Chapter 3105 - Monster Emerging From The Mountain

Chapter 3105 - Monster Emerging From The Mountain

“Indeed, I can prove myself by displaying my strength. However, what use is that? In the end, my strength belongs to me, not them.”

“If I destroy this volcano, I will have destroyed their shortcut to increase their cultivation. Thus, they will still hate me,” Chu Feng said.

“Hate you? In that case, you merely need to beat them awake,” Her Lady Queen said.

Her tone was filled with complaint.

She was angry. How could she not be?

Chu Feng had returned to visit them. Furthermore, he had returned out of consideration for them. Yet, they had treated Chu Feng in such a manner.

Her Lady Queen did not care if they have lost their rationality or not. As long as they dared to attack Chu Feng, she would become impolite with them.

“They will not be awakened through beating. They will only hate me more. Moreover, they are my brothers and family. I have trained so hard for the sake of protecting them, not harming them,” Chu Feng said.

Her Lady Queen sighed, then asked, “You are truly placed in a difficult situation. In that case, what do you plan to do?”

“That’s actually very simple. Didn’t they want proof? I’ll give them the proof that they wanted.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he arrived at the bottom of the volcano.

Strange gaseous flames filled that region.

That was a place where neither Zhang Tianyi or Jiang Wushang were capable of reaching.

At that moment, Chu Feng saw something that others were unable to see. At the bottom of the volcano was bubbling magma, but that magma was not as simple as people imagined it to be.

Contained within the magma was an organism, a maggot-like organism.

However, that organism was extremely large. It was a thousand meters long, and its entire body was fiery red in color. It was squirming, and releasing a strange power. Its power fused with the gaseous flames, those same gaseous flames that increased Zhang Tianyi and the others’ cultivation.

“This Queen understands. You want to awaken that thing. Only by it revealing its identity will Zhang Tianyi and the others believe your words. At that time, they will not hate you,” Her Lady Queen said.

“That is the only method. After all, whoever started the trouble shall be the one to end it.”

“Unfortunately, it is this monster that could untie the knots in the hearts of senior brother Zhang and the others,” Chu Feng said.

“You should begin then. Settling this matter sooner will be able to help you get a load off your mind sooner,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.

Then, he looked at the monster below. He thought to himself, “Little thing, let me properly sense exactly what it is that you need.”

Then, Chu Feng closed his eyes and released his spirit power. He began to inspect the monster.

After a short moment, Chu Feng opened his eyes.

“So that’s what it needs. No wonder everyone has become less and less friendly, and started having such strong evil tendencies the longer they trained,” Chu Feng finally discovered the cause.

That monster did not increase the evil tendencies in Zhang Tianyi and the others.

It had merely absorbed the friendliness from Zhang Tianyi and the others.

After one’s friendliness had been absorbed to a certain degree, one’s evil tendencies would naturally become stronger.

Not only that, but one would also start to suspect people that they used to trust, and become conceited.

It was no wonder Zhang Tianyi was acting like that. Sure enough, that monster was the culprit behind it all.

As Chu Feng was an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, the nature of that monster would naturally not be able to escape Chu Feng’s eyes.

Chu Feng began to set up a spirit formation in secret. That spirit formation was invisible. The monster below was simply unable to see it at all.

That said, the invisible spirit formation that Chu Feng set up was capable of emitting a friendly aura for the monster below to absorb.

After Chu Feng finished setting up the spirit formation, a friendly aura began to flow from the spirit formation. Sure enough, the monster below began to squirm even faster.

It was as if that monster was a gluttonous bug that had discovered its favorite food, and was frantically eating it.

“Look, look, it’s eating so cheerfully and lightheartedly. That disgusting bug must be extremely overjoyed right now.”

“However, it has no idea that the faster it eats, the sooner it’ll die,” Her Lady Queen spoke with delight at that monster’s incoming calamity.

Compared to Her Lady Queen, Chu Feng was feeling some lingering fear.

According to Chu Feng’s calculations, if he had been several months later in returning, that monster would’ve absorbed enough friendly aura to awaken. At that time, the people of the Holy Land of Martialism would have been met with a major calamity.

Fortunately, he returned. Otherwise… his family and friends would have all ended up suffering.

“Grumble, grumble, grumble grumble~~~”

Soon, the monster began to emit strange sounds. Its body even began to transform.

Its squirming fleshy body began to harden.

“It is trying to awaken. I truly wonder what sort of monster it will become,” Her Lady Queen said.

“We’ll find out soon,” Chu Feng said.

As he spoke, the monster emerged from its cocoon.

It resembled an enormous insect, eight hundred meters tall. It had ten pairs of wings, and its entire body was fiery-red. Covering its skin were fur-like hairs.

A monster like it was actually not strange-looking at all. However, Chu Feng was able to feel a sort of unclear sensation from it.

It was an extremely dangerous aura.

That said, the monster itself was not strong at all. Even its cultivation was only that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor.

Its cultivation was the same as Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang.

However, Chu Feng actually sensed danger from someone of its cultivation.

Chu Feng was also unable to describe why that was the case. Perhaps it might be related to the strange power the monster possessed.

Another possibility was that… Chu Feng actually sensed the aura of the Ancient Era from that monster.

That monster was an organism from the Ancient Era.


Suddenly, the monster burst into loud laughter.

Its laughter was very ear-piercing. Its laughter was completely different from a human or beast’s laughter.

It was a sort of laughter that would make one’s blood run cold the moment they heard it.

That laughter was so loud that it was not only Chu Feng inside the volcano that could hear it. Even the people gathered outside the volcano were also able to hear it.

“What is that?”


“A strange laughter suddenly sounded from the Sacred Mountain?”

“Crap! Could it be that what Chu Feng said is true, that there’s really a monster inside the Sacred Mountain?”

The sudden laughter caused an upheaval among the crowd.

The reason for that was because that laughter was simply too frightening. Hearing that laughter, one would feel fear from the bottom of one’s heart.

“Zhang Tianyi, it’s all your fault. Why didn’t you trust Chu Feng? When has he ever lied to us?”

“That’s right. Chu Feng is someone who saved us. How could you treat him like that?”

“Look at this now, Chu Feng has been driven out by you. What are we to do now?”

At that moment, all sorts of voices of blame began to be heard. For those that knew Zhang Tianyi well, they would contain themselves, and not strike him while he was down.

However, those that didn’t know Zhang Tianyi well were different. With a great catastrophe imminent, with their survival unknown, they had no heart to concern themselves with Zhang Tianyi’s feelings, and decided to vent the anger and complaint in their hearts.