Chapter 1750 - Mysterious Letter

MGA: Chapter 1750 - Mysterious Letter

“As long as you are willing to release me, I will leave right away and stay not a single moment longer,” Yao’er said stubbornly.

“Foolish, truly too foolish. I have discovered that while others are pretending to be foolish, you, girl, are actually foolish.”

“To martial cultivators, one’s cultivation is more important than anything else. Especially to monsters like yourself, cultivation is even more important.”

“Do you know how many world spiritists dream of capturing someone like you to use as medicine concocting material?”

“Without sufficient strength, how can you protect yourself?” Long Lin asked.

“I’m not afraid of death,” Yao’er said stubbornly.

“While you might not be afraid of death, are you afraid of that Chu Feng dying?” Long Lin asked.

“......” Yao’er became speechless. Indeed, she did not fear death. However, should Chu Feng die, she would not be able to accept it. Just thinking about it made her heart ache. This sort of feeling was the feeling of concern. Merely, she didn’t quite know it yet.

“The fact that this tree is capable of assisting with your cultivation is your luck. The fact that I am willing to teach you the cultivation method is a fated opportunity. Treasure this moment carefully. If you are to become stronger, you will then be able to protect that Chu Feng,” Long Lin said.

Hearing those words, Yao’er’s expression changed; she had suddenly come to a realization. She raised her little hand and wiped away the tears at the rims of her eyes and then flew over to the tree, sat down in a cross-legged position, closed her eyes and began to train.

At this moment, that giant tree trembled slightly. Then, a formless yet very powerful energy began to engulf Yao’er and started to be absorbed into her body.

“This is the first time I have seen you this earnest in your training. If you had done this to begin with, you would’ve already become a rank two Martial Emperor,” Long Lin said with slight disappointment.

As for Yao’er, she ignored him. It was as if she could not hear his words. Just like that, she continued to immerse herself in her training.

“Seems like that boy Chu Feng’s charm is quite extraordinary. However, as for his talent… he will, at the very most, only be able to become an overlord here. If he were to enter the Outer World, it would likely be very difficult for him to attain any major accomplishments.”

“However, as he’s not a being that should be in this pond, he will likely, sooner or later, leave this place. I wonder… at that time, would that be good or bad for him?”

As Long Lin muttered, he began to form hand seals with one hand. Then, he pointed to the golden palace in midair.

With that movement, the thousand golden-armored soldiers that guarded the outside of the palace began to return to the inside of the palace in succession. When the entrance of the palace closed, the palace started to gradually shrink in size. In the end, it returned to its original size and descended onto Long Lin’s hand.

“This is?”

When the golden palace landed on his hand, Long Lin was startled. Then his gaze flashed, and he became deeply astonished.

At this moment, a slight change had appeared in the golden palace. There were three talismans that seemed like gates on the palace. The first two talismans were open. Only the last talisman was still closed.

“That boy actually entered the Second Level Hall and took away the Second Level Hall’s three arrows?” Long Lin became even more shocked. After carefully observing the golden palace, he became certain of this.

It was only after a very long time that Long Lin’s state of mind started to return back to normal.

Then, he revealed a rather awkward smile and said, “Interesting. His talent is this powerful. Likely, even after entering the Outer World, he’ll be able to find a role to play.”

“Chu Feng, it seems that I have underestimated you.”


After a short journey, Chu Feng and the others finally walked out from the Ancient Era’s Remnant. They had arrived at the most tightly guarded area in the Cyanwood Mountain.

This place was no longer part of the Cyanwood Mountain. Instead, it was a separate space. This was the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly.

The Cyanwood Sacred Assembly was not as vast as the Cyanwood Mountain. However, it was a treasured land for cultivation. Due to the existence of special formations, this place was capable of gathering the Natural Energies from outside. As time passed, the Natural Energies of this place were a lot denser compared to the outside world.

On top of that, there were a lot of special spiritual herbs and plants growing there. The auras emitted by those plants and herbs were capable of affecting the nature of the Natural Energies of this place, making the Natural Energies even easier to be refined by cultivators. Thus, the people from the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly would generally spend the entire year in closed-door training in this place in order to enjoy the better training conditions.

This was also the reason why so many of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders dreamed of entering the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly.

There were also many forbidden areas in the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly. At this moment, Chu Feng and the others had arrived at the most hidden forbidden area.

It was already not a question of whether or not the elders would dare to enter this forbidden area. Rather, other than Yin Chengkong, Guan Hong and Dugu Xingfeng, no other people even knew of the existence of this place.

This was a garden. The garden was very small. Other than the garden in the center of this area, and a pavilion on the outside, there was only a small and simple cabin at the corner of the garden.

This was the place where Baili Xuankong had been in closed-door training the entire time.

Baili Xuankong did not plan to stay in the Cyanwood Mountain with Chu Feng. He was planning to bring Chu Feng to find cultivation resources so that Chu Feng could rapidly increase his cultivation.

However, there were things that he had to bring with him. That was the reason why he had decided to return here first.

However, upon reaching this place, Baili Xuankong had only taken a couple steps when his expression started to become serious. The reason for that was because he discovered that there was a letter on the stone table in the pavilion. One word was written on the letter: ‘invitation.’ Evidently, this was not an ordinary letter, but rather an invitation letter.

After a moment of surprise, Baili Xuankong made a grabbing gesture with his hand. The letter directly entered his hand. Then, he began to open the letter to read it.

Once he opened the letter, Baili Xuankong revealed an expression of anger. He looked to Yin Chengkong and the others and asked, “Who sent this over?”

“This…” Yin Chengkong, Dugu Xingfeng and Guan Hong looked to the letter, and then looked to one another. Their complexions turned pale. Then, together, they said, “None of us have received that invitation letter.”

“What?” Upon hearing those words, the expression of anger on Baili Xuankong’s face lessened. However, even though he was generally a very composed person, he still started to frown. Nervousness and unease began to appear in his flickering gaze.

After calming down, he asked again, “You all are certain that it wasn’t any of you who brought this invitation letter here?”

“Lord Baili, we dare to guarantee that none of us received that invitation letter. Thus, it was truly not us who brought it over.”

“Lord Baili, exactly what is written on that invitation letter?” At this moment, Yin Chengkong and the others were filled with cold sweat. Their complexions became even paler. Evidently, they were all extremely afraid.

“You all can look for yourselves,” Baili Xuankong tossed the invitation letter to them.

“This…” Upon seeing the contents of the invitation letter, the expressions on Dugu Xingfeng, Yin Chengkong and Guan Hong’s faces all changed enormously. They who had been extremely frightened before now started to have true fear.

Seeing what was happening, Chu Feng also went over to try to read the contents of the letter.

Chu Feng was also surprised upon reading the letter. The person the invitation letter was inviting was actually him, Chu Feng.

To outsiders, Chu Feng should have already been expelled from the Cyanwood Mountain. The two of them were already enemies. Even if someone wished to invite Chu Feng, they shouldn’t have sent an invitation letter to the Cyanwood Mountain.

Furthermore, according to what Chu Feng knew, when Baili Xuankong was not here, Dugu Xingfeng, Yin Chengkong and Guan Hong had been here training the entire time. It was only when Baili Xuankong called for them that they had gathered and left for the Ancient Era’s Remnants together with him and Chu Feng. Before that, they had been here the entire time.

However, when they left, they had not seen the invitation letter. This meant that the invitation letter should have just arrived. In that case, the person who sent the invitation letter should have known that Chu Feng was in the Cyanwood Mountain.

Who was it that was capable of entering the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly without a sound, arriving at the forbidden area where Baili Xuankong trained to leave this invitation letter, and leaving unseen afterward?

This… was the reason why Baili Xuankong and the others were so panic-stricken and uneasy.

This meant that not only did this individual know of Chu Feng’s relationship with the Cyanwood Mountain, he or she also possessed remarkable abilities.