Chapter 2748 - Bronze War Chariot

Chapter 2748 - Bronze War Chariot


The relatively fat man among the group of three waved his arm. Then, the concealment formation became visible to the naked eye.

After the golden-bright and dazzling concealment formation revealed itself, it started to dissipate as if it were being burned away. Soon, it disappeared completely.

It was that relatively fat man. He had removed the concealment formation.

“What’s your name?” That relatively fat man raised his brow and spoke to Chu Feng with an extremely displeased tone.

“What’s my name? That’s none of your concern,” Chu Feng replied coldly.

“That’s true. Your name is none of my concern,” the relatively fat man smiled lightly. Then, he said to Chu Feng, “Remember, my name is Li Xiang.”

“Why should I remember your name?” Chu Feng asked.

“Haha,” the man called Li Xiang chuckled. Then, he said to Chu Feng, “That’s because I’m going to end your life. I’m going to be the one to end you.”

After saying those words, Li Xiang suddenly raised his hand and shot a palm strike at Chu Feng.

Merely, he did not send forth any martial power with his palm strike. It could even be said that the palm strike did not even cause the slightest bit of commotion.

Chu Feng was puzzled. He did not understand what Li Xiang’s action signified. He seemed to plan to attack him, yet there was no trace of martial power in his attack at all.

“Hahaha…” Right at that moment, Li Xiang burst into loud laughter. As Li Xiang laughed, he pointed to Chu Feng and said to his two companions, “Look at how terrified he became. I was merely scaring him. He actually thought that I was really planning to kill him. Look at him, he’s scared witless.”

“Haha, we saw it. He’s simply a chicken. A guy like him actually wanted to act like a hero?”

At that moment, the two men beside Li Xiang also burst into loud laughter.

Seeing the reaction from the three of them, Chu Feng felt speechless. He had clearly not even blinked once the entire time. How could he possibly be terrified?

At that point, Chu Feng came to a realization that although those three guys possessed a genius-like talent for martial cultivation, their intelligence was akin to that of fools.

Perhaps because they were too stupid, Chu Feng did not want to bother with them. Thus, he directly landed from the sky and supported the little snake-tailed girl.

“Brat who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, I’d urge you to not meddle in the business of others,” Li Xiang threatened Chu Feng.

Chu Feng simply ignored him. He asked the little snake-tailed girl, “Why were they beating you up?”

“Yoh, damned brat, are you pretending to not hear what your daddy is saying? Are you not placing us in your eyes?!”

“It would appear that you must be taught a lesson, or else you will not know how powerful your granddaddy Li Xiang is!”

As Li Xiang spoke, he unleashed his rank one True Immortal-level aura. His oppressive might swept forth to engulf Chu Feng.

He was planning to blow Chu Feng away with his oppressive might to reveal how powerful he was.

However, when that oppressive might arrived before Chu Feng and passed him by, Chu Feng’s gown and hair fluttered with the oppressive might. The surrounding dust also soared into the sky. Yet, Chu Feng was not moved in the slightest.

Furthermore, he was not injured at all.

“You?!!” Li Xiang immediately opened his mouth wide in shock. Then, he looked to the two men beside him.

Those two men had the same expression as Li Xiang. Their eyes were also wide open, and their tongues were tied. They were completely stunned. Disbelief filled their eyes.

Evidently, none of them were able to understand why Chu Feng would remain completely unharmed after Li Xiang attacked with his oppressive might.


Right at that moment, with a thought, Chu Feng’s oppressive might swept forth. In the blink of an eye, his oppressive might arrived before Li Xiang and his two companions. The three of them were caught off guard and blown rolling on the ground by Chu Feng’s oppressive might.

Chu Feng was being lenient. Thus, after the three rolled several tens of meters on the ground, they stopped rolling. They weren’t injured.

The three men immediately got back up from the ground. At that moment, the expressions that the three of them, especially Li Xiang, looked to Chu Feng with had changed.

“Holy smokes, you… you’re actually a rank two True Immortal?”

Having sensed Chu Feng’s cultivation, Li Xiang and the others had a huge change in expression.

None of them had expected Chu Feng’s strength to be above their own. After all, the three of them were deemed to be geniuses already.

However, they had no idea that Chu Feng was actually not a rank two True Immortal. Instead, he was a rank three True Immortal.

Chu Feng had deliberately concealed his cultivation. The reason for that was because he knew that word of what had happened in the Immortal Armament Villa would definitely spread.

As for the information regarding him that would spread, it would say that he was a rank two True Immortal.

For the sake of guarding against the unexpected, Chu Feng deliberately concealed his cultivation so that he would have another card in hand during a time of crisis.

While Chu Feng had only concealed a single level of cultivation, that single level of cultivation was enough to catch his opponent off guard.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s gaze had turned sharp. Even the surrounding temperature had grown chilly.

“Boy, w-w-what are you planning to do? We are main disciples of the Sacred Pellet Villa. If you dare to injure us, you will have to bear the consequences,” Li Xiang said.

“Tell me, why did you all attack this little girl?” Chu Feng asked sternly.


Right at that moment, that snake-tailed girl flipped around and dived deep underground. She was rapidly fleeing far away.

“Did you see that? That retard tried to act like a hero and saved a chick. Yet, after saving her, she left without even paying attention to him. This is what you get for meddling in others’ business,” Li Xiang said to the two men beside him.

“That’s right. To meddle in others’ business, serves him right,” The two men echoed in agreement.

“Say, are you also on your way to the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain?” Li Xiang turned to ask Chu Feng.

Li Xiang had already stood back up. His attitude was still extremely arrogant. Even though they were shocked by the fact that Chu Feng’s cultivation surpassed their own, they were not afraid of him.

Perhaps this was because they felt that Chu Feng would not dare to harm them since they were from the Sacred Pellet Villa.

“What if I am?” Chu Feng asked. Since he dared to meddle in their business, he was naturally not afraid of them.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had not injured them. Thus, the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa would have no justification to cause him troubles.

Even if the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa were to come and make trouble for him, Chu Feng would not be the one in the wrong.

“Humph, I bet you must be thinking that girl to be someone from the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan, right? You saved her so that you can deepen your relationship with the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan so that you can enter the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain, right?”

“Sorry to inform you boy, but you were mistaken in your judgement. That is simply not someone from the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan. Instead, she was merely a monstrous serpent,” Li Xiang said.

“I was merely unable to tolerate three grown men bullying a child. There was no other intention behind my actions,” Chu Feng said those words and then soared into the sky. He planned to continue on with his journey.

“Aii… you brat,” Seeing that Chu Feng was not placing them in his eyes, Li Xiang and his two companions felt very displeased.

“Move aside!” Right at that moment, a furious shout sounded from behind Chu Feng.

He turned around and discovered that a war chariot was rapidly flying over.

That war chariot was not very large. It possessed an external appearance similar to that of a ship. Its entire body was bronze, and it appeared to be very overbearing.

A large banner was flying behind the war chariot. That banner was fluttering in the wind. Two large characters were embroidered on the banner with golden thread -- Han Yu!!!

Two men were standing at the front of the war chariot.

Those two men were very tall and robust. They were each at least four meters tall.

As for their appearance, they were very fierce, even fiendish.

Both of them were wearing silver armor. Combined with their robust build, they appeared to be quite majestic.

As for their cultivations, they shocked Chu Feng.

Of the two men, the one with a long face was a rank five True Immortal, whereas the one with the tanned face was a rank six True Immortal.

Furthermore, it was worthy of mentioning that the two of them were actually also members of the younger generations.

Although they were over ninety years old, much older than Chu Feng, very few people among the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s younger generations should be capable of reaching a cultivation of their level.

After all, that Chu Xianshuo was only a rank four True Immortal, but those two men were stronger than him.

The speed of the war chariot was extremely fast. In the short moment that Chu Feng inspected it, it had arrived before Chu Feng.

“I’m telling you to move, did you not hear me?!”

That man with the cultivation of a rank five True Immortal shouted. Then, boundless oppressive might swept forth. His oppressive might turned into a whirlwind and instantly arrived before Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was caught off guard and drawn into the whirlwind. Following the whirlwind, he started to revolve in midair.

Although that whirlwind did not harm Chu Feng, he was blown far away by it.

When the whirlwind disappeared, the war chariot had already traveled far away. At that moment, deep anger filled Chu Feng’s heart.

The sky was so vast, and that war chariot so small. Where Chu Feng stood would simply not hinder its journey onward. Their actions were simply bullying.

“Hey hey hey, boy, you’re not planning to try to take revenge on them, right? Let me tell you, those three are not people you can afford to offend.”

Right at that moment, Li Xiang’s voice was suddenly heard.

Chu Feng turned toward the voice and discovered that Li Xiang and his two companions were currently walking toward him in midair.