Chapter 1722 - Insist On Fighting

MGA: Chapter 1722 - Insist On Fighting

“This match is Feng Xing’s victory. Dongfang Zexuan is eliminated.”

“Next match, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Fifth Prince, Ximen Feixue, against the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Eldest Prince, Dongfang Changkong,” The Mooncloud City’s City Master announced.

Once those words were announced, Dongfang Changkong arrived onto the stage like a phantom. He appeared to be very delighted.

Compared to Nangong Long, Dongfang Changkong, although also a rank five Half Martial Emperor, appeared to be a lot more free and at ease. Without hesitation, he immediately arrived onto the stage. Based on his behavior, it was clear that he was already prepared to be defeated.

However, Ximen Feixue did not directly go onto the stage. Instead, he slowly stood up from his seat and said to the Mooncloud City’s City Master, “Lord City Master, to continue the competition like this would be too boring. How about this? Have the remaining people of the Dongfang and Beitang Imperial Clan come at me together.”

“What? He wants to challenge all of us?!” The two clans’ younger generation were all shocked to hear those words.

Even though they all knew that Ximen Feixue was very strong, it remained that what he had said was truly too arrogant. He simply did not place them in his eyes at all.

“Ximen Feixue, you mean to say that you want to challenge all of the remaining people?” The Mooncloud City’s City Master asked.

“I hope that Lord City Master will agree to it so that we can conclude this boring battle quickly. After all, there is only a single person who will be known to be the strongest,” Ximen Feixue said.

“The rules have been set up by the Four Imperial Clans. Currently, as there is no one left from the Nangong Imperial Clan to fight, if the Beitang Imperial Clan and the Dongfang Imperial Clan have no objections to your suggestion, I will naturally have no objections either,” The Mooncloud City’s City Master said.

“Since little friend Ximen is this confident, I think we shall grant his wish,” said the Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief.

Once he said those words, the remaining younger generation from the Beitang Imperial Clan all leapt onto the stage. They appeared to be very aggressive.

“I have no objection to this either,” The Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief also agreed to it.

Like what happened with the Beitang Imperial Clan, once he said those words, the remaining members of the younger generation from the Dongfang Imperial Clan all leapt onto the stage as well.


After seeing that all of the remaining people had gotten onto the stage, Ximen Feixue finally got up from his seat and leapt onto the stage.

However, he did not stand to a side, but instead landed in the center of the crowd. With a smile on his face, he said, “Finally, this will make it a little bit interesting. Come, attack me together. Use your strongest abilities.”

“As you wish!”

The crowd all began to attack. Those with Incomplete Imperial Armaments took them out. Those that knew Earthen Taboo Martial Skills unleashed them. The several princes and princesses from the Beitang Imperial Clan had also set up a formation together.

The character ‘Imperial’ began to flicker brightly on their foreheads. Their martial power surged forth. Weapons, ferocious beasts, violent wind and rain storms, the younger generation from the Dongfang and Beitang Imperial Clans had unleashed all of their strongest abilities.

They wanted to take advantage of being able to work together to take Ximen Feixue down.

“Still boring,” However, even though the attacks from the young generation of the Dongfang and Beitang Imperial Clans were very ferocious, Ximen Feixue still laughed with contempt. He extended the fingers on his right hand outward, and a crimson lotus flower appeared on his palm.

That was no ordinary lotus. Instead, it was a lotus formed with martial power. However, that lotus was vivid, lifelike and extremely beautiful.

Suddenly, the lotus split apart into countless crimson lights that shot out in all directions.

Their speed was speechlessly fast. Unless one was a peak expert, it was simply impossible for one to see the crimson lights.

“Puu, puu, puu, puu, puu~~~”

In merely an instant, the lotus flower pieces pierced through the incoming martial skills. Then, like sharp blades, they pierced into the bodies of everyone on the stage other than Ximen Feixue.


Screams began to be heard repeatedly. Other than Ximen Feixue, everyone else on the stage, regardless of whether they were from the Dongfang Imperial Clan or the Beitang Imperial Clan, regardless of whether they were men or women, were all covered in blood and screaming in pain.

Their bodies were filled with bloody holes after being pierced through by tens of thousands of lotus flower pieces. Even some of their dantians had been damaged to some degree.

In merely an instant, the outcome of the battle was determined. Ximen Feixue had managed to defeat all of the Beitang Imperial Clan and Dongfang Imperial Clan’s remaining younger generation all by himself using only a single attack.

“That Ximen Feixue is actually this powerful?”

At this moment, not to mention the others, even the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan and Dongfang Imperial Clan, whose younger generations had been seriously injured by Ximen Feixue, revealed expressions of shock.

Even though they already knew that Ximen Feixue was very strong, they had not expected him to be this strong. Ximen Feixue’s strength seemed to be so strong that the word ‘demon-level character’ was insufficient to describe him.

“For such a child to appear in the Ximen Imperial Clan, the Four Clans will likely be headed by the Ximen Imperial Clan in the future.”

At this moment, this sort of remark began to sound from the crowd nonstop. Everyone felt that the Ximen Imperial Clan would tower over the other three Imperial Clans with the emergence of Ximen Feixue.

“Ximen Feixue truly enjoys a well-deserved reputation. Clan Chief Ximen, truly, congratulations,” The Mooncloud City’s City Master cupped his fist as he congratulated the Ximen Clan’s Clan Chief.

Even the generally neutral Mooncloud City’s City Master spoke words of compliment. This greatly shocked the crowd. Everyone knew that Mooncloud City’s City Master had only spoken such words because of Ximen Feixue.

After congratulating the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief, the Mooncloud City’s City Master turned to ask Chu Feng, “Feng Xing, do you plan to continue with your challenge?”

At this moment, all the people present turned their gazes onto Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng laughed lightly. Then, he pretended to be confused and asked, “Lord City Master, what might be the meaning of those words you said?”

“Normally, you would be able to continue with your challenge. However, only you and Ximen Feixue remain. Are you sure you want to continue with your challenge?” Mooncloud City’s City Master said.

“Lord City Master, I do not understand what you mean by those words,” Chu Feng said.

“Heh…” Mooncloud City’s City Master laughed strangely. Then, he said, “Little friend Feng Xing, do you really not understand, or are you pretending to not understand?”

“Lord City Master, if you have something to say, please go ahead and say it. Why bother hiding your words?” Chu Feng said.

“Very well, I might as well tell you the truth. Little friend Ximen's strength is evident to everyone present. I know that you are very strong. However, the way I see it, if you are to fight against little friend Ximen, the chances of you winning would be extremely low.”

“As blades and swords have no eyes, it is inevitable that you will be injured. I do not wish for you to be unnecessarily injured. That’s why I’m advising you to give up,” Mooncloud City’s City Master said.

“Lord City Master, I, Feng Xing, have journeyed far and hard to this place all so that I can prove myself. If I were afraid, I would not have come in the first place,” Chu Feng said.

Suddenly, an old peak Half Martial Emperor from the crowd urged Chu Feng to stop. “Little friend Feng Xing, we all know that you are very powerful. We have all seen your strength ourselves. If the two of you possessed the same level of cultivation, this would definitely be a peerlessly marvelous match.”

“However, it remains that you are a rank four Half Martial Emperor, whereas Ximen Feixue is a rank five Half Martial Emperor. With the gap between your cultivations, exactly what could you use to fight against him? Listen to this old man’s advice. It is time for this sparring competition to come to an end. Little friend, it is best for you to not continue.”

This old man was an elder from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. It was the first time that Chu Feng had seen him.

Even though his words had shown that he thought that Chu Feng was inferior to Ximen Feixue, he had actually spoken those words with kind intentions. Thus, Chu Feng did not say anything, and instead smiled a smile of goodwill at him to thank him for his concern.

“Little friend Feng Xing, I think that the Mooncloud City’s City Master is thinking for your sake too. Actually, this would be pretty good too. Ximen Feixue would come out first, whereas you would come out second. Isn’t this good? Why insist on injuring and disgracing yourself?” Following that, an expert from the Mooncloud City also urged Chu Feng to stop.

This person was very different from the old man from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. Even though he was also advising for Chu Feng to stop, it was not from the bottom of his heart. His tone was very similar to the Mooncloud City City Master’s. He was not thinking for Chu Feng’s sake. Rather, he was looking down on Chu Feng.

“Without fighting, how do you know that I’ll come out second?”

“Without fighting, how do you know that I’ll be injured?” Chu Feng asked with a cold tone.

“This…” This man had not expected Chu Feng to say such a thing. His complexion turned pale as he became uncertain of how to answer Chu Feng’s questions.

“Little friend Feng Xing, if you insist on fighting, I will definitely not stop you. However, I must still leave you a final word of advice; do not overestimate your capabilities,” Mooncloud City’s City Master said.

After Mooncloud City’s City Master said those words, many of the other people from Mooncloud City started to mock Chu Feng. Mainly, they were saying things like Chu Feng was overestimating his abilities, that he was asking for trouble, and other similar phases.

It was clear that they were saying these things to encourage their City Master and help him strike at Chu Feng. After all, Chu Feng was unable to recognize their City Master’s goodwill, and repeatedly expressed an opposing opinion to that of their City Master.

In this sort of situation, other than the people from Mooncloud City, there were actually other people who began to insult Chu Feng. All of these people who insulted Chu Feng were people who felt that Chu Feng would not be a match for Ximen Feixue.

In fact, while there were not many people who were actually insulting Chu Feng, the great majority of the crowd all felt that Chu Feng would not be a match for Ximen Feixue, that Chu Feng was inferior to Ximen Feixue. The reason why they did not voice their opinion was merely because they did not wish to offend Chu Feng.

Ximen Feixue was completely silent as all this unfolded. Even though he wanted to personally teach Chu Feng a lesson, he was very willing to watch Chu Feng get humiliated.

Faced with the words of insult and mockery from the crowd, Chu Feng not only ignored them, he also smiled indifferently. Then his body shifted, and he arrived on the stage, standing across from Ximen Feixue.

He took a look around. Then, he said, “Apologies, everyone. I’m afraid that I will disappoint you all. I insist on fighting this match.”