Chapter 2763 - Being Ridiculed By Others

Chapter 2763 - Being Ridiculed By Others


Chu Feng raised his hand and dissolved both of his spirit formations.

However, after the spirit formations were dissolved, Chu Feng’s expression changed. He was startled.

The reason for that was because he only discovered now that there was actually another sealing formation outside of his sealing formation. That sealing formation had sealed him within it.

Furthermore, there was a figure standing inside the sealing formation. That person was none other than Xia Yun’er.

Xia Yun’er was currently standing not far away and looking at Chu Feng. It was as if she were waiting for him.

When Xia Yun’er’s gaze was cast toward Chu Feng’s hand, toward the glass ball in his hand, Chu Feng noticed that a clear change of expression emerged in her eyes.

“Young master Chu Feng is amazing. You actually managed to turn the glass ball golden. Exactly how did you accomplish that?” Xia Yun’er asked.

“Merely a fluke,” Chu Feng smiled half-heartedly. Then, he asked, “Why is miss Xia here? Did you set up this concealment formation?”

“Indeed, I set this up. I was waiting for you,” Xia Yun’er said.

“Waiting for me? Do you need something?” Chu Feng asked.

“I wish to exchange my glass ball with you,” Xia Yun’er said.

“Exchange?” Chu Feng frowned slightly. However, he did not directly refuse her. Instead, he asked, “In that case, may I have a look at miss Xia’s glass ball?”

“Here,” Xia Yun’er took out her own glass ball. It was cyan in color.

“Miss Xia, you’re joking with me, right? I feel that with your strength, it would be impossible for you to only be able to turn your glass ball cyan,” Chu Feng said.

“I was merely careless. Young master Chu Feng, might you be willing to exchange yours with mine?” Xia Yun’er said coquettishly.

“I’m afraid that’s a no,” Chu Feng shook his head. Then, he planned to destroy Xia Yun’er’s sealing formation to leave.

After all, Chu Feng’s golden glass ball was something that Chu Feng had obtained with his own strength. How could he possibly exchange it with Xia Yun’er?

Furthermore, this Xia Yun’er had been plotting against Chu Feng ever since she had arrived.

She had caused Han Yu to deeply detest Chu Feng to the point where he was now simply itching to kill him. As such, how could Chu Feng be willing to conduct an exchange with her?

Right at that moment, Xia Yun’er said, “Do you still remember the favor you owe me?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng stopped his movement to destroy the sealing formation. He turned to look at Xia Yun’er and said, “I do.”

He naturally remembered the day when he had entered that remnant in the Sacred Mountain and obtained a great amount of natural energies.

Later on, he came to find out that the natural energies actually belonged to Xia Yun’er. At that time, he had told Xia Yun’er that he would compensate her.

“How about this, as long as you’re willing to exchange your glass ball for mine, I will consider it you having returned half of the favor you owe me,” Xia Yun’er said.

“Very well,” Chu Feng did not refuse this time around. Instead, he straightforwardly agreed. Furthermore, as he spoke, he tossed his glass ball to Xia Yun’er.

Xia Yun’er did not hesitate. She raised her lily-white hand and caught Chu Feng’s glass ball in her hand.

When the glass ball entered her hand, Xia Yun’er revealed an exceptionally charming smile on her face.

“Young master Chu Feng is truly a trustworthy person. I, Xia Yun’er, am definitely going to take you as my friend.”

As Xia Yun’er spoke, she tossed her cyan glass ball to Chu Feng.

At the same time Chu Feng received the glass ball, Xia Yun’er waved her sleeve and dissolved her sealing formation.

When the spirit power sparkled about in the sky, Chu Feng left the area restricted by the spirit formation. He was able to clearly see the situation outside.

At that moment, practically everyone present was looking at Chu Feng and Xia Yun’er.

This was especially true for Han Yu. His gaze was akin to two sharp blades. His killing intent was completely revealed. He wished to use his gaze to hack Chu Feng to pieces.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you’ve finally come out. We must truly thank you.”

“That’s right. Big brother Chu Feng, if it wasn’t for your advice, we would likely not have been able to enter the maze formation.”

Right at that moment, Li Xiang and his two buddies rushed toward Chu Feng with gratefulness in their eyes. The three of them were all holding glass balls in their hands. Those glass balls were all cyan in color.

Chu Feng knew the reason why the three of them were so excited. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had swept his gaze across the crowd after coming out of the sealing formation. Of the people that had received glass balls earlier, the great majority of them were holding transparent glass balls.

Of the people of the younger generation present, including both Chu Feng and Xia Yun’er, only eight individuals had managed to change the color of their glass balls.

In other words, of the people present, only eight were qualified to enter the maze formation.

It was precisely because the great majority of people had failed that Li Xiang and his two buddies were so grateful toward Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because the three of them knew very well that they too would’ve failed had they not listened to Chu Feng’s advice.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong’s glass balls were both purple.

As for Han Yu, he was even more amazing. His glass ball was actually golden.

“Brother Chu Feng, you’ve made such a grand spectacle, yet you’ve only managed to instill enough spirit power into your glass ball to turn it cyan? Truth be told, you’ve disappointed me.”

“After all, you are someone who has obtained an Immortal Armament from the Immortal Armament Villa’s Immortal Armament Armory.”

“However, if this is all you’re capable of, then I must say, your really do not live up to your name at all.”

Han Yu stared at the glass ball in Chu Feng’s hand and mocked him. There was no trace of the courtesy and manners that had been there when he first met Chu Feng.

However, this was normal. After all, he had been staring at Chu Feng with a gaze filled with killing intent the entire time. Even if he was able to avoid the detection of the people of the younger generation, the experts from the older generation had most definitely already noticed the hostility Han Yu had toward Chu Feng.

Thus, in a situation like this, there was no need for Han Yu to conceal the hatred he felt toward him.

And now, since he had actually found a chance to mock Chu Feng, Han Yu would naturally not let it slip by.

However, after Han Yu said those words, there were many people that began to whisper among themselves.

They were all questioning Chu Feng’s strength in terms of world spirit techniques.

Even though the situation was like that, Xia Yun’er did not try to explain things for Chu Feng. Not only that, but she walked directly toward that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder and extended her lily-white hand from her sleeve to reveal her glass ball.

“Golden! It’s actually golden!”

“Miss Xia is truly amazing. As expected from the Holy Daughter. Her world spirit techniques are actually this powerful.”

Once Xia Yun’er revealed her glass ball, she immediately brought forth praises from countless people. Even the people from the Starfall Holy Land were praising her.

It could be said that the astonishment the crowd felt after Xia Yun’er took out her golden glass ball was even greater than when they saw Han Yu’s golden glass ball.

After all, Han Yu was a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, whereas Xia Yun’er was a Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

There was an entire level of difference between their world spirit techniques.

Even though there was an entire level of difference between them, Xia Yun’er was able to accomplish what Han Yu had managed to accomplish. This revealed her strength even more. Naturally, the crowd would be astonished.

At the same time, Xia Yun’er’s performance also served as a clear contrast to Chu Feng’s performance.

If Chu Feng had disappointed the crowd with his performance, then Xia Yun’er had brought the crowd an enormously pleasant surprise.

That being said, at the moment when the others were all openly praising Xia Yun’er, the Starfall Eight Immortals did not say anything.

The eight of them were very powerful. They were all able to easily see through Xia Yun’er’s sealing formation.

As Xia Yun’er’s bodyguards, they would naturally not allow any mishaps to happen to her. Thus, they were observing the situation inside the sealing formation the entire time.

Thus, the eight of them knew very well that Xia Yun’er’s golden glass ball was actually Chu Feng’s.

As such, the glory that Xia Yun’er was currently enjoying belonged to Chu Feng.

“Young master Chu Feng, I am truly sorry. Our Holy Daughter is quite naughty. I hope that you do not take offense to this.”

Right at that moment, a voice transmission entered Chu Feng’s ear. It was Elder Xingyi.

Likely, he also felt Xia Yun’er’s actions to be too excessive. Thus, he was apologizing to Chu Feng on her behalf.