Chapter 1577 - Choosing The Dangerous Passage

MGA: Chapter 1577 - Choosing The Dangerous Passage

“Hey hey hey, aren’t you taking advantage of me too obviously? Was there a need for you to hug me this tightly?”

Her Lady Queen mocked with a smile on her face. Even though she was saying that Chu Feng was taking advantage of her, she did not make any motion of resistance toward him hugging her at all.

“It’s all because I was worried about you,” Chu Feng let go of Eggy. With his eyes narrowed and a smile on his face, he began to carefully inspect Eggy. His appearance was like a wolf that had seen a lamb.

“Yoh, rank nine Martial King. You managed to overtake me. It seems that the benefits you’ve received from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram are no less than what I’ve received.” After discovering Eggy’s current cultivation, Chu Feng became even happier.

Her Lady Queen’s battle power was so heaven-defying that it was frightening. Back when she was only a rank five Martial King, she was capable of completely trampling upon a rank one Half Martial Emperor-level world spirit. Furthermore, that world spirit’s true battle power had been akin to that of a rank two Half Martial Emperor. However, even with that being the case, it had been unable to contend against Eggy.

Even though Chu Feng’s current battle power was also very heaven-defying, he would not be able to compare with Eggy’s current battle power at all.

Now that Eggy’s cultivation had increased to that of a rank nine Martial King, Chu Feng deduced that, based on her previous performance with her battle power, even rank six Half Martial Emperors would not be a match for Eggy.

“Why else would I have been sleeping so long?”

“This Queen might as well tell you the truth. Right now, if I am able to absorb the source energy of a Martial Emperor, it would not be an issue for my cultivation to increase to that of a rank one Half Martial Emperor. What do you think, do you feel safe and secure now?” Eggy patted her chest and spoke with a complacent expression.

“That’s to be expected. With you here, I am feeling a lot more spirited.” Chu Feng was speaking the truth. To him, Eggy was truly too important. Perhaps he might not have noticed it in the past. However, in the days when Eggy was asleep, he had felt extremely lonely. It was as if he had lost half of his soul. It was a feeling that was extremely unpleasant to bear.

However, Eggy had returned. That other half of his soul had also returned with her. Chu Feng’s soul was now complete again.

“We’re soon to meet your two fiancées again. Thus, of course you’re spirited. However, what does you being spirited have to do with me?” Eggy pouted her little mouth and gave Chu Feng a side eye.

“You also know about Zi Ling and Lil Rou being here?” Chu Feng was a bit surprised.

“I was merely refining the energy I had received, not really sleeping. I know practically everything that you’ve experienced in this period of time,” Eggy said.

“”Chu Feng, what’s wrong?” Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s name was being called nonstop. It was the voices of Tantai Xue and Nangong Baihe.

“It’s time for you to return. Else, they might think that something has happened to you,” Eggy said with a beaming smile. To be able to finally speak again after being dormant for so long, she also appeared to be very happy and excited.

Chu Feng immediately cast his consciousness back into his body. That was because, when his consciousness was in his world spirit space, his body would not be under his control, and he would stand there motionlessly.

Tantai Xue and the others had come to ask Chu Feng whether he was alright because they had discovered that he had suddenly stood there motionlessly.

Seeing that Chu Feng’s eyes were finally lively again, Tantai Xue asked, “What happened to you? Why did you suddenly stand there motionlessly?”

“It’s nothing, let’s continue walking.” Chu Feng smiled. His smile was exceptionally brilliant. After smiling, he did not say anything else. Instead, feeling very joyous, he caught up to the crowd.

“What happened to him? How come after he went absent-minded, he became this joyous?” Nangong Baihe was startled and asked Tantai Xue. That was because this was the first time since she had known Chu Feng that Chu Feng had been this happy.

“Not sure.” Tantai Xue shook her head. As she was an unflustered person, she did not ask Chu Feng about his change in behavior. Instead, she felt relief after seeing that Chu Feng was fine. Afterward, she went after Chu Feng.

Chu Feng and the others continued onward. Finally, they reached the forked path. Sure enough, this forked path was exactly the same as the one before. This time around, the passage on the left appeared to be very dangerous, whereas the passage on the right appeared to be very safe.

These two passages were simply exactly the same as the ones they had experienced before.

“Let’s go,” After arriving, Nangong Ya and the others did not hesitate. Leading everyone, they proceeded toward the direction of the safe-looking passage.

However, right at this time, Chu Feng suddenly shouted, “Wait a moment,” Then, he said, “I think we should take the left passage, the seemingly dangerous passage.”

“What did you say? Take the dangerous passage? Are you trying to kill us?” Once Chu Feng said those words, the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan were immediately angered.

This was especially true for Beitang Zimo. He even pointed at Chu Feng’s nose and said, “Are you crazy or what? My men have already personally probed out that passage. That passage cannot be taken. There was someone from my Beitang Imperial Clan who died in there. Could it be that you feel that not enough of us have died, and you want all of us to die in there?”

“That’s right. What sort of mentality is that? You are simply crazy.”

After Beitang Zimo said those words, not only did the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan begin to insult Chu Feng, even the people from the other powers began to insult Chu Feng.

They all firmly believed that the seemingly safe passage was actually safe, and that the seemingly dangerous passage would only lead to their doom.

“The two passages are there. As for the legs, they are on your bodies.”

Chu Feng was not angered by their insults. Instead, he calmly said with great demeanor, “I merely spoke my own viewpoint. Consider it a suggestion of goodwill. However, in the end, it is you all who get to decide which passage to take.”

“What a bunch of bullshit. Let’s go,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, some of the people began to enter the safe-looking passage. The King Monstrous Dragon Beasts also entered the safe looking passage after them.

In the end, only the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan, the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan, Chu Feng and Tantai Xue remained at the fork.

“Hey, Nangong Ya, are you planning to take your Nangong Clan’s people to their deaths by following that fool?”

“If you are planning to throw your lives away, I’m not going to accompany you. Our alliance shall end at this moment.” After Beitang Zimo finished saying those words, he waved his sleeve and then led the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan into the safe-looking passage.

“That man is truly courting death. Chu Feng, do you want this queen to eliminate him for you right now?” Eggy said with a cold voice. She had disliked Beitang Zimo to begin with.

Other than her, Eggy would not allow anyone else to use this sort of tone to speak to Chu Feng. Furthermore, this Beitang Zimo had publicly insulted Chu Feng multiple times. As Chu Feng’s Lady Queen, Eggy was naturally unable to tolerate that.

“Don’t be anxious. For a clown like him, we will have more than enough opportunities to take care of him in the future. Let’s have him live a bit longer. There will be a day when he’ll cry for his mistakes.”

Chu Feng smiled lightly. With how Beitang Zimo had provoked Chu Feng repeatedly, how could Chu Feng possibly not be angered? Merely, Chu Feng was enduring his anger.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt that he would have a lot of opportunities to take care of someone like him in the future. As for right now, it was not yet the optimal time.

After all, there were a lot of people present. If Chu Feng’s killing of Beitang Zimo were to be spread out by others, Chu Feng would have brought about great misfortune upon himself.

After all, Chu Feng could not kill everyone present just to take care of Beitang Zimo. That was extremely unrealistic.

Thus, no matter what, he could not kill Beitang Zimo right now. In fact, even fighting him would be irrational behavior.

“Never would I have expected that you would consider your issues this thoroughly now. You’ve surely matured a lot. This Queen has not nurtured you in vain. Not bad, not bad.” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Eggy started to nod her head complacently.

“Brother Chu Feng, did you notice anything?”

“Is that seemingly safe passage on the right a path that contains hidden dangers?” Nangong Ya was very smart. It was only when everyone left that he asked Chu Feng that question.

“The passage on the right is indeed safe. It should be able to lead us directly to the Immortal Island,” Chu Feng said.

“What?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, not to mention Nangong Ya, even Nangong Baihe and the others were startled. They were confused by Chu Feng’s actions.

If the passage on the right was safe, why would Chu Feng choose the passage on the left? They did not understand what it was that Chu Feng was thinking.