Chapter 2759 - Do Not Be Rude

Chapter 2759 - Do Not Be Rude

After the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s Clan Chief left, the remaining Ancient Era’s Serpent Clansmen immediately carried the corpse of that dead elder away.

After the people from the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan left, the originally quiet plaza immediately burst into an uproar.

The crowd members present were all spiritedly discussing things among themselves. Even though they’d heard that the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s Clan Chief was a vicious character, they never expected him to be this ruthless.

Merely because of the fact that his subordinate had revealed a little bit of a secret to others, he was ruthless enough to kill him. This was truly excessive and despotic.

Furthermore, the secret that his subordinate revealed was not something major.

“It would appear that this Spirit Formation Immortal Domain is truly as dangerous as it is rumored to be,” Chu Feng said.

“Thus, young master Chu Feng, you must not say things without consideration for the consequences, and, above all, you must not say any malicious words regarding the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan,” Xia Yun’er said to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng smiled at Xia Yun’er’s words. Chu Feng already knew that the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan was a very ruthless bunch even without her reminder.

Since he already knew of the ruthlessness of the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan, he would naturally not make uncalled-for provocations toward them.

“Everyone, please follow me.”

Not long after, an elder from the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan walked out. He began to guide Chu Feng and the others toward the direction of the heaven-reaching mountain range.

Chu Feng and the others all knew where they would be going. They were most definitely proceeding toward the location where they would be given two choices to make, as explained by the elder who had been killed earlier.

After the crowd began to move, the people from the Starfall Holy Land immediately rushed over and surrounded Xia Yun’er. It was as if they were deeply afraid that someone would try to harm their Holy Daughter.

Even Chu Feng, who was originally standing right next to her, was forced out.

However, Chu Feng did not concern himself with the matter, and instead decided to walk to the front of the crowd.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you are truly amazing. You are actually even acquainted with the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter.”

“Furthermore, judging from the Holy Daughter’s attitude toward you, it seems that the two of you possess a very good relationship.”

On his way, Li Xiang and his two companions followed beside Chu Feng the entire time. Li Xiang was praising Chu Feng nonstop the entire time. The expression of idolization in his eyes grew more and more concentrated.

“Miss Xia and I do not know one another very well,” Chu Feng said.

“Big brother Chu Feng, don’t you try to deceive us. Not very well? Miss Xia took the initiative to show herself just to come and see you.”

“That’s right. That Han Yu who proclaimed himself to know Miss Xia very well did not even manage to speak with her. Yet, she spoke with you so passionately. Doesn’t this prove that the relationship between the two of you is extraordinary?” Li Xiang and the others said.

Li Xiang and his two buddies did not say those words through voice transmission. Thus, many people present heard their conversation.

At that moment, Han Yu’s expression turned exceptionally ice-cold.

Even though he knew that he was extremely humiliated earlier, he was still not willing to have others speak of the matter.

That being said, even though Han Yu was feeling furious, he still did not say anything.

However, while Han Yu didn’t say anything, his two companions, Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong, were unable to watch anymore.

The two of them pointed at Li Xiang and his two companions and shouted, “What the fuck are the two of you saying?!”

“If you dare spout nonsense again, I will cut out your tongue!”

“How could someone like you question the relationship between my brother Han Yu and Miss Xia?!”

Not only did Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong point at Li Xiang and the others while shouting at them, but they even began to threaten them.

“I wish to see who would dare to cut off the tongues of our Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples before me.” Right at that moment, Ma Changchun spoke in a displeased manner.

After Ma Changchun spoke, even though Yuwen Tingyi and Yuweng Hualong were feeling very displeased, they did not say anything anymore. After all, Ma Changchun’s strength was not something that they, people of the younger generation, could contend against.

Moreover, the strength of the Sacred Pellet Villa could not be looked down upon. At the very least, it was much stronger than their Yuwen City.

That being said, Li Xiang and his two companions were very tactful. They knew that they could not afford to provoke a genius like Han Yu. Thus, after this exchange, they did not dare to involve Han Yu in their conversation again.

That being said, even though they were no longer discussing the Holy Daughter, Li Xiang and his two companions were still filled with questions. They were asking Chu Feng all sorts of things. Furthermore, they were addressing Chu Feng as ‘big brother’ the entire time. They were truly eager and attentive.

“You three seem to be older than me. It’s not suitable for you to call me big brother, no?” Chu Feng asked.

“Alas, big brother Chu Feng, although our ages are older than yours, our strength is inferior to yours. Thus, out of respect, it is better that we call you big brother,” Li Xiang spoke in a very earnest manner.

“That’s right, that’s the principle,” The other two men also nodded their heads repeatedly.

“Do as you wish then,” Chu Feng smiled indifferently.

“The three of you, move aside!”

Right at that moment, an aggressive shout sounded from behind. It was from the Starfall Holy Land’s group of people.

“What’s the matter?” Li Xiang turned around and revealed a confused expression.

“What are you looking at? I’m talking to the three of you, move aside,” A young man who lead the crowd pointed at Li Xiang and shouted. His attitude was very arrogant and aggressive. It was as if he were a monarch berating a commoner.

Even though he knew that there were elders from the Sacred Pellet Villa present, he did not place Li Xiang and the others in his eyes at all.

Actually, that man from the Starfall Holy Land also only possessed a cultivation of rank one True Immortal. He was not stronger than Li Xiang and his two companions.

However, after being told to move, Li Xiang and his two companions really did turn around and prepared to move. They were scared.

That being said, it was understandable for them to be scared. After all, that man was someone from the Starfall Holy Land. Moreover, even the Starfall Eight Immortals were there, and could back him up.

Thus, it was understandable for Li Xiang and his two companions to be afraid of that man.

“Come back.”

Right at the moment when Li Xiang and his two companions were planning to leave, Chu Feng called for them to come back.

“Ah?” Li Xiang and his two companions were startled.

“I’m telling the three of you to come back. This path is not owned by him, why should you all move just because he demands it?” Chu Feng said.

“Eh… this…”

Li Xiang and his two companions finally realized what Chu Feng wanted. However, they did not return. Instead, they were stunned, and left in a dilemma.

They knew that Chu Feng was helping them. However, they were truly afraid of the people from the Starfall Holy Land.

Seeing how Chu Feng actually dared to not place him in his eyes in such a manner, the man from the Starfall Holy Land who had shouted at Li Xiang and the others to move became furious. He pointed at Chu Feng and planned to shout furiously at him, “You damned bas…”

“Do not be rude,” Right at that moment, a sweet-sounding voice was heard.

Once that voice was heard, all of the men present were shaken. They immediately grew much more spirited.

Naturally, among the people there, only the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter Xia Yun’er would possess such charisma.

Xia Yun’er was originally surrounded and guarded by the people from the Starfall Holy Land like a precious treasure. However, after she spoke, the people from the Starfall Holy Land moved to either side and created a path for her.

As for Xia Yun’er, she walked out from her escort elegantly and began to slowly walk toward Chu Feng.

Finally, she arrived two meters away from Chu Feng and stopped.