Chapter 2716 - Arrogance Or Confidence

Chapter 2716 - Arrogance Or Confidence

Like the blossoming of light, it was extremely bright.

However, that beautiful spirit formation actually contained an enormous amount of destructive power.

Hissing sounds were heard from the places where it passed. Even space itself was burning.

If that spirit formation were to hit Chu Feng, Chu Feng would be burned to death and turned to ashes.


Just then, Chu Feng gently swayed his palm. Then, the incoming spirit formation was dispersed like a mist.


Chu Xianshuo was immediately stunned upon witnessing this scene. Evidently, he had not expected that the slaughtering formation he had set up would be destroyed by a mere wave of Chu Feng’s palm.

At that moment, Chu Xianshuo’s expression was very ugly. He felt what had happened to be very humiliating.

“Where did you learn that spirit formation?” Chu Feng asked Chu Xianshuo.

“None of your fucking business,” Chu Xianshuo cursed.

“Vulgar,” Chu Feng took a disdainful glance at Chu Xianshuo. Then, he said, “You don’t have to be nervous. I merely wanted to know why you bothered to learn such a useless formation.”

“Motherfucker! You dare insult my spirit formation?! Chu Feng, you are truly courting death!” Chu Xianshuo raged furiously.

“Courting death? Hahaha…” Chu Feng laughed out loud. He said, “I seem to recall that you never planned to let me get out of here alive to begin with, no?”

“I was merely testing things out earlier. Right now, I will have you drop dead!” Chu Xianshuo shouted furiously.

Then, he set up another spirit formation.

At that moment, golden light surged about around Chu Xianshuo. It was extremely imposing; it was like a gathering storm. Even the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations standing beside him all moved away in fear.

This time, it took Chu Xianshuo much more time to set up his spirit formation compared to the last time.

Thus, the might of the spirit formation was naturally stronger too.

However, even though Chu Xianshuo was setting up a slaughtering formation to kill him right before his eyes, Chu Feng remained motionless.

His expression was unchanged. It was as if he were waiting for Chu Xianshuo’s slaughtering formation to come and kill him.


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard. Chu Xianshuo had unleashed his spirit formation.

It emitted a very threatening aura. It was like the emergence of a divine tiger with an appetite to obliterate everything.


However, right after that formation was shot forth, a loud explosion was heard, and the formation shattered.

Powerful energy ripples scattered everywhere. Even Chu Xianshuo, the person who set up the spirit formation, was knocked back by the energy ripples.

“What is this? What happened?”

The younger generations with lower levels of cultivation gathered outside the hunting ground were all confused as to what had happened.

“It’s Chu Feng,” Some experts said.

“Chu Feng?” Those younger generations were even more confused.

It was true, it was Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s palm was aimed toward Chu Xianshuo. It was Chu Feng who had unleashed an attack toward Chu Xianshuo and shattered the spirit formation he had only just sent forth.

Merely, Chu Feng’s speed was simply too fast. He had shattered Chu Xianshuo’s spirit formation right after he had unleashed it.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s attack was very well-hidden. Many people were unable to even catch sight of it.

“The might of that formation of yours was not bad. Unfortunately, it was still useless,” Chu Feng looked to Chu Xianshuo mockingly.

“Motherfucker! I refuse to believe this!”

Chu Xianshuo turned green in the face from anger. However, he had no plans to admit defeat. After all, he did not consider himself to be inferior to Chu Feng.

Thus, Chu Xianshuo began to set up slaughtering formations continuously, and began to unleash them toward Chu Feng to attack him in succession.

However, every time he finished setting up a spirit formation, Chu Feng would only gently wave his arm, and the completed spirit formation would shatter on the spot.

After this happened several times, Chu Xianshuo became so furious that his face was no longer green, but instead deep red.

It was as if his nose, eyes, ears and other facial orifices were emitting flames of anger.

“What rapid formation completion speed!”

“Amazing. That Chu Feng is amazing!”

The people outside were witnessing the match between the two of them. Thus, they all began to praise Chu Feng unceasingly.

At that moment, they all realized that Chu Feng’s attacks were not merely ordinary spirit power. Rather, they were spirit formations.

Else, as they were both Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritists, it would be impossible for Chu Feng to defeat Chu Xianshuo’s spirit formations with such ease.

The only reason why Chu Feng was able to defeat Chu Xianshuo’s attacks was because his spirit formations were stronger.

Even though his spirit formations were stronger, he was able to finish setting them up in a split second. This was more than sufficient to demonstrate the disparity in strength between the two of them.

While the experts outside were able to clearly see what was happening, Chu Xianshuo was not thinking of the same thing.

At that moment, Chu Xianshuo was so furious that his hair was standing on end.

He pointed at Chu Feng and shouted, “What sort of ability is it to use treasures?! If you are truly capable, then fight me without treasures!”

“Treasures? What do you mean by that?” Chu Feng asked in a confused manner.

“You did not even set up any spirit formations to shatter my spirit formations. Yet you dare to still pretend to not know anything?!”

“You are clearly using some sort of treasure!” Chu Xianshuo declared.

“Treasure? What a joke.”

“Just because you were unable to see me setting up my spirit formations does not mean that I have not set up any spirit formations,” Chu Feng said.

“Don’t you refuse to admit it. If you have true ability, then let us both set up a spirit formation properly, and compete with that,” Chu Xianshuo said.

“In that case, I would like to ask. What qualifies as a spirit formation that is properly set up?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“The two of us are to both set up a spirit formation within a quarter hour.”

“However, you cannot use any treasures. You must set up your spirit formation publicly.”

“You must fight me using a world spirit formation,” Chu Xianshuo declared.

“I’ve already told you that I do not have any treasures. However, if you don’t trust me, I do not have the time to bother trying to persuade you either.”

“That said, I am capable of satisfying your demand. You merely want to see my spirit formations. Very well, I will set up a spirit formation that you can see.”

“However, against you, I simply do not need a quarter hour.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he began to set up his spirit formation. This time around, everyone was capable of seeing how he was setting up his spirit formation.

An unending stream of spirit power emitted from Chu Feng’s body like a broken dam.

Soon, a spirit formation was completed.

This was a defensive formation. It was a very ordinary defensive formation. It was a golden-bright and dazzling sphere that surrounded Chu Feng.

“From now on, you can set up whatever spirit formation you want. If you are able to cut though this formation of mine within a quarter hour, I will consider it your victory,” Chu Feng said.

“What an enormous claim that Chu Feng is making!”

Once Chu Feng made such a declaration, the people outside the hunting ground once again burst into an uproar.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s words only served to reveal one thing -- arrogance.

“That Chu Feng seems to be overly arrogant,” The fiery red-haired old man said to the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master.

“While it can be said to be arrogance, it can also be said to be confidence,” Compared to the fiery red-haired old man, the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master was quite calm and collected.

The fiery red-haired old man sighed. He felt that Chu Feng was being careless. He felt that Chu Xianshuo definitely possessed quality surpassing ordinary people in order to be able to obtain first place in the hunt nine times in a row.

“Don’t be so anxious. What Chu Feng did can be said to be a sort of humiliation toward Chu Xianshuo.”

“It is a question in itself as to whether or not Chu Xianshuo will accept the challenge,” The Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master said.

“That’s true. With Chu Xianshuo’s temperament, he will definitely not accept it. Lord Villa Master is truly wise,” After hearing what the Immortal Armament Villa’s Villa Master said, the fiery red-haired old man revealed a cheerful look.

Who was Chu Xianshuo? He was very arrogant and proud. He would definitely not accept this sort of humiliation.

However, after a moment of silence, Chu Xianshuo actually said, “You are the one to say those words. Don’t say that I’m bullying you later.”

The crowd outside immediately opened their mouths wide in shock upon hearing those words.

Chu Xianshuo actually accepted Chu Feng’s insulting proposal.

It was only at that moment that the crowd realized that Chu Xianshuo was actually so shameless.

For the sake of defeating Chu Feng, even though he knew that Chu Feng was insulting him, he still accepted.

He was simply someone without any baseline at all.

At that moment, the impression the crowd had of Chu Xianshuo dropped significantly.

“I, Chu Feng, am always one to honor my words. You can begin now. Remember, you will only have a quarter hour,” Chu Feng said.

“A quarter hour is sufficient. Chu Feng, you will pay for your arrogance and conceit.”

“Stand there properly for this young master and wait for your death,” Chu Xianshuo did not hesitate. After saying those words, he immediately started setting up his spirit formation.

Once Chu Xianshou began to set up his spirit formation, he actually took the entire quarter hour to finish.

A quarter hour was over a dozen times the amount of time Chu Feng had spent in setting up his spirit formation.

With so much time, the spirit formation Chu Xianshuo managed to complete was extraordinarily mighty.

It was a spear. The spear was three meters long. However, that three-meter-long spear-shaped spirit formation was no small matter.

Not only was it glistening with golden light, but it was also emitting an extremely powerful aura.

It was emitting energy ripples as it floated in midair. As the energy ripples spread, even space itself trembled.

Chu Xianshuo’s slaughtering formation was threateningly powerful and extremely domineering.

As for Chu Feng’s spirit formation, it could be said to be as simple as such a thing could be.

When comparing the two, the disparity was simply akin to heaven and earth.

‘It’s over. Chu Feng is done for now,’ The fiery red-haired old man cried in his heart.

As a world spiritist, he was able to tell that Chu Feng’s spirit formation was simply incapable of blocking Chu Xianshuo’s spirit formation.

When he attacked, Chu Feng would surely end up being defeated!!!