Chapter 1701 - It’s Time To End This

MGA: Chapter 1701 - It’s Time To End This

At this moment, the three men could be said to have gone all-out. However, even though Dugu Xingfeng was fighting two people, he was not at all disadvantaged. His strength had already confirmed his reputation as a genius to be well-deserved.

However, Chu Feng knew that Evildoer Tie’s strength was definitely not limited to this. Back then, it was not only because he had used his Divine Power that he managed to defeat Aunt Lian. In addition to that, he possessed a true Incomplete Imperial Armament.

“Lord Headmaster, you must be careful. That Evildoer Tie possesses a true Incomplete Imperial Armament that’s extremely powerful,” Upon recalling this, Chu Feng hurriedly spoke to Dugu Xingfeng through voice transmission.

“Rest assured, I am certain that I will win,” Dugu Xingfeng replied with a smile.


Sure enough, it was as Chu Feng had anticipated. At this moment, Evildoer Tie’s body started to shine with light, and his battle power rose dramatically in a flash. It was unknown what sort of weapon he had used. However, one thing was certain: he had used an Incomplete Imperial Armament. Otherwise, it would be impossible for his might to become this powerful.

Once this powerful might appeared, Dugu Xingfeng’s spear that was capable of puncturing the heavens was immediately suppressed. In an instant, Dugu Xingfeng had fallen into a disadvantageous position.

“It’s time to end this,” After using the Incomplete Imperial Armament, Evildoer Tie laughed confidently.

At the same time, a complacent smile also emerged on Beitang Zhiqiang’s face.

The way they saw it, having reached this point, it was time for this battle to end.

However, right at this moment, an aged voice sounded. “Indeed, it’s time to end this.”

Then, a boundless might appeared all of a sudden, crashing down from the sky. At this moment, the people from the Black Fiend, and even the two Martial Emperors Beitang Zhiqiang and Evildoer Tie were all unable to move, as if they were petrified.

As for Dugu Xingfeng, Chu Feng, Du Wanwu, Goudan’er and the people from the Luo Family, they had not felt a single bit of oppressive sensation.

At the moment when the oppressive might that bounded Evildoer Tie and the others appeared, three figures appeared from the sky.

They were three aged old men. They were all Martial Emperors. One was a red-faced old man with a ferocious appearance. He possessed the cultivation of a rank one Martial Emperor.

As for the other, he was a white-faced old man that emitted a frightening air of righteousness. He was standing with his hands behind his back. This old man possessed the cultivation of a rank two Martial Emperor.

Most importantly, the old man standing between the other two old men, although he appeared thin and weak, gave off the airs of an Immortal, and possessed the cultivation of a rank three Martial Emperor.

At this moment, these three old men were all wearing identical clothing. Furthermore, they all had the same symbol on their clothing. It was the symbol of the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly. Evidently, these three old men were all from the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly.

What shocked Chu Feng the most was the old man standing in the center. Chu Feng had met him before. He was the same old man who had been fishing above the poison lake on the Five Poisons Mountain.

It turned out that this old man was actually someone from the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly?!!

“Please spare me! Milord, please spare me! I did not want to attack little friend Chu Feng, it was all because Beitang Zhiqiang threatened me. Milord, if you must blame someone, please blame him. Please, please spare me!”

At this moment, Evildoer Tie had returned to his original appearance from that of a giant steel eagle. He was dripping with sweat, and his complexion had turned blue. He was panicking. Earlier, he had been filled with confidence. However, at this moment, he had completely lost his head with fear.

Evildoer Tie had been worried about the expert behind Chu Feng the entire time. Originally, he had felt that the expert behind Chu Feng was not present after being persuaded by Beitang Zhiqiang. However, he had been completely mistaken. Not only was the rank three Martial Emperor that he feared the most indeed present, he had also shown himself.

Furthermore, earlier, he had revealed killing intent and had tried to kill Dugu Xingfeng. This was simply an action that would bring about his own destruction. At this moment, Evildoer Tie was filled with so much regret that his intestines turned green.

“Evildoer Tie, stop acting so cowardly. No matter what, you are one of the Five Great Evildoers,” Beitang Zhiqiang cast a cold glance at Evildoer Tie.

Then, he feigned an unyielding appearance as he looked to the three old men, “You all are from the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly, no? To protect a single Chu Feng, you all have come out with full strength. To dispatch this much battle power is truly a troubling matter to you all, no?”

“However, you all should know who I am. You all should know that if you dare to touch me, what sort of consequence you all will bear, no?”

“Even if a rank three Martial Emperor has appeared in your Cyanwood Mountain and increased your rank to that of the strongest among the Nine Powers, you are still absolutely no match for our Beitang Imperial Clan.”

“Thus, I advise you all that it would be best for you to be tactful. Right now, release the Fourth Prince and myself. If you do that, we can pretend that nothing has happened.”

“Hahaha……” Hearing those words, that rank three Martial Emperor stroked his beard and laughed out loud.

There was no oppressive might to his laughter. However, it caused Beitang Zhiqiang, Evildoer Tie and the others to become extremely nervous.

This was especially true for Beitang Zhiqiang. At this moment, the corner of his mouth was twitching nonstop, and his expression had become extremely unsightly. After all, he knew that he was currently the one bluffing here.

However, there was nothing he could do other than use his Beitang Imperial Clan to scare them in order to gain an opportunity to live.

“If you dare to touch us, you should know what consequences you will have to bear. Our Beitang Imperial Clan absolutely possesses the power to completely flatten your Cyanwood Mountain,” Beitang Zhiqiang continued to threaten them.

“Whether it is colluding with the Evildoer Tie or stealing the Invisible Dew, any sort of malicious deed that you wish to do is not related to our Cyanwood Mountain.”

“However, you wanted to kill Chu Feng. That is something that I absolutely cannot tolerate. Not to mention you being someone from the Beitang Imperial Clan, even if you were from the Three Palaces, I would still not allow you to live.”

After the old man said these words, the smiling expression in his eyes grew even stronger. Suddenly, Beitang Zhiqiang’s expression started to become twisted. Then, with a ‘bang,’ Beitang Zhiqiang exploded. Both his body and soul had been extinguished. He was completely dead.

“Milord, please spare me! Milord, please spare me!!!” Seeing this scene, Evildoer Tie immediately started to beg for forgiveness. He was so anxious that tears started to roll down the corners of his eyes. It was only because he was fixed in midair and could not move. Otherwise, he would definitely be begging while kowtowing. The reason for that was because he truly did not wish to die, and feared death.

In fact, it was not only Evildoer Tie who was begging for forgiveness. The Black and White Skulls, as well as the numerous people from the Black Fiend, were all begging for forgiveness. Even though they were evildoers, they were all cowards who deeply feared death.

At this moment, the only person that was not begging for forgiveness was actually Beitang Zimo. It was not that he possessed moral backbone. Rather, it was because he was so frightened that he had become stunned. To see Beitang Zhiqiang, who had protected him since he was young, explode before his own eyes was an enormous shock to him.

Beitang Zimo clearly remembered how arrogant Beitang Zhiqiang had been. Especially toward outsiders, never once had Beitang Zhiqiang suffered at their hands. It had always been others that had shown respect toward him.

However, today, Beitang Zhiqiang had actually been killed. Thus, Beitang Zimo knew that he was done for today too.

However, no matter what, Beitang Zimo never expected that he would die at Chu Feng’s hands, at the hands of that fellow that he deeply looked down upon.


Right at this moment, Beitang Zimo’s body suddenly exploded. After Beitang Zhiqiang was killed, he was also killed.

Afterward, many explosions sounded in succession, echoing through this entire region.

Those were not the sounds of firecrackers. Rather, they were the sounds of bodies exploding. Everyone from the Black Fiend was killed. Even Evildoer Tie, one of the Five Great Evildoers, was killed.

In an instant, the people who had completely sealed off the Luo Family had all died.

Even though he had killed that many people, that old rank three Martial Emperor was still smiling. He did not feel a single trace of emotion from killing them. He was truly someone who murdered without blinking an eye.

After killing all those people, he took out a Cosmos Sack and sucked all of the Cosmos Sacks and treasures from Evildoer Tie and the others that had died into that Cosmos Sack of his. Then, he landed and arrived before Chu Feng. With a smile, he said, “Chu Feng, we meet again.”