Chapter 2771 - Simply A Demonic Woman

Chapter 2771 - Simply A Demonic Woman

“Seeing how confident you are, I am quite curious as to exactly what sort of means you possess to contend against me.”

“Come, let me see what abilities you might have. It would be best that you don’t bluff. After all, if that were the case, I’ll be very disappointed,” as Han Yu spoke, he walked over to one side of the chessboard. He was planning to begin the chess match against Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not say anything in response. Instead, with a smile on his face, Chu Feng walked over to the other side of the chessboard.

After Chu Feng got in position, that chessboard once again started to shine brightly. When the light dissipated, the chessboard had returned to normal again.

Seeing that the two of them were about to start their match, the crowd present all revealed serious expressions.

Even Chu Lingxi, who was sitting on top of the lampstand, became serious. Her beautiful legs that she was swinging about the entire time had stopped swinging.

The reason for that was because the crowd present all wanted to know exactly how Chu Feng was going to contend against Han Yu, a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, as a Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

“Young masters, please wait a moment,” right at the moment when Chu Feng and Han Yu were about to begin their match, Xia Yun’er suddenly spoke.

“Miss Xia, what’s wrong?” Han Yu hurriedly asked. His eagerly attentive behavior seemed to be deliberately telling everyone that he, Han Yu, was interested in Xia Yun’er.

That being said, interestingly, this was the same sort of attitude Han Yu had when he spoke with Chu Lingxi.

Because of this, the crowd present realized that Han Yu was not a person focused on a single woman. Rather, he was someone who was extremely interested in all excellent women.

“Young master Han Yu, you are, after all, a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. If you are to compete with young master Chu Feng in a chess match like this, it would indeed be a bit like bullying. I have two suggestions that could make the match fair.”

“Even if you are to win, no one will say that you had an unfair advantage,” Xia Yun’er said.

“Miss Xia is truly considerate. Exactly what sort of suggestions do you have? Please go ahead and tell me about them,” Han Yu said with an appreciative tone.

“Firstly, if you are to lose, you should present some sort of gesture of goodwill to young master Chu Feng.”

“However, if young master Chu Feng is to lose, he would not have to present you with any gesture of goodwill,” Xia Yun’er said.

Hearing those words, Han Yu started to frown. This suggestion was truly too unfair.

But this suggestion was actually proposed by Xia Yun’er. Because of this, he felt that Xia Yun’er was deliberately helping Chu Feng, that she was standing on Chu Feng’s side.

Thus, Han Yu felt extremely displeased. That said, regardless of how displeased he might be, he did not say anything. Instead, he accepted the suggestion without hesitation, “Miss Xia’s suggestion is very reasonable. I accept.”

After he finished saying those words, Han Yu looked to Chu Feng. He said, “Merely, I wonder what sort of gesture of goodwill brother Chu Feng might want from me?”

Before Chu Feng could say anything, Xia Yun’er said, “How about, just use that glass ball of yours as your gesture of goodwill?”

“Glass ball?” Upon hearing Xia Yun’er’s words, not only was the crowd surprised, but even Chu Feng’s gaze changed.

Chu Feng was unable to understand Xia Yun’er. She was the one to incite the chess match between Han Yu and Chu Feng. Because of that, Chu Feng thought that she was trying to cause him harm.

However, looking at it now, it seemed like she was helping him instead. After all, Han Yu’s glass ball was golden.

If he was able to obtain Han Yu’s glass ball, Chu Feng would be able to obtain more clues after entering the maze formation.

That said, Chu Feng felt that Xia Yun’er was not really doing this to help him. Chu Feng felt that Xia Yun’er was merely toying with him and Han Yu.

The reason for that was because Xia Yun’er had no idea that Chu Feng possessed certainty in being able to defeat Han Yu.

That was why Chu Feng felt that she was toying with them. She was doing all this purely for entertainment purposes.

After all, regardless of who won and who lost, it would only be either Chu Feng or Han Yu who would suffer, and it would be completely unrelated to her.

Thinking of this, Chu Feng grew even more certain that Xia Yun’er was a very dangerous woman.

She was someone who viewed others as playthings.

“Young master Han Yu, what do you think about it?” Seeing that Han Yu did not answer, Xia Yun’er urged him.

In truth, Han Yu did not want to accept the condition. That was why he was hesitating. However, he also did not wish to refuse Xia Yun’er.

Moreover, he did not feel that he would lose. Thus, in the end, he smiled and nodded, “Miss Xia, this Han Yu will accept your suggestions unconditionally.”

“Young master Han Yu is truly a frank and straightforward individual. If that’s the case, I will put forth my second suggestion,” Xia Yun’er spoke with a beaming smile.

Her smile was very sweet and very charming. Many men present were bewitched by her smile.

However, Chu Feng noticed that there was a cunningness and danger hidden within her smile.

Chu Feng started to feel that Han Yu would likely end up suffering by Xia Yun’er’s hand.

“Miss Xia, please go ahead and tell me what your suggestion might be. This Han Yu will definitely agree with it,” Han Yu said.

“For the sake of fairness, young master Han Yu should also be using Snake Mark Immortal-level spirit power. With that, the match would be much more fair,” Xia Yun’er said with a beaming smile.

“What? Only use Snake Mark Immortal-level spirit power?”

Once Xia Yun’er said those words, the crowd immediately burst into a commotion. Everyone was astonished by Xia Yun’er raising such a suggestion.

However, upon thinking about it, they thought that Xia Yun’er’s suggestion was actually reasonable and fair. As long as their spirit power was identical, there would be no unfair advantage in the battle.

However, since Xia Yun’er was going to raise this suggestion, why would she add a ‘Chu Feng would not have to put forth a gesture of goodwill should he be defeated, whereas Han Yu would have to’ suggestion?

With this, it would simply be too obvious that Xia Yun’er wanted to help Chu Feng.

After all, as long as Han Yu accepted this suggestion, not only would Chu Feng gain a massively greater chance at being able to defeat Han Yu, but most importantly, Chu Feng would not suffer any losses even if he was to lose the match.

As long as Han Yu accepted Xia Yun’er’s suggestion, it would mean that the match would be unfair. Merely, it would no longer be unfair against Chu Feng, but rather unfair against Han Yu.

Merely, would Han Yu accept this sort of request?

“Miss Xia, what is the relationship between you and Chu Feng? Why must you help him like this?” At that moment, Yuwen Hualong questioned Xia Yun’er.

As Han Yu’s friend, he was no longer able to tolerate this. After all, as matters stood, anyone with eyes could tell that Xia Yun’er was helping Chu Feng.

“Young master Chu Feng and I are friends,” faced with Yuwen Hualong’s question, Xia Yun’er gave the crowd a very shocking answer.

At a time like this, people would generally try their best to deny any relationship. Yet, Xia Yun’er actually said that she and Chu Feng were friends. Wouldn’t this be equivalent to her announcing to the crowd that she was helping Chu Feng and harming Han Yu?

“However, I don’t think that I am helping young master Chu Feng. These two suggestions that I’ve put forth are merely to make this match more fair.”

“As everyone knows, different world spiritists absolutely possess different levels of understanding toward world spirit techniques.”

“Even though I suggested that young master Han Yu only use Snake Mark Immortal-level spirit power, it remains that he is a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. In terms of utilization of world spirit techniques, he will definitely be superior to young master Chu Feng.”

“Thus, I feel that young master Han Yu still has a greater chance of victory. That is why I put forth the suggestion for young master Han Yu to show young master Chu Feng a gesture of goodwill should he lose, whereas young master Chu Feng would not have to do the same if he loses.”

“I am not trying to help anyone. I merely wanted this match to be more fair, more brilliant. That’s all there is,” Xia Yun’er said to the crowd in a very serious manner. She had a very innocent expression in her eyes. It was as if Yuwen Hualong had truly wronged her.

At that moment, the crowd present all started to nod. They felt that what Xia Yun’er said was very reasonable.

Merely, as Han Yu’s friends, Yuwen Hualong and Yuwen Tingyi were still feeling very displeased. They were sending voice transmissions to Han Yu. In fact, they were even openly giving Han Yu meaningful looks to tell him to not accept Xia Yun’er’s request.

Han Yu remained silent for a very long time. Because of that, many people felt that Han Yu would not accept Xia Yun’er’s second request.

“Young master Han Yu, what I proposed is merely a suggestion. As for what to do, it will be up to you,” right at this moment, Xia Yun’er also looked to Han Yu.

“Miss Xia, I feel that you’ve considered things very thoroughly, and that your suggestion is very good. I, Han Yu, am willing to accept it.”

Not only did Han Yu accept Xia Yun’er’s suggestion, but he even looked to her with a very appreciative expression. He reacted as if Xia Yun’er’s suggestion had truly reached his heart.

Seeing that Han Yu was being completely toyed with by Xia Yun’er, seeing that Han Yu knew that he would suffer losses but still insisted on taking it on, Chu Feng sighed in his heart, “A poisonous beauty. How could this Xia Yun’er be a holy maiden? She is simply a demonic woman.”

[1. Xia Yun’er’s title, 圣女 could be translated as Holy Daughter, Saintess, Holy Maiden and such. I translated her title to Holy Daughter because there’s a Holy Son too. However, there are times such as this where people refer to her as saintess/holy maiden using the same term but with a different connotation.]