Chapter 2738 - Deathwish

Chapter 2738 - Deathwish

“What can crying possibly do? Show the way, we’ll go to the Grand Mountain Monastery,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, for-forget about it,” at that moment, Song Xi shook his head. He was already discouraged. Despair filled his face.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean by forget about it? Your mother has been captured, yet you’re actually telling me to forget about it?” Chu Feng said.


“This matter is unrelated to you. I do not wish to implicate you.”

“It’s all my fault. I was too foolish. If I had known this would have happened, I would’ve listened to you and brought my mother away from here,” Song Xi continued to weep.

“I’m telling you to show the way. Do you not understand?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, forget about it. Really, just forget about it. You don’t have to concern yourself with this matter. You’re not someone from here, thus you do not know how frightening the Grand Mountain Monastery is. Their headmaster is not someone you can handle. I don’t wish to implicate you,” Song Xi continued to weep.

He was weeping so much that his body started to shake.

He was feeling extremely desperate and pained. After all, his own mother was in danger. Yet, as her son, he was powerless to do anything.

“Implicate? What utter bullshit!” Chu Feng shouted. Then, he raised his hand.

“Pa!” A loud slap landed on Song Xi’s face.

That slap directly knocked Song Xi to the ground and mutilated half of his face.

Song Xi was stunned.

“Let me tell you this. Song Xi, this is not your personal matter.”

“Your mother is also not only your relative.”

“I, Chu Feng, am determined to put myself in this matter.”

“No matter what you say, it is useless.”

“Right now, I will give you two options.”

“You can either show me the way immediately and accompany me to save your mother.”

“Or, you can continue to wail and bawl here. I, Chu Feng, will go and save your mother myself.”

“You choose what you want to do,” Chu Feng spoke furiously.

Song Xi was stunned. He only managed to react to what Chu Feng said after a short while passed. He wiped his tears away and crawled back up.

Then, he said to Chu Feng, “Then… I’ll show you the way. I will go with you. I’m going to save my mother.”

“That’s more like it.”

At the moment when Song Xi stood up, Chu Feng immediately brought Song Xi with him and soared into the sky. With Song Xi showing him the way, Chu Feng began to fly toward the so-called Grand Mountain Monastery.

The Grand Mountain Monastery was the current overlord in the region surrounding the Sacred Mountain.

If the Zhao Mansion that was under the umbrella of the Grand Mountain Monastery was a local tyrant, then the Grand Mountain Monastery’s headmaster would be akin to a god.


To him, the region surrounding the Sacred Mountain was his territory. He would definitely not forgive anyone who dared to behave atrociously in his territory.

Thus, when the Zhao Mansion sought Zhao Zirong’s help and when Zhao Zirong sought his help in turn, he decided to personally act to destroy the spirit formation Chu Feng had set up.

He was planning to use Song Xi’s mother as bait to lure Song Xi and Chu Feng over so that he could wipe them out.

That said, he had also considered Chu Feng’s actual strength.

However, according to the descriptions given by the Zhao Mansion, he was certain that Chu Feng was no match for him. After all… he was a rank two True Immortal.

The intelligence the Zhao Mansion gave him stated that Chu Feng was only a rank one True Immortal.

Thus, he felt that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to be his match.

As such, he did not take the matter to heart.

He continued to live very carefreely, like a god.

“People of the Grand Mountain Monastery, all of you, come out here!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. That shout resounded through the surroundings like a thunderclap. Not to mention the buildings within the mountain, even the mountain itself started to tremble.

At that moment, the entire Grand Mountain Monastery started to grow chaotic. Everyone immediately came out from the buildings and looked toward the direction of the sound.

When they looked toward the sound, they discovered that it was actually two young men standing in midair.


At that moment, many of the Grand Mountain Monastery’s elders and disciples were confused by what was happening. They had no idea about the things concerning the Zhao Mansion. Thus, they would naturally be confused by Chu Feng and Song Xi’s arrival.

“Little bastards, where do you think you are? You dare come to our Grand Mountain Monastery to behave atrociously? You two are simply courting death!”

However, there was also a reckless individual among the crowd that actually drew his weapon and soared into the sky. He emitted a peak Martial Ancestor-level aura. Filled with killing intent, he charged toward Chu Feng and Song Xi to attack them.

He was actually planning to directly kill Chu Feng and Song Xi.

Without even knowing who it was that came or their reason for coming, that person was planning to directly kill them. From this, it could be seen how rude, unreasonable and ruthless the Grand Mountain Monastery was.



Chu Feng was currently furious. Seeing that that individual actually dared to charge toward them with the intention to kill, Chu Feng shot forth a palm. “Bang!” That individual shattered to pieces. Blood splattered everywhere.

“This… how could that guy be this powerful?!”

Seeing that peak Martial Ancestor being killed with their own eyes, the Grand Mountain Monastery’s elders and disciples realized how terrifying Chu Feng was.

At that moment, they who were originally enjoying a show finally revealed expressions of panic.

At that moment, many people from the Grand Mountain Monastery started to shiver in fear.

“Who dares come here?!”

Right at that moment, a voice filled with grandeur sounded from within the Grand Mountain Monastery.

Following that, an old man soared into the sky.

That old man was none other than the Grand Mountain Monastery’s headmaster.

After the Grand Mountain Monastery’s headmaster emerged, the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master also rushed out from the crowd.

He pointed to Chu Feng and Song Xi and loudly shouted, “Lord Headmaster, those brats are Chu Feng and Song Xi.”

“The two of them have declared that they simply do not put you in their eyes at all. Furthermore, they’ve declared that if you dare involve yourself in their grudge with our Zhao Mansion, they will personally behead you and then kick your head around like a ball,” the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master was actually sowing dissension.

“Bastards! Did you all say those words?!” The Grand Mountain Monastery pointed to Chu Feng and questioned him.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored the Great Mountain Monastery’s headmaster.

Instead, he looked to the people of the Zhao Mansion and said, “I remember already mentioning to you all the consequences of creating troubles for Song Xi again.”

“It would appear that you all truly have a deathwish.”

Chu Feng spoke those words one word at a time and with an ice-cold tone.

“Hahaha. Do you even know the situation you’re in? You actually dare to threaten us?”

“What sort of place did you think this is? Do you still think that this is our Zhao Mansion?”

“You are in the Great Mountain Monastery! This is not a place that you all can behave atrociously in!” The Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master said to Chu Feng.

“Father, don’t bother with superfluous words with him. My master will take care of them,” a man beside the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master said.

That man was wearing a different sort of outfit from the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master. He was wearing the same sort of outfit as the others from the Grand Mountain Monastery.

Without even needing an introduction, Chu Feng knew that that person should be the Zhao Mansion’s youngest young master, Zhao Zirong.

It was actually all due to him that the Zhao Mansion was able to obtain the protection of the Grand Mountain Monastery.

“Brat! This old man is questioning you here! Are you deaf?!”

At that moment, the Grand Mountain Monastery’s headmaster spoke again. Perhaps it was because Chu Feng had ignored him, but not only was he filled with rage, his killing intent was also surging forth.

Sensing the killing intent emitted by the Grand Mountain Monastery’s headmaster, Zhao Zirong and the others from the Zhao Mansion all started to smile.

They knew very well what sort of personality the Grand Mountain Monastery’s headmaster possessed. If he wanted to kill someone, he would definitely kill them.

Thus, Zhao Zirong and the others felt that regardless of what sort of background Chu Feng might have, he would still die.

The danger that they feared would be eliminated.

“Shut up!”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng shouted. At the same time, he shot forth a palm strike.

“Bang!” The Grand Mountain Monastery’s headmaster was shot toward the Grand Mountain Monastery like an arrow.

He smashed apart countless mountain rocks. When he stopped, he was completely covered in blood and seriously injured.

Although they were both rank two True Immortals, the Grand Mountain Monastery’s headmaster was simply unable to withstand a single blow from Chu Feng.