Chapter 1559 - Golden Beach

MGA: Chapter 1559 - Golden Beach

The disappearance of the Boundary Energy brought panic to the Holy Land of Martialism. All of the people who received the news of the Boundary Energy’s disappearance, regardless of whether they were from major powers or small powers, or even those who didn't belong to any power, all felt that this was a bad omen.

However, the disappearance of the Boundary Energy also brought forth a very realistic piece of good news. That was that practically all of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formations were interconnected now.

Before, the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formations had been unable to encompass the entire Holy Land of Martialism because of the Boundary Energy.

Now, without the separation from the Boundary Energy, people could enter the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formations and hasten the speed of their journey by a lot. Transportation became a lot more convenient.

Most importantly, without the Boundary Energy’s interference, the speed of the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formations had also increased enormously.

By taking the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formations, Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and Tantai Xue arrived at the Overlord Domain from the Cyanwood Domain. While this journey was one that required them to go through many domains, it had only taken them several days to reach the Overlord Domain. If it was before, this was something that would have been impossible to accomplish, something that no one would dare believe to be possible.

After walking out from the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation, the land that Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and Tantai Xue set foot in was the most vast and flourishing domain in the Holy Land of Martialism, the Overlord Domain.

The Overlord Domain was filled with strong and large powers. Without mentioning the Three Palaces, the Four Clans and the Elf Kingdom, there were also hidden powers and some low-profile powers that possessed strength on par with the Nine Powers.

Although the Holy Land of Martialism did not possess a lot of Martial Emperor-level experts, there were quite a few in the Overlord Domain.

As for the reason this place was called the Overlord Domain, it was because this was the place where all of the experts in the Holy Land of Martialism gathered. It was also the only place where one could become an overlord.

However, it had been ten thousand years now since the Five Overlords, Emperor Chi, the Beast Emperor, Emperor Huang, Emperor Gong, and Emperor Qing, had moved about unhindered through the Overlord Domain and ruled an era.

Even though many Martial Emperor-level experts had appeared in the last ten thousand years, and many of them were even extremely famous and possessed heaven-defying power, there had yet to be anyone that dared to declare himself or herself to be an overlord.

Even though there was no overlord-level expert that controlled this place with an unrivalled attitude, it remained that the Overlord Domain was the Overlord Domain. The feeling one would have upon setting foot in the Overlord Domain was completely different from elsewhere.

The oppressive sensation one would feel here was clearly not found elsewhere.

“This is truly lively.”

When Chu Feng and the others walked out from the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation, they discovered that they were on a vast beach. This beach was very beautiful. The sand of the beach was golden-bright and dazzling. Truly, this place was a golden beach.

Unfortunately, even though the golden beach was very beautiful, they were unable to enjoy its beauty. That was because a vast crowd was gathered on top of the beach. They were all martial cultivators. Furthermore, their overall cultivations were not low. Even the weakest among them were Martial Kings. Not to mention the Heaven Realm, even Martial Lords were nowhere to be found.

Furthermore, from that vast crowd, Chu Feng was able to faintly sense a couple auras on par with Hong Qiang’s. They were peak Half Martial Emperors.

Furthermore, at this moment, in a steady flow, more and more people were coming out from that enormous Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation. More and more people were arriving at this golden beach.

“Overlord Domain, it is truly not named in vain,” At this moment, even Tantai Xue, who was habitually silent, was unable to contain herself and gasped.

At this moment, Tantai Xue was wearing her white gauze conical bamboo hat. Even though it blocked her beautiful appearance, her beautiful figure could still be seen.

“I have come here before. However, due to the fact that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal would generally not take visitors, this place was very spacious and empty.”

“For there to be this many people gathered here today, it is most definitely because of the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly. It would seem that the news of the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly is likely to be real.”

Hong Qiang also gasped with admiration. That was because the main topic of discussion among the surrounding crowd was the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly.

“To have this many people come for the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly, will the Weaponry Refinement Immortal really be able to forge that many weapons?” Tantai Xue asked.

“Rest assured, you don’t have to think about that. The amount of people who will actually be able to pass through the trial will not be a lot.”

“Furthermore, I firmly believe that not all of these people have come for the sake of weapons. There must be a lot of them that have come because of the reputation of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, and wish to use this opportunity to meet him in person,” Hong Qiang said.

“Why are all these people on the beach? It is already this crowded, yet no one has bothered to fly into the sky?” Tantai Xue asked.

“They are showing respect to the strong. This is also a universally accepted rule of the Overlord Domain.”

“Actually, there is a story regarding this. Back in Emperor Qing’s era, there was another grand Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist who received the reverence of countless people. However, he suddenly disappeared, and left behind all sorts of legends.”

“Suddenly, that world spiritist reappeared. He held an assembly in the place where he had entered seclusion, much like the one being held by the Weaponry Refinement Immortal here today.”

“Reportedly, an unprecedented amount of powerful experts arrived because of his reputation. Due to the fact that there were too many people and the people in the crowd were feeling very crowded, people began to fly into the sky and stand in the sky.”

“When that world spiritist appeared, he ended up massacring all of the people who were in the sky. As for the reason why he did so, it was very simple. He said that those people who were standing in the sky were being disrespectful toward him,” Hong Qiang narrated.

“To massacre people for such a small matter, isn’t that a bit too excessive and arrogant?” Tantai Xue asked.

“Indeed, it is. However, he possessed the qualifications to be excessive and arrogant.”

“Ever since that day, this universally accepted rule came about in the Overlord Domain. Whenever one is in a hidden expert’s territory, they must not fly into the sky. Else, not only would that be disrespectful, one would also be challenging the honor of that hidden expert.”

“Thus, even though the golden beach is already overcrowded, no one is willing to soar into the sky. After all, the master of this place is the Weaponry Refinement Immortal,” Hong Qiang explained.

“Senior Hong Qiang, do you know exactly how powerful that Weaponry Refinement Immortal is?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“I do not know what level of cultivation that Weaponry Refinement Immortal possesses. However, what I am certain of, is that he is many times more powerful than the Yan Clan’s Ancestor. The Weaponry Refinement Immortal is truly a grand and famous character in the Holy Land of Martialism, a peak expert.”

“I’ll give you an example. I have heard that this golden beach is separated from the Immortal Island by boundless water for ninety thousand miles.”

“If the Weaponry Refinement Immortal wished to kill, he would not have to leave the Immortal Island at all. While sitting in the Immortal Island, he is capable of killing everyone gathered here,” Hong Qiang said.

“He’s that powerful? That’s a bit too powerful, no?” Hearing what Hong Qiang said, neither Chu Feng nor Tantai Xue were able to remain calm.

For powerful experts, it was not difficult for them to kill others from far away. However, to kill people from a distance of ninety thousand miles away, and kill this many people with peak Half Martial Emperors like Hong Qiang included, was truly frightening.

“Martial Emperors are extremely powerful beings to begin with. Those with higher levels of cultivation are even more frightening.”

“Actually, upon thinking about it, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor was capable of killing all living things in a thousand mile range throughout his battle; if he had the intention to kill, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to massacre everyone in a range of ten thousand miles.”

“Thus, upon comparing them, for someone like the Weaponry Refinement Immortal to kill others from ninety thousand miles away would not be surprising at all,” Hong Qiang said.

“That is true,” After hearing what Hong Qiang said, Chu Feng and Tantai Xue were able to accept it more.

When he heard how powerful Martial Emperors were, Chu Feng began to yearn for the Martial Emperor realm even more. He was impatient to become more powerful.

“Quickly, look. It’s here, it’s here. Sure enough, it came out.”

Right at this moment, shouts began to be heard from the direction of the crowd closer to the shore.

Then, the vast crowd began to rush toward the shore. It was as if something major were about to happen.