Chapter 2724 - This is an Immortal Technique

Chapter 2724 - This is an Immortal Technique

Once the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler appeared, Chu Feng’s battle power grew much stronger in an instant.

After Chu Feng’s battle power increased, the Ancient Era’s War Sword also became much more powerful.

Chu Xianshuo’s attacks were no longer capable of doing anything to Chu Feng.

After blocking Chu Xianshuo’s attacks, Chu Feng no longer continued to blindly defend. Instead, he started to unleash counterattacks. 

Chu Feng began to wave his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler nonstop. Ferocious martial skills were being sent toward Chu Xianshuo to attack him.

At that moment, Chu Xianshuo had entered a disadvantaged state. Even when using Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills, he was unable to match Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Xianshuo simply did not dare to face Chu Feng head-on. Faced with Chu Feng’s attacks that were coming at him repeatedly, Chu Xianshuo could only flee in panic.

“Never would I imagine that Chu Feng to be so powerful. He is actually able to use martial skills while using such a powerful secret skill.”

“It would appear that the outcome of the battle has been determined. Even though Chu Xianshuo is a rank four True Immortal, he is actually no match for Chu Feng.”

Seeing Chu Xianshuo’s sorry appearance, many people came to conclude that Chu Feng had won the battle.

However, the ones that came to such a conclusion were people with relatively weak levels of cultivation. At least, the top experts present did not come to such a conclusion.

People like the fiery red-haired old man and the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master did not feel that Chu Xianshuo had already lost.

Instead, they felt that Chu Feng would likely suffer soon.

The reason for that was because they were all able to tell that Chu Xianshuo was deliberately fleeing. He was currently gathering power to unleash some sort of technique.

As for that technique, it would be critical to Chu Xianshuo being able to defeat Chu Feng.


Finally, Chu Xianshuo stopped. At the moment he stopped, Chu Feng’s attack arrived.

Chu Feng’s attack was not an ordinary martial skill. Instead, it was an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill. If he were to be struck by that attack, Chu Xianshuo should be seriously injured. In fact… if Chu Feng didn’t hold back in his attack, Chu Xianshuo might even be killed.

However, faced with the incoming martial skill that he was no longer able to dodge, Chu Xianshuo revealed a smile on his face.


A loud sound was heard. Surging energy ripples began to wreak havoc through the sky.

“That is?!”

At that moment, the eyes of many of the people present started to shine.

Even Chu Feng revealed a change in expression.

The reason for that was because he was surprised to discover that Chu Xianshuo was completely unharmed even though his Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill had clearly struck him.

“It’s that white gaseous substance?”

Chu Feng noticed that there was a layer of white gaseous substance covering Chu Xianshuo.

That white gaseous substance resembled clouds or mists. If one didn’t carefully look at it, one would simply not be able to notice it.

However, that white gaseous substance was extraordinary. That was no ordinary Immortal-level martial power. Instead, it was a form of power that was even more complex.

It was that white gaseous substance that had blocked Chu Feng’s attack.

However, that white gaseous substance was clearly not a martial skill or a secret skill. Thus, Chu Feng was confused as to what sort of ability that was.


Suddenly, a loud sound was heard from Chu Xianshuo’s body.

At the same time that happened, the white gaseous substance started to strengthen. Not only did it manage to disperse the surrounding energy ripples, it also changed forms, turning into a white lion.

That lion was a hundred meters long. It appeared to be made of clouds. However, it was emitting an extremely powerful aura.

At the very least, the aura emitted by the white lion had completely surpassed Chu Feng’s aura.

Chu Xianshuo was standing on the head of the lion and staring down at Chu Feng.

“Immortal Technique, that’s an Immortal Technique. Young Master Chu Xianshuo actually managed to successfully learn an Immortal Technique.”

“Amazing. As expected of a genius from the Chu Heavenly Clan. He actually managed to learn an Immortal Technique at the cultivation of rank four True Immortal.”

At that moment, many of the people present revealed astonished expressions. They finally stopped praising Chu Feng and began to praise Chu Xianshuo for his ability.

If the person who had pleasantly surprised them nonstop before was Chu Feng, then the person that had given them a pleasant surprise this time around was Chu Xianshuo.

From the conversations of the crowd, Chu Feng came to find out what the so-called ‘Immortal Technique’ was. 

Immortal Techniques were abilities that only people who had reached the True Immortal realm could learn.

Immortal Techniques were similar to martial skills. They were both a sort of ability that martial cultivators possessed.

However, Immortal Techniques were different from martial skills. If martial skills were abilities of pure martial power, then Immortal Techniques were abilities that combined one’s spirit power.

In other words, if one wanted to learn Immortal Techniques, one must not only reach the True Immortal level of cultivation, but one must also be a world spiritist with very powerful spirit power.

Otherwise, one would not be able to learn Immortal Techniques.

As for Immortal Techniques, they possessed power greatly surpassing Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills. That was the reason why Chu Xianshuo was able to emit an aura capable of suppressing Chu Feng.

“Your cultivation hasn’t even reached rank three True Immortal. Regardless of how gifted you might be, it will be impossible for you to grasp any Immortal Techniques.”

“This Immortal Technique of mine is called the Heavenly Lion Fist. Although it cannot be considered a very powerful Immortal Technique, it is more than sufficient to handle you.”

“If you are to kneel, beg for forgiveness and admit your wrongs, I can consider letting bygones be bygones and spare you this once.”

“However, if you are to insist on continuing to fight me stubbornly, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to continue to live after I shoot forth my Heavenly Lion Fist,” Chu Xianshuo said to Chu Feng.

Confidence filled his eyes as he said those words.

He felt that since he he'd managed to successfully unleash his Immortal Technique, the Heavenly Lion Fist, Chu Feng would be destined to be defeated.

“Immortal Technique, was it? This is the first time I’ve experienced an Immortal Technique. Thus, I, Chu Feng, am looking forward to seeing exactly how powerful an Immortal Technique is.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, with a thought, a bright and dazzling giant golden axe appeared before him.

That was the secret skill Ancient Era’s War Axe.

After the Ancient Era’s War Axe appeared, Chu Feng’s battle power increased once again. The current Chu Feng was actually not at all weaker than Chu Xianshuo.

Their battle power was evenly matched.

“That’s also a secret skill! Chu Feng is actually capable of using two such powerful secret skills simultaneously?!”

Seeing the Ancient Era’s War Axe standing horizontally in the sky, the crowd was shocked once more.

Logically, one could only use such powerful abilities one at a time.

Chu Feng had already astonished the crowd when he was able to use Taboo Martial Skills at the same time as he used the Ancient Era’s War Sword.

And now, he had actually unleashed another powerful Secret Skill.

To be able to unleash two Secret Skills simultaneously was something that completely surpassed what a martial cultivator should be capable of. 

It was something that was simply impossible for ordinary individuals. Even geniuses would not be able to withstand the power of more than one secret skill, and would be oppressed by them.

Yet, Chu Feng had managed to accomplish it.

Actually, this was impossible for Chu Feng before.

However, after he entered True Immortal realm, there was a change that occured to Chu Feng’s body.

Thus, the current him was capable of using both the Ancient Era’s War Sword and the Ancient Era’s War Axe simultaneously.

“Never did I expect that you had actually grasped another secret skill. However, that axe of yours is clearly inferior to your sword.”

“Although that axe has increased your battle power, all of your abilities will be of no avail against an Immortal Technique.”

“With my level of cultivation, you, who do not possess an Immortal Technique, are destined to be defeated by me, who possesses an Immortal Technique,” Chu Xianshuo still had a confident expression on his face.

“Is that so?” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, his gaze became sharp. He said, “However, I, Chu Feng, insist on testing out how powerful your Immortal Technique really is.”


After Chu Feng said those words, he narrowed his sharp eyebrows, and the Ancient Era’s War Axe flew toward Chu Xianshuo to attack him.

“Since you’re trying to die, do not blame me for being ruthless.”

Chu Xianshuo shot forth his fist. Then, the hundred-meter-tall giant lion he stood on let out a roar. The lion separated itself from him and rushed forth.

That giant hundred-meter-tall lion was actually capable of running in the sky. Although it seemed to be composed of a lump of clouds, it was not only vivid and lifelike, resembling an actual male lion, but it was also extremely majestic and domineering.

However, Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe did not show the slightest bit of weakness when faced with the incoming lion. It was flickering with bright golden light like a ruler among weapons as it shot toward the lion.

At that moment, the crowd members present were all opening their eyes wide and closely watching the confrontation between the two.

They knew that the outcome of this battle between Chu Feng and Chu Xianshuo would be determined after this.