Chapter 2679 - Scram Immediately

Chapter 2679 - Scram Immediately

It had been fifteen days since Chu Feng had arrived in the mountains.

Even though Chu Feng’s cultivation had been restricted, his speed was still extremely fast.

This went to show that the mountain range was extremely vast, and had completely surpassed Chu Feng’s expectations.

When a mere mountain range was already so vast, it was obvious how enormous the area of that Upper Realm would be.

Likely, even if the entire Ancestral Martial Lower Realm were to be placed in that Upper Realm, it would only amount to the tip of an iceberg in that Upper Realm.

However, upon thinking about it, something like this was normal too. After all, the martial cultivation experts in the Upper Realms possessed cultivations much superior to those of the people from the Lower Realms.

If the size of the Upper Realms were akin to that of the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, then the experts in the Upper Realms would have extremely limited space to move around. This would instead cause them to feel restricted.


Chu Feng had not encountered any dangers on his journey so far. One thing worthy of mentioning was that not only were the plants, flowers and trees in this mountain ordinary-looking, but even the living things were very ordinary.

There were only ordinary animals there. There were not even monstrous beasts with cultivation.

Even the natural energies were pathetically weak. In fact, it could even be said that the natural energies there were even weaker than those of the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm’s Nine Provinces Continent.

This was extremely unconventional. For example, the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm’s Holy Land of Martialism possessed a much greater amount of natural energies than the Nine Provinces Continent.

However, the amount of Natural Energies in the Holy Land of Martialism was simply incomparable to those of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Natural Energies could be said to be the greatest underlying element for martial cultivators. Thus, experts from the Lower Realms would be inferior to the experts from the Ordinary Realms.

By the same accord, the Ordinary Realms’ experts would generally be inferior to the Upper Realms’ experts.

At the beginning, Chu Feng thought that he had arrived at an Upper Realm.

However, the natural energies in that place were pitifully lacking. Because of this, doubt emerged in Chu Feng’s heart.

“Could it be that I’m not I’m not in an Upper Realm, but have instead arrived at a Lower Realm?” Chu Feng wondered.

“What sort of Lower Realm could possibly contain such a vast mountain range? It couldn’t possibly be that the entire Lower Realm is a mountain range, right?” Her Lady Queen said.

“It’s indeed strange. Well, regardless, as long as I can find someone and ask them about it, everything will be made clear,” Chu Feng said.

The current situation was indeed quite abnormal. That mountain range was frighteningly vast. A size like that corresponded with the size of an Upper Realm.

Yet, the natural energies there were pathetically weak. It was akin to that of a Lower Realm.

Thus, at this moment, Chu Feng was truly unable to be certain as to whether he was in a certain Upper Realm or a certain Lower Realm.

At that moment, Chu Feng grew even more anxious to leave the vast mountain range. He wanted to find someone from that place so that he could ask where it was was.

Although Chu Feng was carefully on guard as he inspected his surroundings, he had no idea that ever since he left the wasteland, a dark black gaseous flame had been secretly tailing him.

That dark black gaseous flame was somewhat strange. While Chu Feng was unable to notice it, it didn't seem to have intentions of harming Chu Feng either.

No one knew exactly what it was planning.


Finally, Chu Feng managed to leave the vast mountain range. Furthermore, as if by coincidence, he encountered a group of people.

The group of people were on a war chariot. There were several hundred people in total. They looked very aggressive and fierce. Evidently, this was not an ordinary group of people.

That said, although their war chariot was extremely large, it was not traveling in the sky. Rather, it was traveling on the road below the mountain.

This group of people were a bunch of martial cultivators. They were all Martial Ancestors. They were mostly rank one Martial Ancestors. As for the person with the highest level of cultivation, he was only a rank five Martial Ancestor.

This sort of cultivation was not weak. However, to Chu Feng, they were quite weak.

“This level of cultivation… could it be that this is an Ordinary Realm?”

Chu Feng was surprised by their cultivations. They could not be considered to be extremely powerful, nor could they be considered to be extremely weak. Their level of cultivation was very commonly seen in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

“Who cares? Wouldn’t you know after asking them about it?” Her Lady Queen said.

“Mn, let’s go and ask them,” as Chu Feng agreed with Her Lady Queen, he rapidly ran down from the mountain and arrived by the road.

“This sensation?” However, right after Chu Feng walked down from the mountain and reached the main road, he stood there stunned.

After he walked down from the mountain, the power that was restricting his cultivation disappeared.

Furthermore, he was able to sense an extremely rich amount of natural energies.

The amount of natural energies was many times more intense than what he had felt in the mountain range.

If the amount of natural energies he had felt earlier was weaker than even that of the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, then the amount of natural energies he could sense right now was much stronger than even that of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Chu Feng was stunned by the enormous change. Involuntarily, he turned his gaze to the vast mountains behind him.

“Who are you?!”

Right at that moment, the group of people discovered Chu Feng. Understandably, they shouted at him.

After all, it was definitely somewhat frightening for a person to appear from the mountain with a weapon in either hand.

At that moment, everyone from the group ran out of the war chariot. One by one, they held their weapons in hand and looked at Chu Feng with hostile gazes.

Subsciously, they thought that someone was trying to block their path to rob them.

The reason for that was because it was a frequent occasion for bandits to block the path and rob others.

However, Chu Feng ignored them completely. He turned around and walked toward the mountain again.

Chu Feng wanted to verify whether or not it was because of the mountain that there was such an enormous change in natural energies.

Upon setting foot onto the mountain, Chu Feng discovered that the power restricting him had appeared once again. The natural energies also became weak again. 

Sure enough, it was as Chu Feng had anticipated… all of this was caused by the mountain.

Not only was the vast mountain capable of restricting Chu Feng’s powers, but the amount of natural energies within the mountain was also pitifully small.

“No wonder everything in this mountain was so ordinary. So it’s because of the natural energies.”

Chu Feng grew certain that the mountain was no simple mountain. He felt that there was most definitely something fishy regarding it. That mountain was like that wasteland. They were simply not as simple as they appeared to be.

“That guy’s got issues.”

At that moment, the group of people that came out from the war chariot and stood in a formation to confront Chu Feng thought that Chu Feng was scared upon seeing how many people they had, and decided to run away, when they saw him entering the mountain range again.

Thus, one by one, they returned to the war chariot. They were preparing to continue their journey.

“Please wait.”

Upon seeing that they were planning to leave, Chu Feng hurriedly ran down the mountain again. He once again blocked their path.

“Hey! What the hell is wrong with you?”

From the crowd, a robust man with a long whip in his hand shouted at Chu Feng.

Furthermore, everyone else present all looked at Chu Feng with ill-intended gazes. Evidently, they were angered by Chu Feng’s actions.

Chu Feng did not get angry because of their reactions. It was understandable for them to misunderstand him, since he had appeared here with weapons in hand.

Thus, Chu Feng smiled and asked, “My apologies. I do not have any malice. I merely wished to ask where this place is.”

“What?” Hearing those words, the crowd was confused.

“Is this guy a fool? Or is he deliberately acting like a fool? He actually asked such a retarded question.” Upon hearing Chu Feng’s question, the crowd began to look at Chu Feng with gazes filled with disdain.

That said, at the moment when the great majority of people were looking at Chu Feng with ill-intended gazes, a man stood forth from the crowd.

Furthermore, this man was walking toward Chu Feng with a good-natured smile on his face.

“You’re not from here?” With a smile on his face, he asked while walking toward Chu Feng. His attitude was truly amiable.


Upon seeing the face of the incoming individual, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly. He was extremely alarmed.

This incoming man had an appearance very similar to someone he knew. His appearance was very similar to that of Jiang Wushang.

Similar, truly similar. When Chu Feng first saw him, he had nearly mistaken him for Jiang Wushang.

He even thought that Jiang Wushang had arrived at that place.

However, Chu Feng soon discovered that while the man’s appearance truly resembled Jiang Wushang, his voice was completely unlike Jiang Wushang’s voice. Furthermore, his age was even older than his own, whereas Jiang Wushang was younger than him. 

Thus, Chu Feng was certain that the man before him was not Jiang Wushang. Rather, he was merely someone with an appearance resembling Jiang Wushang’s.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

That man seemed to have realized Chu Feng’s startled expression. He stopped moving toward Chu Feng and stood where he was.

“My apologies. Your appearance truly resembles a friend of mine,” Chu Feng did not try to conceal this, and spoke the truth.

“Oh. Haha, no wonder,” the man chuckled. Then, he asked, “You’re not from here, right? Could you have gotten lost?”

As he spoke, he began to walk toward Chu Feng again.


However, right at that moment, a whip landed directly onto that man’s body.

The lash was sent with so much power that it sent that man directly to the ground. He began to roll about and scream in pain.

As he rolled on the ground, Chu Feng noticed a bloody wound on his back.

The person who had lashed that whip to send that man to the ground was also among the group on the chariot.

It was a robust man. He possessed the cultivation of a rank two Martial Ancestor. He was the person who had shouted angrily at Chu Feng earlier.

At that moment, that robust man was looking at the man he had whipped down before Chu Feng with a cold and detached expression.

“Fuck! He’s but a mere beggar, why the hell are you wasting time on him? Get the fuck back onto the chariot.”

Upon hearing those words, the man with an appearance resembling Jiang Wushang resisted the pain with great difficulty and stood back up. He began to walk toward the chariot.

“Hey! Damned beggar, scram immediately,” the robust man pointed at Chu Feng.

His tone was extremely arrogant. He was simply not trying to talk to Chu Feng. Rather, he was ordering Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled lightly. Although he was smiling, his gaze was no longer as amiable as it was before.