Chapter 1657 - Chu Feng Captured

MGA: Chapter 1657 - Chu Feng Captured

“Clan Chief Nangong, I think you’re overthinking it. Without mentioning that Asura Evil Spirit, if Chu Feng really possessed such a powerful background, they would likely have already attacked our Nangong Imperial Clan after all this.”

“However, nothing has happened. Furthermore, that Chu Feng is only fleeing for his life. The most he could do were some petty maneuvers to retaliate against our Nangong Imperial Clan.”

“As for his so-called loyalty, that’s very hard to determine. If he really is a loyal and affectionate person, how could he release that Asura Evil Spirit?”

“That Asura Evil Spirit was extremely ferocious. If it wasn’t for Nangong Longjian acting to save us, I fear that our Nangong Imperial Clan would have been completely destroyed. Nangong Lian, Nangong Moli and the others that possessed a good relationship with him would undoubtedly have died too.”

“Thus, the way I see it, this Chu Feng being affectionate and loyal is merely a disguise. That child is extremely scheming. Furthermore, he is too much of a threat to the Nangong Imperial Clan. We must eliminate him.”

“As for his talent, I do not think he’s that exceptional. Else, why is it that he is still unable to sever the connection between the Cyan Rainbow Sword, the Purple Rainbow Sword and the two princes?” said the White-browed Immortal. He seemed to have a deeper impression of Chu Feng than Nangong Beidou.

“However, that child is a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. It will be no easy task to capture him.”

“What I fear is that child possessing too heaven-defying of a talent. Even if his background is not that frightening, he himself could be extremely frightening.”

“If he were to conceal himself, not reappear and begin to wholeheartedly train so that he can return to retaliate against our Nangong Imperial Clan years later when his cultivation is higher, it would mean…!!!” White-browed Immortal sighed.

Nangong Beidou sighed repeatedly. A single Chu Feng was truly causing him endless headaches.

“If that’s the case, Clan Chief Nangong, you would not have to worry about it. I have not been idling around for the past couple days. I have gathered all of the items that Chu Feng has come into contact with, and extracted Chu Feng’s aura from them. With a Taboo Formation Technique, I was able to condense this,” As White-browed Immortal spoke, he took out a compass. The pointer on that compass was currently trembling.

“Brother White-brow, what is that?” Nangong Beidou asked.

“This compass points toward Chu Feng’s current location. With it, Chu Feng will not be able to escape,” said the White-browed Immortal.

“As expected of Brother White-brow, one of the Ten Immortals. You actually managed to find Chu Feng’s location using merely his aura,” At this moment, Nangong Beidou finally revealed a smile on his face.

“If I cannot do even this, I would not be qualified to be a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist,” White-browed Immortal smiled confidently. Then, he said, “Clan Chief Nangong, you do not have to be vexed by that Chu Feng anymore. This time, I will personally set out to capture that Chu Feng for you alive.”

“In that case, I’ll stay in the Nangong Imperial Clan and wait for Brother White-brow’s return with that Chu Feng,” The smile on Nangong Beidou’s face grew even denser.


Right now, Chu Feng was really forced into a corner. Disregarding the Beitang Imperial Clan and the Nangong Imperial Clan, that witch who had suddenly appeared was what was causing Chu Feng the greatest headache.

She had explicitly stated that if Chu Feng were to lose the scroll, she would make him suffer a miserable death.

Yet now, Chu Feng had lost the scroll. Well, to be exact, the scroll had been snatched away by that monk. However, regardless, that scroll was no longer with Chu Feng.

However, the thing that depressed Chu Feng the most was that the imprint left behind by that witch was still on Chu Feng’s body. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to wipe it off. Right now, Chu Feng was simply akin to someone waiting for death to arrive, waiting for that witch to come and kill him.

Originally, Chu Feng had already planned to return to the Cyanwood Mountain and find a way to rescue Yao’er. After all, his cultivation had already reached the Half Martial Emperor level.

Yet now, Chu Feng did not dare to go anywhere. He feared that the witch would suddenly appear and kill not only him, but also those around him.

In this kind of crisis, Chu Feng thought of a place to go. It was one of the Holy Land of Martialism’s forbidden areas, the Ancient Era’s Cemetery, the so-called Realm of Gods.

Chu Feng had obtained a ladle from that Ancient Era’s Elf in the Yan Clan’s village. That ladle was an item from the Realm of Gods.

Most astonishingly, that ladle actually caused Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline to waver. Thus, Chu Feng felt that the so-called Realm of Gods might be related to his clan.

Originally, Chu Feng had planned to wait until the future, and go to the Realm of Gods when he had the opportunity to do so. However, it would now appear that the Realm of Gods had become the only place that Chu Feng could go, the place that he must go to take refuge. Chu Feng did not believe that the witch was powerful enough to dare set foot into the Realm of Gods to capture him.

At this moment, Chu Feng had passed through a teleportation formation and reached the teleportation formation closest to the Ancient Era’s Cemetery.

“The Nangong Imperial Clan is truly quick to act. They actually managed to put my wanted posters here already. Likely, my wanted posters are present in all corners of the Overlord Domain.”

Chu Feng walked out of the teleportation formation, saw the numerous wanted posters, and began to laugh bitterly.

However, Chu Feng did not stop here. Instead, he soared directly into the sky and began to rapidly fly into the distance.

The reason for that was because the Realm of Gods was a very dangerous area. There were simply no teleportation formations around it. The teleportation formation that Chu Feng had just stepped out of could be said to be the closest teleportation formation to the Realm of Gods.

However, even though it was the closest, it was still a very large distance away from the Realm of Gods.

Chu Feng did not know when that witch would come to find him. Thus, he had to proceed to the Realm of Gods and hide in it before that witch could reach him.

Even though the Realm of Gods was known to be the number one forbidden area in the Holy Land of Martialism, and it was said that all those who entered the Realm of Gods would die, Chu Feng faintly felt that he would be able to come out alive after entering it.

The Holy Land of Martialism was extremely vast and boundless. Even though Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast, and he could travel a thousand miles in a flash, he had still not managed to reach the Realm of Gods even after journeying for two entire days.

Furthermore, it had been an entire day since Chu Feng had last seen the presence of another person. This was truly a desolate place.

“Hahahahaha…” Right at this moment, frantic laughter sounded. At the same time Chu Feng heard that laughter, a boundless oppressive might suddenly appeared and directly bound Chu Feng.

Following that, countless golden-bright and dazzling spirit formations appeared and sealed off both heaven and earth. The entire area had been completely sealed off.

Furthermore, these were no ordinary spirit formations. Instead, they were Dragon Mark Royal-cloak spirit formations.

“Little friend Chu Feng, where are you planning to go?”

Right at this moment, several figures appeared in the distance, not far from Chu Feng. Even the weakest among them were Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists. As for the strongest among them, he was a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Furthermore, he was none other than the White-browed Immortal.

“How could it be you? Why would you be here?” Chu Feng was shocked. He had never expected to encounter the White-browed Immortal on his journey to escape from the witch. This White-browed Immortal was currently part of the Nangong Imperial Clan.

“Why would I be here? I have come here by following you. You didn’t expect that, right? Even though you’ve escaped this far, I still managed to catch you.”

“Speaking of it, you are truly quite smart. You actually chose such a desolate place to run off to. If it weren’t for the fact that I could follow your aura, I really would not have expected that you would come to this place to hide.”

When speaking those words, the White-browed Immortal revealed a complacent smile. He had not said those words to praise Chu Feng. Instead, he was praising himself. The hidden implication behind his words was that no matter how well Chu Feng could escape, he would not be able to escape his grasp.