Chapter 1733 - The Truth Revealed

MGA: Chapter 1733 - The Truth Revealed

“It would seem that Chu Feng is an extremely evil person in your heart. Since that’s the case, Clan Chief Nangong, I wish to ask, what sort of person do you consider me as?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“If little friend Feng Xing is to stop speaking for that Chu Feng, I feel that… little friend Feng Xing possesses outstanding talent, and is a top genius among the current Holy Land of Martialism’s younger generation.”

“Although I do not know who your master might be, nor do I know which sect or school you might be from, I feel that a member of the younger generation like little friend Feng Xing is someone that all of us should protect. We must allow you to mature.”

“After all, on your shoulder rests the hope of our human race. If you are to become an overlord in the future, you will have honored our human race,” Nangong Beidou said.

“Well spoken,” The crowd began to nod in agreement.

“In that case, I wish to ask, Clan Chief Nangong, to you, how am I different from that Chu Feng?” Chu Feng continued to ask.

“The difference between the two of you is akin to to that of heaven from earth. The two of you simply cannot be placed on par with one another. If it must be said, I can only say that you are naturally different from that Chu Feng. Else, how could I possibly invite you to our Nangong Imperial Clan as a guest after you’ve injured my children?” Nangong Beidou said.

“Based on what you said, you still want to invite me to your Nangong Imperial Clan as a guest?” Chu Feng asked.

“If little friend Feng Xing is willing, I will definitely show great hospitality,” Nangong Beidou said.

“In that case, if the person standing here today were not me, but instead that Chu Feng, if he had also revealed the same sort of talent as I did, would you also invite him?” Chu Feng asked.

“This…” At this moment, even Nangong Beidou was baffled. Thus, he could only answer with, “This ‘if’ cannot be established. Chu Feng is already dead, and you are not Chu Feng.”

“Are you that certain that Chu Feng is already dead?” Chu Feng asked.

“Truth be told, Brother White-brow set up a tracking formation on Chu Feng based on the aura he had left behind.”

“That formation of his ended up becoming ineffective afterward. Thus, there is only one possibility: Chu Feng has died,” Nangong Beidou said.

“That is true,” White-browed Immortal nodded.

“So that’s the case. But, as far as I know, your two sons should have sensed Chu Feng’s aura after that spirit formation became ineffective. After all, the connections that they had with the Purple Rainbow Sword and Cyan Rainbow Sword were severed by Chu Feng,” Chu Feng said.

“Exactly who are you?! How did you know about that?!” Nangong Beidou’s expression grew serious. The gaze that he looked to Chu Feng with became very cautious.

“Have a look, what are these?” Chu Feng smiled. He flipped his palm and put the Evil God Sword away. At the same time, two Incomplete Imperial Armaments appeared in his hand. They were the Purple Rainbow Sword and the Cyan Rainbow Sword.


Upon seeing the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments, the expressions of Nangong Tianshi and Nangong Tianhu who were outside of the stage immediately changed. As if they had received an enormous shock, the two of them started to tremble with fear. The reason for that was because they felt the aura that they feared the most on Feng Xing. It was Chu Feng’s aura.

“Exactly who are you? Why would my sons’ Cyan Rainbow Sword and Purple Rainbow Sword be in your possession?” At this moment, not to mention the others from the Nangong Imperial Clan, even Nangong Beidou himself was unable to remain calm. His heart was wavering out of control.

The young man before him was simply challenging his baseline again and again. He had nearly reached the state of being incapable of tolerating it anymore.

“Nangong Beidou, White-browed Immortal, the two of you, look carefully. Carefully see for yourselves… who I really am.”

Chu Feng spoke coldly. After he finished saying those words, his facial appearance began to change. Soon, he became another person. As for this person, it was Chu Feng with his original appearance.

“Chu Feng! You’re Chu Feng?!!!”

Nangong Tianshi and Nangong Tianhu cried out in shock together. However, their voices were filled with fear. In fact, their voices even trembled.

“How… how could this be?! This is impossible!”

The White-browed Immortal was so shocked that he abruptly stood up from his seat. The way he saw it, Chu Feng was definitely dead. How could he be standing before them?

Shock. Everyone was incomparably shocked by this revelation They were all incapable of taking in what had just happened before them.

Feng Xing was the Nangong Imperial Clan’s wanted Chu Feng?

However, wasn’t that Chu Feng said to be extremely weak? How did he become this powerful? He had defeated the Four Clans’ younger generation before their eyes and subdued the legendary Evil God Sword.

“What’s wrong? Are you very surprised? Is it very hard to accept this?” Chu Feng looked to the stunned Nangong Beidou and smiled.

Then, with a cold tone, he said, “I, Chu Feng, originally planned to befriend your Nangong Imperial Clan. Yet, your Nangong Imperial Clan thought that my talent surpassed that of your clan’s younger generation and began to force me into a corner because you saw me as a threat.”

“I originally never had the intention to become your Nangong Imperial Clan’s enemy. However, your Nangong Imperial Clan refused to give me a way out. Thus, I’ve deliberately made the things that you were worried about a reality.”

“You feared that I would surpass your children? Then I’ll oppress your children.”

“Nangong Beidou, I shall give you one sentence of advice. Do not be too ruthless in the way you conduct things. Else, it will come back and bite you.”

“Today, I have only disciplined your children lightly. However, if you are to continue to push me, Chu Feng, into a corner, then, one day, I will definitely come and end you,” After speaking those words, a very strong killing intent emerged in Chu Feng’s eyes.

“What arrogance! The only thing I’m afraid of is that you will not live till that day,” Suddenly, Nangong Beidou attacked. His rank three Martial Emperor’s might was unleashed. His martial power turned into an enormous golden wave that charged toward Chu Feng to oppress him. He was planning to crush Chu Feng alive.

“Today, no one shall think about touching a single one of Chu Feng’s hairs!”

Right at this moment, Baili Xuankong, who had already been prepared for a very long time, suddenly appeared beside Chu Feng like a phantom.

He pushed his hand forward. As his gown fluttered, martial power surged forth. His martial power collided with Nangong Beidou’s martial power. In an instant, the two enormous waves of martial power began to emit golden radiance. Nangong Beidou’s martial power was actually canceled out.

“Rank three Martial Emperor?” The crowd were all shocked with fear. They had sensed Baili Xuankong’s strength.

Rank three Martial Emperor. In the Holy Land of Martialism, people with that level of cultivation could be counted on one’s fingers. The majority of them were all famous people. As for this person… for him to stand up for Chu Feng, exactly who was he?

“Sure enough, you’re jackals of the same tribe. Today, neither of you shall think about leaving!” Nangong Beidou attacked again. Although he shouted that he was going to eliminate both Chu Feng and Baili Xuankong, all of his attacks were aimed at Chu Feng.

If he had only thought that Chu Feng was a threat before, then, at this time, he was firmly certain that Chu Feng was a threat to their Nangong Imperial Clan.

The speed of his growth was simply too frightening. If he failed to eliminate Chu Feng today, he would definitely become an enormous calamity in the future. Likely, their Nangong Imperial Clan would be approached by a crisis.

Even today, he was unable to forget the devastation caused by the Asura Evil Spirit released by Chu Feng that day.

However, Baili Xuankong’s strength was truly not one to be looked down upon. Even though Nangong Beidou’s attacks were extremely powerful, and he had sealed the entire stage with his ferocious martial skills, he was unable to injure Chu Feng in the slightest.

“Nangong Beidou, you know full well that you are in the wrong. Are you planning to silence me?” Chu Feng shouted loudly.

“Enough of your bullshit, I insist on killing you!” Nangong Beidou shouted angrily. At the same time, his attacks became even more ferocious.

At this moment, he was truly disinclined to bother speaking with Chu Feng. The only thought in his mind was to quickly eliminate him.

However, the more he acted like this, the more he seemed to have a guilty conscience. This made all of the people present feel that what Chu Feng had said was the truth.

Back then, the Nangong Imperial Clan had put out a warrant for Chu Feng because they envied Chu Feng’s talent. And Chu Feng had revealed today that he really did possess talent that could make the Nangong Imperial Clan become envious and fearful of him.

Upon realizing this, the crowd began to sympathize with Chu Feng. After all, no matter how talented Chu Feng might be, when compared to the Nangong Imperial Clan, he was still very weak.

Unfortunately, among all the people present, the ones with the strongest strength were the Four Great Imperial Clans and Mooncloud City.

Regardless of how much they fought each other on the surface, the Four Great Imperial Clans and Mooncloud City were all of the same root. It would be impossible to make them massacre one another.

At this moment, many people began to feel deep worry for Chu Feng. With the aid of only that mysterious expert, would Chu Feng really be able to come out safely?