Chapter 2755 - Bringing Forth A Complaint Only To Be Beaten

Chapter 2755 - Bringing Forth A Complaint Only To Be Beaten

“Lord Elder, it is truly great that you’re here.”

After Li Xiang and his two companions arrived, they immediately rushed toward Ma Changchun.

“What are you making such a big fuss about?! Where is your propriety?!”

Even though Ma Changchun had managed to guess that Li Xiang and his two companions were bullied and humiliated and came to find him to help them obtain revenge, he was still feeling very displeased.

After all, there were a lot of people present. For Li Xiang and his two companions, three people of the younger generation, to shout and make a fuss was humiliating.

The reason for that was because members of the younger generation being bullied and humiliated were extremely common occurrences in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. However, those people of the younger generation who possessed character and capability would always settle such things themselves. To find elders to help them settle those things was something disgraceful to begin with. Yet Li Xiang and his two companions were so open and brazen in their shameless request. Naturally, this caused Ma Changchun to feel displeased.

“Lord Elder, we were humiliated by another,” Li Xiang and his two companions said.

“Humiliated? Aren’t the three of you completely fine?” Ma Changchun asked.

Actually, the reason why he was so angry was because Li Xiang and his two companions were making a big fuss over what seemed to be a minor issue. After all, the three of them were completely unscathed. This meant that the person that bullied and humiliated them did not actually do anything serious to them.

“Lord Elder, it would be one thing if it was only the three of us there were humiliated. However, that man who humiliated us even declared that he did not put our Sacred Pellet Villa in his eyes. Thus, we felt that we must report this matter to Lord Elder,” Li Xiang said.

The people from the Sacred Pellet Villa were all people that cared deeply about their face. Upon hearing what Li Xiang said, Ma Changchun and the other Sacred Pellet Villa’s elders and disciples all revealed ugly expressions.

“Who was it?” Ma Changchun asked.

Seeing Ma Changchun asking that question, Li Xiang was immediately overjoyed. He hurriedly said, “Lord Elder, that man is also here.”

“Which one? Point him out,” Ma Changchun spoke loudly.

“It’s him,” Li Xiang immediately raised his hand and pointed at Chu Feng, who was standing far away.


Once Li Xiang said those words, the crowd present was completely startled. Momentarily, they were all silent.

No one expected Li Xiang and his two companions to point at Chu Feng!!!

However, it was evident that Li Xiang and his two companions still did not realize the change in the crowd’s reaction. Instead, immensely joyous and proud, they walked over to Chu Feng. This was especially true for Li Xiang. He was acting extremely proud and arrogant, like a vile individual that had managed to gain dominance.

“What’s this? Why aren’t you saying anything? What happened to your arrogance from before?”

“Turns out you’re merely someone who bullies the weak and fears the strong too. While you did not place our Sacred Pellet Villa in your eyes when before the three of us, you immediately became so scared that you’re akin to a grandson when before our Lord Elder.”

Li Xiang began to publicly ridicule and taunt Chu Feng as he walked toward him.

Seeing Li Xiang and his two companions flaunting and taunting him, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself, and laughed out loud.

“Laugh? You actually dare to still laugh?”

Li Xiang and his two companions were immediately stunned upon seeing Chu Feng laughing. Then, anger emerged in Li Xiang’s eyes.

The reason for that was because he truly never imagined that Chu Feng still dared to laugh at them even before their Lord Elder.

Chu Feng was simply arrogant to the extreme. Never had Li Xiang ever met someone as arrogant as him.

Li Xiang pointed fiercely at Chu Feng and said with an extremely fierce tone, “Laugh, continue to laugh! Soon, you wouldn’t be able to laugh anymore!”


However, right after Li Xiang’s words left his mouth, he felt the back of his head being hit. It was like it was smashed by a hammer. Immediately, he felt dizzy, and his ears started to buzz while his body was shot flying.

That sudden unforeseen event caused Li Xiang to feel extremely shocked. When he got back up and turned around to look at where he was previously standing, he discovered that his two brothers had fled to the side with panic on their faces. Standing behind where he was previously standing was Ma Changchun.

Turned out, it was actually Ma Changchun who had attacked him.

Li Xiang wanted to ask why Ma Changchun had attacked him.

However, before he could speak, Ma Changchun said, “What utter nonsense are you spewing?!”

“Lord Elder, I…” Li Xiang still wanted to explain himself.

“Shut up!” Ma Changchun shouted him down. His voice was deafening. This was especially true because a burst of oppressive might swept toward Li Xiang and made its way into Li Xiang’s ears.

At that moment, Li Xiang could only feel his ears buzzing. He was unable to hear anything. It was as if his head were about to explode. He was in so much pain that he started to grab his head with his hands silently in a fetal position.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I am truly sorry. Our Sacred Pellet Villa has failed to instruct our disciples properly. I hope that you do not take offense to this,” Ma Changchun actually walked over to Chu Feng and apologized to him on behalf of Li Xiang and his two companions.

“Elder Ma, what are you saying? What happened between myself and the three of them was merely a minor misunderstanding,” Chu Feng replied with a smile on his face.

His tone was very courteous. It seemed like he did not have the slightest intention to press charges against Li Xiang and his two companions.

Part of the reason Chu Feng reacted like this was because Elder Ma’s attitude toward him was very good. Without even asking anything, he immediately came and apologized to Chu Feng. This meant that he deeply believed in Chu Feng, and felt that Chu Feng would not insult their Sacred Pellet Villa as Li Xiang had declared.

As for the other part, it was because Chu Feng felt that Li Xiang and his two companions were not bad people at heart. Chu Feng felt that the three of them were merely decently talented morons.

“Little friend Chu Feng is truly magnanimous. This old man admires you greatly,” Seeing that Chu Feng did not plan to look further into the matter, Ma Changchun revealed a joyous expression on his face. Then, he shouted at Li Xiang and his two companions, “Why are you all still standing there? Immediately apologize to little friend Chu Feng!”

At that moment, those two men hurriedly ran over to Chu Feng. They were planning to apologize to Chu Feng. However, when they approached, they discovered that Li Xiang was still sitting on the ground with his head lowered and without any reaction.

Thus, the two of them immediately ran toward Li Xiang and helped him up. Using voice transmissions, they said to Li Xiang, “Why are you acting all distracted? Quickly, apologize.”

“What are you all saying?” Li Xiang asked loudly.

It was only at that moment that the crowd realized that Li Xiang was actually unable to hear them.

Seeing this, Ma Changchun pointed with his finger. Then, a burst of spirit power entered Li Xiang’s head.

After the spirit power entered his head, not only did Li Xiang’s massive headache disappear, but his hearing also became clear.

“What did the two of you say earlier?” Li Xiang asked.

“Big brother Li Xiang, we have courted a major disaster. That brother that we came to know earlier, he is that Chu Feng,” The two men said in unison.

“Chu Feng? Which Chu Feng?”

“Are you talking about that Chu Feng who defeated Chu Xianshuo at the Immortal Armament Villa to obtain first place in the hunting competition and then retrieved an Immortal Armament from the Immortal Armament Villa, that Chu Feng?” Li Xiang revealed an incomparably astonished expression.

“That’s right, it’s that Chu Feng,” The two men said in unison.

“Aiyah!” Li Xiang shouted with incomparable remorse. Then, he swung his arms and brushed off the two men supporting him. He rapidly walked over to Chu Feng and spoke with an expression of repentance and self-blame, “Chu Feng, I… I… I truly didn’t know that you were that Chu Feng. If I had known, I would never…”

“Aiyah, you don’t know that I have actually already heard of your great accomplishments. You are simply my idol. You are my idol, did you know that?”

Chu Feng was stunned upon seeing Li Xiang’s reaction. His change in attitude was truly fast.

“Brother Chu Feng, what big brother Li Xiang says is the truth. When he heard of you, he told us that you, Chu Feng, are his idol from that point on.”

“Actually, you are not only big brother Li Xiang’s idol, you are also our idol.”

“Aiyah, really, you should’ve just told us who you were to begin with. If you did, this misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened,” The two other men also walked over with expressions of remorse on their faces.

At that moment, Chu Feng came to realize what was happening. Many of the people present had also realized what was happening.

Li Xiang and his two companions had already heard of Chu Feng’s accomplishments. Furthermore, because of that, the three of them idolized Chu Feng enormously. Merely, they had never seen Chu Feng’s portrait, and thus they did not know what he looked like. As such, what had happened was indeed a misunderstanding.

Because of that, even though the crowd was able to tell that it was Li Xiang and his two companions that were in the wrong, none of them said anything about it.

The reason for that was because they were all able to tell that Li Xiang and his two companions were not merely offering empty apologies to Chu Feng. Instead, what they were saying was from the bottoms of their hearts.

Although Li Xiang and his two companions were brainless, one must admit that their foolishness was quite adorable.