search For Fortune Among Risks

MGA: Chapter 1579 - Search For Fortune Among Risks

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was startled. He turned to Nangong Ya and asked, “Master? That man is your master?”

This old man’s strength was pretty decent. He was a rank six Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, he possessed heaven-defying battle power. Although it was only capable of surmounting one level of cultivation, it remained that his true strength was on par with rank seven Half Martial Emperors.

However, this sort of strength was evidently not worthy of being Nangong Ya’s master, no? Yet, not only did this old man declare himself to be Nangong Ya’s master, even Nangong Ya seemed to be agreeing with his declaration through his expression. This made Chu Feng extremely puzzled.

“He… is not worthy of being my master. He… is an animal inferior to dogs and pigs.”

“Old Daoist Ghost Face, today, I shall avenge my older sister! I will dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!”

Suddenly, Nangong Ya let out an extremely intense killing intent explosively. As he spoke those words, his body had already moved. Holding that Incomplete Imperial Armament spear, he unleashed frantic attacks that contained peerless might toward that old man with the ghost-like appearance.

Each and every attack was fatal. It was like an extremely frightening and continuous torrential rain filled with killing intent.

At this moment, Nangong Ya was truly filled with killing intent. It seemed that he had a great grievance and hatred against that old man.

“Unfilial disciple of mine, as they say, a master for one day, a father for life. At the very least, I taught you world spirit techniques. Yet you dare to attack me like this. Seeing that I’m your master, I shall properly teach you how to behave yourself today.”

Facing Nangong Ya’s overflowing killing intent, the old man sneered repeatedly. He unleashed many world spirit formations to meet Nangong Ya’s incoming attacks.

At this moment, Chu Feng discovered that this old man’s world spirit techniques were extremely powerful. Not only was he a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, his world spirit techniques also contained extremely valiant battle power. Not only was his martial cultivation’s battle power that of a rank seven Half Martial Emperor, even his world spirit techniques’ battle power was at the rank seven Half Martial Emperor level.

His abilities brought even Chu Feng amazement. One must know that this was not something that all world spiritist could accomplish. Yet, that old man had managed to do so. This meant one thing: his world spirit techniques were extremely profound and surpassed those ordinary world spiritists. In fact, his world spirit techniques were even stronger than those of the Sealing Ancient Village’s Old Village Chief Ma.

“Baihe, exactly what’s going on here?” Chu Feng was puzzled. Thus, he asked Nangong Baihe for an explanation.

“That old man is called Old Daoist Ghost Face. Even though his martial cultivation is not very strong, his attainments in world spirit techniques are extremely high. He could be said to possess some fame in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Back then, big brother Nangong Ya’s father wanted big brother Nangong Ya to make headway in world spiritist techniques at the same time as he learned martial cultivation. Thus, sparing no effort, he paid high prices and gathered a lot of powerful world spirit techniques, and even invited this Old Daoist Ghost Face to teach big brother Nangong Ya world spirit techniques.”

“However, who would’ve thought that after that Old Daoist Ghost Face saw all those world spirit techniques, he was corrupted with selfish desire. Not only did he seize the opportunity to steal all of the world spirit techniques that big brother Nangong Ya’s father had spent great wealth to purchase, he even killed the people of our Nangong Clan while doing so.”

“The most despicable thing is that before this Old Daoist Ghost Face left, he even raped big brother Nangong Ya’s blood older sister. Unable to bear the humiliation, big brother Nangong Ya’s older sister killed herself. At that time, big brother Nangong Ya saw all of that with his own eyes.”

“Merely, because he was only a child, he could do nothing but watch helplessly when those things happened. This was an enormous blow to big brother Nangong Ya. It is his life’s greatest pain.”

“Our Nangong Clan has been searching for that Old Daoist Ghost Face ever since. However, he had hidden himself extremely well and managed to escape our search all this time. I never would have expected that we would actually be able to encounter him here.” When mentioning this matter, Nangong Baihe also had an angry expression on her face.

“So that's what happened. I never would have expected that Brother Nangong would have such a tragic history.” Chu Feng finally understood why Nangong Ya would be this furious. His blood sister had been defiled and then died at the hands of that Old Daoist Ghost Face. Furthermore, he saw everything unfold with his own eyes. If it were anyone else, they would also be enraged. If it was Chu Feng, he might be even more enraged than Nangong Ya.

“Since there’s such an enormous hatred between them, let’s have Brother Nangong settle this himself.”

Chu Feng was able to tell that Nangong Ya was very powerful. Even though that Old Daoist Ghost Face was also very strong, it was clear that his talent was inferior to Nangong Ya’s. Thus, Chu Feng felt that Nangong Ya should be able to defeat the Old Daoist Ghost Face.

“Baihe, Moli, follow me. I wish to see exactly what this old animal decided to block us from coming in here for,” As Chu Feng spoke, he prepared to bring Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli further into the passage. He wanted to see exactly what was hidden inside.

However, Nangong Baihe refused to leave. “I wish to stay behind and see how this old animal will meet his doom.”

“Moli will also stay,” Nangong Moli also demanded to stay.


Seeing that, Chu Feng began to form hand seals. Then, a layer of golden world spirit power surged forth. It turned into a very strong world spirit formation that covered Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli within it.

Furthermore, Chu Feng handed Nangong Baihe a communication talisman. He said, “Notify me immediately if the situation turns bad.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng proceeded onward. Not long after he continued onward, Chu Feng discovered a stele. That stele’s size was the same as the size of the stele that had been lost from the island’s stone platform.

Upon getting closer to the stele, sure enough, there were words written on it. However, only five simple yet large words were written on it: ‘Search For Fortune Among Risks’

“This hint is obvious enough. No wonder that Old Daoist Ghost Face decided to steal this stele away. Merely, why didn’t he destroy it?” Chu Feng was a bit confused.

“He is, after all, a world spiritist. Furthermore, he’s a very experienced, shrewd and ruthless world spiritist. Perhaps he thinks that there are treasures contained here, and the stele might be the key to open those treasures?” Eggy explained.

“Makes sense,” Chu Feng nodded. That was because what Eggy said was indeed reasonable. However, at this moment, Chu Feng did not care about this. Instead, he began to survey the surroundings with his Heaven’s Eyes. He felt that if something were really hidden in here, then it should be around them.

“Found it,” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze was fixed onto one place, and his lips lifted into a light smile.

The place he was looking at was completely empty. However, after Chu Feng got closer to it, he waved his sleeve, and golden light began to shine all over. It was a whole bunch of Snake Mark-level royal spirit energy.

It turned out that there was a concealment formation placed onto this place. It was an extremely hidden concealment formation. If one did not carefully survey their surroundings, it would be extremely difficult to discover the concealment formation. Unfortunately, it was still discovered by Chu Feng.

Even though this spirit formation had been set up by a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, it was set up in a very hurried fashion. Thus, it would not be hard for Chu Feng to undo it. In fact, it could even be said to be extremely easy.

Chu Feng immediately set up a spirit formation to undo the concealment formation. Sure enough, it was as Chu Feng had anticipated. This concealment formation was soon undone by him.

“Brat, don’t you touch my things. If you dare to touch them, I’ll definitely kill you.”

Immediately after that concealment spirit formation was undone by him, Chu Feng immediately heard a voice filled with threatening intent. It was that Old Daoist Ghost Face. Evidently, he knew that Chu Feng had undone his concealment formation and grew very angered.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored that Old Daoist Ghost Face’s threatening words. Instead, he smiled lightly and loudly replied, “Since you don’t want me to touch them, I insist on touching them.”