Chapter 1703 - Avenge You

MGA: Chapter 1703 - Avenge You

After hearing what Baili Xuankong said, Chu Feng asked in a shocked manner, “Lord Ancestor, could it be that you were also present when I created that enormous disaster in the Nangong Imperial Clan?”

“That’s right. It took quite a bit of effort for me to sneak into the Nangong Imperial Clan to protect you.”

“However, even I was shocked when you summoned that Asura Evil Spirit.”

“Facing that fellow, even I had to flee to the distance.”

“That day, you left in a hurry, and did not manage to see the savageness of that Asura Evil Spirit. However, I saw it all. That sight was truly magnificent.

“Over the years, there have been many monsters that appeared in the Holy Land of Martialism. However, of all the monsters I’ve seen, not a single one of them could compare to that Asura Evil Spirit.”

“If it wasn’t for Nangong Longjian, the Nangong Imperial Clan would likely have been exterminated because of you.”

When mentioning this matter, Baili Xuankong smiled profoundly. However, there was actually a trace of reminiscence in his gaze.

Even though that scene had been incomparably dangerous, to Baili Xuankong, it had been a pleasant surprise. It was that moment that had allowed him to know that he had underestimated the genius before him, underestimated the hope of the Cyanwood Mountain.

After hearing what Baili Xuankong said, the gazes that Dugu Xingfeng, Elder Guan Hong and the Cyanwood Assembly’s Assembly Master looked to Chu Feng with began to change. Even though they knew about this matter, upon thinking that all that had actually been caused by a brat like Chu Feng, they felt it to be extremely unbelievable.

In fact, even Du Wanwu, someone who had lived in the Poison Demon’s Valley, was currently looking at Chu Feng with a gaze filled with shock and admiration. Even though he had lived in the Poison Demon’s Valley, he still knew about the status of the Three Palaces, Four Clans and Nine Powers in the Holy Land of Martialism. He also knew about how powerful Asura World Spirits were.

Chu Feng was actually able to nearly exterminate the Nangong Imperial Clan using a single Asura Evil Spirit, what sort of Evil Spirit must that be? Du Wanwu did not dare to continue thinking about it. However, he was certain of one thing; that Chu Feng seemed to be even more frightening than he had imagined him to be.

As for the people from the Luo Family, they were currently looking at Chu Feng as if they were looking at a god. The expressions in their gazes were simply not those of surprise. Rather, they were gazes of reverence.

Earlier, they had only thought that Chu Feng was someone with a powerful origin. However, they had now finally realized how enormous Chu Feng’s origins actually were; he had simply surpassed the origins of even those at the peak of the Holy Land of Martialism.

In fact, not to mention them, even Chu Feng was shocked by the Asura Evil Spirit’s strength after hearing about it from Baili Xuankong. When even his Lord Ancestor was acting this surprised by its strength, it was sufficient to show that the Asura Evil Spirit had truly been powerful.

What he had seen that day should only be the tip of the iceberg.

“”Lord Ancestor, you were also present when I was thrown into the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds by the Snow-haired Immortal?” Chu Feng asked.

“I was. The Snow-haired Immortal is stronger than me. Thus, I was unable to reveal myself to help you. As for the Snow-haired Immortal, her methods are generally strange. However, they oftentimes possess miraculous effects.”

“That day, even though the methods she used on you were only just on the spur of the moment, she still put forth a great amount of resources.”

“That is why I did not act when she pushed you into the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds. I decided to gamble that you would be able to obtain a body immune to poisons,” Baili Xuankong said.

“That day, the Snow-haired Immortal felt that her experiment ended up in a failure. When she turned around to leave, my heart also dropped to the valley floor. I had thought that I had made an enormous blunder, that I should not have used your life to gamble for better future prospects for you.”

“However, I did not give up because of that. I believed that you would be able to create miracles. Even though it was an extravagant hope, and I had thought it to only be a delusion, I was still unwilling to leave, unwilling to accept the fact that you died.”

“However… you really managed to create a miracle. Not only did you not die, your cultivation also increased by a level. Not only were you able to escape yourself, you even brought out the Poison Demon’s descendant with you.” As Baili Xuankong said those words, he took a profound glance at Du Wanwu.

Faced with Baili Xuankong’s gaze, Du Wanwu’s face turned blue. After all, he knew what Chu Feng had actually experienced in the Poison Demon’s Valley.

Truth be told, the Du Clan had treated Chu Feng extremely insincerely. Not to mention Du Xiangyu, even he himself had wanted to kill Chu Feng. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the fact that Chu Feng was immune to poisons, it was very possible that he would have already died at his hands.

“Lord Ancestor actually did all this for me. This disciple truly doesn’t know how to repay your benevolence.”

Chu Feng said those words from the bottom of his heart. Even though Baili Xuankong had gambled with his life, he had done so for Chu Feng’s sake. It was Chu Feng’s blessing to have someone like Baili Xuankong that was willing to do all this for him.

“Chu Feng, don’t say it like that. There’s one thing that I must still apologize to you for,” Baili Xuankong suddenly said in an ashamed manner.

“Lord Baili, this matter was not because of you. It was clearly because of my order,” Dugu Xingfeng hurriedly said.

“Even though it was you who ordered it, it was still I who instructed you to do so,” Baili Xuankong laughed bitterly. Then, he said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, when you offended the Nangong Imperial Clan, the Nangong Imperial Clan posted your wanted posters over the entire Holy Land of Martialism.”

“There are a lot of people in the Nine Powers who know of you. Thus, I knew that you, being a disciple of our Cyanwood Mountain, would become known by others sooner or later. This was something that could not be hidden.”

“Furthermore, currently, the Cyanwood Mountain does not possess the strength to contend against the Nangong Imperial Clan. In order to save the Cyanwood Mountain, I could only abandon you.”

“Thus, I instructed Dugu Xingfeng to have him announce to the public that you were an unfilial disciple to the Cyanwood Mountain. Not only did the Cyanwood Mountain remove you as a disciple, it also said that it would also capture and kill you in order to eliminate harm to the Cyanwood Mountain, to the world.”

“Thus, you are currently not a disciple of our Cyanwood Mountain. I have done that all for the sake of preserving the Cyanwood Mountain,” When mentioning this matter, the ashamed expression on Baili Xuankong’s face grew stronger and stronger.

“Lord Ancestor, Lord Headmaster, there is no need for you two to say anymore. This disciple understands your intentions and meticulous efforts.”

“I think that what you two have done is correct. You cannot, for the sake of me, a sole individual, allow that many people to lose their lives, and destroy the Cyanwood Mountain and its foundation built through many years.”

“Regardless of what others think of me, as far as I am concerned, I, Chu Feng, will forever be the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple,” Chu Feng said earnestly.

“Chu Feng, it is truly great that you can understand. Actually, I also did that for the sake of helping you. If you were a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, we would be in the light, whereas they would be in the dark. We will have to be passive in all aspects.”

“However, if you are not a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, they will be in the light, whereas we will be in the dark. We will be able to do whatever we want.”

“Right now, the Cyanwood Mountain is completely hostile toward you. No matter what, the Nangong Imperial Clan will not make things difficult for the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“After all, with how the situation stands, if they still tried to make things difficult for the Cyanwood Mountain, they would not be able to justify their actions.”

“However, in reality, not only will our Cyanwood Mountain not really set ourselves to be your enemy, we will instead protect you. Remember what I said to you on the Five Poisons Mountain?” Baili Xuankong asked.

“I do. Lord Ancestor, you said that one cannot avoid calamities. Instead, one must meet them head-on. One cannot flee from disasters. Instead, one must meet them head-on,” Chu Feng repeated word for word what Baili Xuankong had said to him back then.