Chapter 2720 - The Tyrannical Villa Master

Chapter 2720 - The Tyrannical Villa Master

“Haha, you are still too inexperienced.”

Seeing the embarrassed expression on the fiery red-haired old man’s face, the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master started laughing.

“It seems that Lord Villa Master had already discovered this. It is no wonder you’re so calm,” the fiery red-haired old man said.

“Hahaha…” The Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master did not answer. Instead, he laughed out loud.

His proud laughter indirectly acknowledged what the fiery red-haired old man said to be correct.

“Alas, Lord Villa Master is truly one with great insight. You actually managed to determine Chu Feng’s level of achievement in terms of world spirit techniques merely by seeing it. This subordinate is truly in admiration.”

“However, Lord Villa Master, your shortcomings are still present. You are still so fond of teasing this subordinate and making this subordinate embarrassed,” the fiery red-haired old man complained.

If the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master had mentioned how powerful Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were to begin with, he wouldn’t have worried so much.

“It would appear that the result of this year’s hunting competition has been determined.”

“That Chu Xianshuo is truly unfortunate to actually encounter that Chu Feng this year.”

Although the fiery red-haired old man spoke those words in a sympathizing manner, there was clearly a joyous expression on his face. He simply did not sympathize with Chu Xianshuo in the slightest.

That was understandable too. After all, he disliked Chu Xianshuo greatly. Naturally, he would be cheerful that Chu Xianshuo was defeated by Chu Feng.

That being said, it was true that Chu Xianshuo was unfortunate. He had obtained first place in the hunt nine times in a row.

Furthermore, due to his age, this year would be the final time he could participate in the hunt.

If he was able to obtain the first place again this year, he would have been able to obtain first place for ten consecutive years.

He would have become the first person to have ever accomplished such a feat.

This would’ve become a glorious imprint on his life.

Yet, just when he was about to win success and gain recognition, he encountered Chu Feng.

All of his efforts had ended in vain. It was truly quite tragic.

After Chu Xianshuo was defeated by Chu Feng, there was no longer any concern for the hunting competition.

Chu Feng had firmly obtained first place.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that since Chu Feng had restricted the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations’ spirit powers and Chu Xianshuo was seriously injured by him, there was not a single person from the Chu Heavenly Clan that managed to get into the top one hundred in the hunt.

That year, all of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations would return empty-handed. It was truly humiliating.

However, there was nothing they could do. After all, they had encountered a malignant star called Chu Feng that had no regard for the natural order of things.

Chu Feng had already dominated the entire hunting ground. Since Chu Feng did not wish to allow them to obtain rankings, they were unable to obtain rankings.

Finally, the time limit for the hunt had arrived.

The hunting ground forcibly sent out all the people inside.

The entrance of the hunting ground started to expand in size. It was over a hundred times larger than before.

As light shone brightly, Chu Feng and the others began to fly out from the hunting grounds’ entrance.

At the moment when Chu Feng flew out of the hunting grounds, a cheer sounded from the crowd.

Soon, more and more people started cheering. They were all shouting Chu Feng’s name.

The crowd were all extremely excited. Finally, someone had managed to defeat the undefeated Chu Xianshuo.

However, they were more excited about the fact that a genius world spiritist had actually appeared among the younger generations.

This was a honor to all of the younger generations. As such, how could they not rejoice?

“All of you, shut up!”

“Are you all this happy that this young master was defeated?!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. Immediately afterward, the cheers that resonated through heaven and earth came to a sudden end.

No one dared to utter another cheer. In fact, many people that were more timid lowered their heads.

There were even people who were so scared that they started shivering. Some even turned around and left immediately.

The reason for that was because the person who had shouted was Chu Xianshuo.

At that moment, Chu Xianshuo was no longer bloody and injured. His aura had also returned to how it was before.

His serious injuries caused by Chu Feng with his world spirit techniques were completely healed.

However, Chu Xianshuo had a very ugly expression on his face at that moment. His brows were narrowed into a scowl, and his eyes were glaring wide. He was gnashing his teeth and clenching his fists.

It was as if a large word was written on his face -- anger.

At that moment, Chu Xianshuo soared into the sky. He stood there like a god as he stared at the people below.

Killing intent filled his eyes.

“I can tell that you all are extremely happy that I, Chu Xianshuo, was defeated!”

“As for that Chu Feng, he has become the hero in your hearts. That is why you all dared to act like this!”

“However, let me tell you this. You are overthinking things. That Chu Feng… will never be able to surpass me, Chu Xianshuo!”

“Before me, he is nothing more than a dog! Apart from using treasures and playing some tricks inside the hunting ground, he knows nothing more!”

“Today, I will have you all realize exactly how enormous the disparity between myself and that Chu Feng is!”

“The hero in your hearts will not be able to withstand a single blow from me the moment he leaves the hunting ground!”

After Chu Xianshuo said those words, he suddenly shot forth a palm strike.

Immediately, martial power started to surge. It was like the descent of a natural disaster. The martial power formed an enormous hand and shot forth explosively toward where Chu Feng was.

That enormous hand formed with martial power was not small at all; it was actually a hundred meters wide. It was like a small mountain as it descended from the sky.

If that palm strike were to land, it would not only be Chu Feng who would perish. All the people around Chu Feng would end up suffering the same calamity.

From this, it could be seen that Chu Xianshuo was truly furious. He was so furious that he was willing to willfully slaughter innocents in public to alleviate the anger in his heart.


Right at the moment when that martial power palm was about to land, it suddenly dissipated into thin air.

There was no sign of it anymore.

Seeing this scene, Chu Xianshuo immediately frowned and then loudly shouted, “Who was it?!”

Chu Xianshuo was extremely aggressive. He felt that the person who had prevented him from striking should also be killed.

“It is this old man.”

Right at that moment, the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master spoke with a beaming smile.

Seeing that it was the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master, Chu Xianshuo’s expression changed slightly.

If it were someone else, he would directly act upon his fury. However, the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master was someone with some status in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Even though he was a member of the younger generation of the Chu Heavenly Clan, he would not be able to do anything to the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master.

Thus, Chu Xianshuo could only exercise restraint. He said, “Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master, why are you preventing me from killing him?”

“You are in my Immortal Armament Villa’s territory. As such, how could this old man allow you to willfully slaughter people?” The Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master said.

“This grudge between Chu Feng and me is a personal grudge. You’re planning to prevent me from settling my debt with him?” Chu Xianshuo asked.

“I don’t care what sort of personal grudge you might have with that Chu Feng. However, since you’re in my Immortal Armament Villa’s territory, I will not allow you to kill him, or even attack him,” the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master said.

“You’re planning to make an enemy out of our Chu Heavenly Clan?” Chu Xianshuo asked.


The Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master burst into loud laughter. He laughed for quite some time. Only his laughter could be heard. His laughter was so resounding that all the people present felt ill at ease because of it.

After all, the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master was truly not a person that should be provoked. After all, he was a Martial Immortal-level expert.

After a long time, the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master finally stopped his laughter. However, at that moment, his gaze had turned sharp.

He looked to Chu Xianshuo and spoke the following words one word at a time, “Are you able to represent the Chu Heavenly Clan?”

“I…” Chu Xianshuo didn’t know how to answer. He was merely a member of the younger generation in the Chu Heavenly Clan. He was only someone who could behave unscrupulously by taking advantage of the name of the Chu Heavenly Clan. Naturally, he would not be able to represent the Chu Heavenly Clan.

“You can say those words to this old man again when you’re able to represent the Chu Heavenly Clan. As for right now, I will ask you to leave. You are no longer welcome in our Immortal Armament Villa,” the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master waved his hand.

He was actually driving Chu Xianshuo out.