Chapter 1666 - The Fierce Du Wanwu

MGA: Chapter 1666 - The Fierce Du Wanwu

Not long after those people escaped into the cave, thirty-five people walked out from the cave.

These thirty-five people were all old white-haired people. The youngest among them was over five hundred years old. The oldest was many thousand years old.

They were all Half Martial Emperors. Among them, there were a total of sixteen rank one Half Martial Emperors, eleven rank two Half Martial Emperors, five rank three Half Martial Emperors and three rank four Half Martial Emperors.

Fifteen of them possessed heaven-defying battle power. However, they were all only capable of surmounting one level of cultivation.

After these thirty-five people appeared, they immediately surrounded Chu Feng and set up a poison gas formation that completely sealed off Chu Feng’s escape.

“You’re from the Holy Land of Martialism?”

“Are you someone from the Three Palaces?” The oldest rank four Half Martial Emperor stared cautiously at Chu Feng.

From his tone, it could be heard that even though it had been fifteen thousand years, they still deeply feared the people from the Three Palaces.

As Chu Feng had come from the Holy Land of Martialism, the first thing they thought was that someone from the Three Palaces had come to carry out revenge against them.

“Are you all deaf or what? I said to go and get your clan chief and have him speak with me.”

“If you do not bring your clan chief out, do not blame me for being ruthless. After all, I do not have that much time to waste around here,” Chu Feng cast a gaze of contempt at them and spoke with a cold voice.

“What arrogance! Attack!” Chu Feng’s words actually enraged them. After those words were said, the thirty-five old people started to attack together. They began to control the poison gas formation around Chu Feng to attack him.

That formation was no ordinary formation. It was a poison formation. The attacks of a poison formation were different from those of ordinary formations.

Generally, formations formed with martial power were very aggressive and direct in the way they attacked.

However, poison formations were different. Poison gas could enter through one’s mouth and one’s nose. It could effortlessly cause one’s death.

It was very difficult for ordinary people to resist such an attack. However, Chu Feng was no ordinary person. Chu Feng was a world spiritist, and a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist on top of that. His perception was extremely strong and not something that ordinary martial cultivators could compare with.

Faced with the poison formation set up by these thirty-five people, Chu Feng was filled with contempt. With a thought, Royal level spirit power was emitted from his body. The royal level spirit power first started to revolve around Chu Feng and turn into a protective barrier that blocked the poison gas.

Then, the Royal level spirit power turned into thirty-five sharp blades. As they flashed, they pierced into the bodies of the thirty-five Half Martial Emperors like thunderbolts.

Regardless of whether they were rank one Half Martial Emperors or rank four Half Martial Emperors; regardless of whether they possessed heaven-defying battle power or not, they all had their bodies pierced through by Chu Feng’s spirit formation.


After having their bodies pierced through, the complexions of the thirty-five Half Martial Emperors instantly turned pale. Then, they all vomited a mouthful of blood. They were struggling very hard. However, it was all useless. They had already lost their ability to continue fighting.

The outcome of the battle was determined with a single strike.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Afterward, with a thought, the spirit formation blades that had entered the thirty-five people flung all of them to the entrance of the cave in an orderly manner.

After they landed on the ground, they wanted to continue fighting. However, they discovered that they were unable to move at all. Other than their bodies being stronger than those of normal people, they were now no different than ordinary people.

Chu Feng’s attacks did not pierce their dantians. However, he had restricted their power. World spirit techniques possessed all kinds of uses. They could attack head-on like martial power. They could paralyze others like poison gas. In fact, they could even take others’ lives.

“Don’t waste your breath. Go and get your clan chief. I believe you all can tell that I did not wish to kill you all; otherwise, you would’ve already died,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, the thirty-five people started to frown. They were no fools. They knew that if Chu Feng wanted to kill them, they would all have died already.

Even though Chu Feng was very young, he was an enemy who they could not defeat.

Upon thinking about this, they, who were extremely frightened, became even more frightened. One must know that the thirty-five of them could be said to be the strongest battle power of the Poison Demon’s descendants.

As matters stood, they had no choice but to go and get their Lord Clan Chief.

Thus, after they glanced at once another, thirty-four of them remained and the person with the weakest cultivation among them ran into the cave.

Evidently, they still feared that Chu Feng would kill their people. Thus, the strongest thirty-four of them decided to stay to prevent Chu Feng from entering the cave and slaughtering their clansmen.

However, they had clearly already lost their battle power. Yet, they still decided to stay to stop Chu Feng. If Chu Feng were to really kill his way into the cave, they would simply be courting death by trying to block him. Based on their determined expressions, they were most likely already prepared to face death.

When he saw this, Chu Feng’s impression of the Poison Demon’s descendants changed slightly.

At the very least, the thirty-four Half Martial Emperors before him were capable of giving up their lives to protect the younger generation. It was a determination worthy of praise.


Not long after that person with the weakest cultivation entered the cave, an overflowing killing intent swept forth from within the cave. Following that, green gaseous flames emitted from the cave. In the end, the gaseous flames descended before Chu Feng.

Those green gaseous flames were poison gas. They were so poisonous that even the air they touched started to dissolve. It was extremely frightening.

After the poison gas dissipated, Chu Feng discovered that there was a person standing in the center of the poison gas. It was a young man about his age.

However, he had a very special appearance. By special, it was not that he had distinctive facial features. Rather, it was his skin’s color; it was actually green.

The combination of green skin and black hair made him appear extremely strange.

Although he had a very strange appearance, his aura was very powerful. He possessed the cultivation of a rank four Half Martial Emperor, and he had a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.

Evidently, this person was the Divine Body acclaimed to be able to become the second Poison Demon, Du Wanwu.

“It seems that you are Du Wanwu,” Chu Feng said while smiling.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at this moment, that Du Wanwu suddenly attacked.

Green poison gas surged toward Chu Feng with earth-shattering might. If Chu Feng were to be touched by the poison in the slightest, even if he survived, he would still be infected by extreme poison and would have to endure pain and suffering.

Without even bothering to talk, Du Wanwu had unleashed a fatal attack right away. This man was truly ruthless.

“Step, step, step~~~”

Chu Feng did not dare to underestimate such an attack. He did not continue to use spirit formations to block it. The reason for that was because he would not be able to block Du Wanwu’s attacks with his world spirit techniques.

Thus, Chu Feng stepped forth in succession and used his Incomplete Imperial Armament boots’ absolute speed to escape from the range of the poison gas.

However, that Du Wanwu was not willing to let Chu Feng escape. He stepped into the air, revealed a movement martial skill, and began to chase after Chu Feng. Furthermore, his speed was extremely fast. In this sort of situation, Chu Feng was actually unable to escape him.

However, right at the moment when Du Wanwu was about to catch up to Chu Feng, Chu Feng suddenly stopped running and turned around.

Furthermore, a light smiled emerged on the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth.