Chapter 2746 - Rank Three True Immortal

Chapter 2746 - Rank Three True Immortal

Faced with the Divine Tribulation’s lightning, one must either succeed or die trying. There was simply no way out.

That being said, Chu Feng was currently unable to hear Her Lady Queen’s voice. Chu Feng had entered a vortex of pain. He felt as if his soul had fallen into an endless abyss.

The only thing that Chu Feng could feel was pain originating from all over his body.

He felt as if his head were about to explode. He was unable to hear anything, and unable to see anything. Pain was all there was. It was as if his soul was being ripped apart, being pierced through.

It originated from the top of his head and exited through the soles of his feet. It was ripping his soul apart.

Gradually, Chu Feng lost consciousness.

He only managed to open his eyes again after a long time had passed.

“Lord Chu Feng, you’ve awakened. Are you alright? How are you feeling?”

When Chu Feng opened his eyes, he saw Song Xi’s mother. She had an extremely worried expression on her face.

“Aunt, I am fine. You don’t have to worry.”

After waking up, Chu Feng immediately stood up. He did not feel the slightest bit of pain. Instead, he felt extremely vigorous and lively. There was no trace of exhaustion in him.

Seeing that Chu Feng did not appear to be injured, Song Xi’s mother felt at ease and returned to accompany Song Xi.

At that moment, Chu Feng inspected his own cultivation. Sure enough, he had reached a breakthrough.

Chu Feng had successfully become a rank three True Immortal.

“Eggy, do you see this? I’ve reached a breakthrough,” Chu Feng said to Her Lady Queen excitedly.

“I saw it, I saw it. Merely…” Her Lady Queen seemed to be feeling downcast.

“What is it?” Chu Feng asked.

Her Lady Queen did not answer him.

Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly cast his awareness into his world spirit space.

At that moment, he was able to see that there a worried expression covering Her Lady Queen’s exceptionally beautiful face.

Chu Feng walked forward and asked, “Milady Queen, what has happened? Who bullied you?”

“Chu Feng, didn’t you feel that the Divine Tribulation’s lightning this time around was extremely terrifying?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“Indeed, the Divine Tribulation’s lightning this time around was very difficult to withstand. I felt as if I was nearly going to fail,” Chu Feng said with a wry smile.

“That’s right. You nearly failed. However, the power of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique will grow stronger as your cultivation increases. You are already nearly unable to withstand it now, how are you to reach a breakthrough in the future?”

“What if you are to fail the next time around?”

“Suddenly, I started to regret having you train in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“I should’ve prevented you from doing so. I shouldn’t have allowed you to gamble with your life,” At that moment, self-blame filled Her Lady Queen’s eyes.

It could be seen that Her Lady Queen was truly worried for Chu Feng, and did not wish for anything to happen to him.

“Eggy, don’t worry. It was my fault. I was careless. I didn’t prepare myself sufficiently,” Chu Feng said.

“This is unrelated to you. The intensity of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning is not something you can control,” Her Lady Queen said.

“It really was my fault for being too careless. During my last breakthrough in the hunting ground, although the power of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning was extremely fierce, it lasted for a very short period of time. Thus, I managed to reach my breakthrough very quickly.”

“Because of that, I thought that after reaching True Immortal realm, the Divine Tribulation would only last for a very short period of time.”

“As such, I did not adjust myself, nor did I make preparations for this Divine Tribulation’s lightning. Because of that, I was caught unprepared.”

“The whole time, I was thinking that it would end soon, that it would end very soon. However, the Divine Tribulation continued on and on. This made me start to doubt whether or not there was some sort of issue with the Divine Tribulation’s lightning itself. I started to suspect that it might continue on forever. Because of that, I lost concentration, which led to what happened.”

“However, next time around, I will truly make surefire preparations and take on the Divine Tribulation’s lightning earnestly,” Chu Feng said.

“Really? Was it really just you being too careless? It really is because of your own carelessness that you nearly failed this time around?” Her Lady Queen’s beautiful eyes were blinking. She was staring at Chu Feng with a doubtful gaze.

“Truly. I swear, that is really the case,” Chu Feng raised his hand to swear.

“You’ve sworn on too many things already. I don’t believe you,” Her Lady Queen curled her lips.

However, soon, an astonished expression started to flicker in Her Lady Queen’s eyes.

“Chu Feng, in that case, it would mean that an issue occured with your last breakthrough.”

“Something weakened the power of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning, thus causing it to last for only a very short period of time,” Her Lady Queen said.

“I think that’s the case too. After all, there shouldn’t be a reason for the duration of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning to grow shorter. Furthermore, the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master also mentioned that the Divine Tribulation’s lightning did not actually strike when I was making my breakthrough. Yet, it had indeed struck me.”

“This meant that when the Divine Tribulation’s lightning struck down, it suddenly grew invisible in midair, making it so that others were unable to see it.”

“Not only that, but it also only lasted for a very short period of time. That was extremely abnormal. The Divine Tribulation’s lightning this time around was actually the normal one.”

“Thus, there could only be one sort of possibility. There is some sort of item in the Immortal Armament Villa that affected the power of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning,” Chu Feng said.

“What could it be? It couldn’t possibly be the hunting ground, right?” Her Lady Queen said.

“I don’t think there’s a high chance of it being the hunting ground. The hunting ground is a spirit formation. It shouldn’t be possible for it to possess that sort of power.”

“Likely, some sort of treasure is hidden in the Immortal Armament Villa,” Chu Feng analyzed.

“In that case, it would seem that you will return to the Immortal Armament Villa and scout things out in the future,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded. Then, he laughed mischievously and said, “My dear Eggy, I have something that I wish to discuss with you.”

“What is it?” Seeing Chu Feng’s lowly appearance, Her Lady Queen immediately revealed an alert expression.

“Thanks to Song Xi, I indeed managed to obtain quite a lot of martial comprehension from that inheritance formation.”

“Thus, I’m thinking about attempting to break through to rank four True Immortal,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re still trying to attempt make a breakthrough? You nearly died earlier,” Her Lady Queen said.

“My dear Eggy, I’ve said it already, I was careless earlier. This time around, I’ve prepared myself. As long as I can call the Divine Tribulation’s lightning down, I will definitely be able to withstand it. Trust me,” Chu Feng spoke in a very serious manner.

“Don’t you try this with me. I know you well enough. No matter what sort of objection I am to make, you will still go and do it. Furthermore, you’ve already trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique. Thus, how could I not allow you to make breakthroughs in cultivation and limit you to a rank three True Immortal your entire life?” Her Lady Queen said with puffed-out cheeks.

“In that case, it means that my Eggy has agreed to it?” Chu Feng asked with a mischievous smile.

“Go, go, go. Go scram and train. This Queen doesn’t care whether you live or die.”

“Furthermore, who’s your Eggy? If you continue being this shameless, don’t blame this Queen for becoming impolite,” Her Lady Queen stared fiercely at Chu Feng.

Seeing that Her Lady Queen had agreed, Chu Feng did not hesitate and immediately, cast his awareness back into his body. Then, he explained the situation to Song Xi’s mother again, and urged her to not worry about him. After that, Chu Feng started his attempt on making a breakthrough again.

This time around, his goal was rank four True Immortal.

“Hey, you’ve made sure to prepare yourself this time around, right?”

Right at the moment when Chu Feng was about to start, Her Lady Queen’s voice sounded again.

While it seemed like she had spoken those words proudly, Chu Feng was still able to hear the concern in her voice.