Chapter 3103 - Being Lashed Out At

Chapter 3103 - Being Lashed Out At

“Big brother Chu Feng, what big brother Tianyi said is very true. The Sacred Mountain truly has a wondrous effect on your martial cultivation.”

“Right now, big brother Tianyi and I have perfectly grasped the means to train in the Sacred Mountain. We can teach you how, and we three brothers can train together,” after Zhang Tianyi said those words, Jiang Wushang also began to speak, urging Chu Feng to train with them.

Chu Feng smiled lightly at Jiang Wushang’s words. Then, he patted his shoulder, raised his wine cup, and stood up. He said, “This cup of wine is for everyone here.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng gulped down the cup of wine in one go.

“To our Great Hero!” The next moment, the people present also stood up, held their wine cups forward and then gulped down their wine too.

“Now that we’ve drank, I have one thing that I wish to tell everyone. I hope everyone will be patient and finish hearing me out,” Chu Feng said.

Once Chu Feng said those words, the crowd’s expressions all turned serious. They were able to tell that what Chu Feng said next should be very important.

“Master, adoptive father, seniors, there is no need to mention how much benefit that volcano has brought to you all. You all should know it best yourselves.”

“However, what that volcano has brought to you all is most definitely not limited to only benefits. It is exploiting you all,” Chu Feng said to the crowd.

“Exploiting us? What do you mean by that?” Once Chu Feng said those words, he immediately brought forth a massive commotion from the crowd. Everyone looked to Chu Feng with surprised and uneasy expressions.

“I’m afraid that there is some sort of thing hidden inside the volcano. It is that thing that has presented to you all the power to increase your cultivation. However, at the same time, that thing is absorbing a sort of power from your bodies. Once that thing gathers a sufficient amount of that power, it will awaken. At that time, I’m afraid that everyone will be met with a great catastrophe,” Chu Feng said.

“There’s such a thing?” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the crowd became even more flustered.

After all, the crowd trusted Chu Feng a lot, as he was the hero that had saved them all.

That said, whilst the great majority of people were flustered, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang started to frown.

Not only did Chu Feng’s words not awaken them, but his words instead brought displeasure to them.

“Chu Feng, what should we do then?” Xian Lingyue and the crowd asked.

“We merely need to eradicate it before it awakens,” Chu Feng said.

“That would be best.”

“Right. Chu Feng, we will have to trouble you again.”

Chu Feng immediately received the crowd’s approval after saying those words.

The reason for that was because the crowd believed in Chu Feng and his judgement.

However, right at that moment, Zhang Tianyi suddenly said, “Wait.” Then, he added, “Junior brother Chu Feng, you say that there’s something hidden within that volcano? Why don’t you tell us exactly what it is that’s hidden in there?”

“It should be some sort of Natural Oddity. Otherwise, there is no reason for it to possess such a strange power. If you insist on having me determine what that thing is, I will not be able to make a judgement either. I will need to dismantle the volcano and enter it to inspect exactly what that thing is,” Chu Feng said.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, that is the Sacred Mountain bestowed by the heavens. If you are to dismantle it, wouldn’t you be going against the heavens?” Zhang Tianyi asked.

“It would appear that senior brother Zhang does not believe in my words,” Chu Feng said.

“Indeed, I do not believe you. I have already trained here for several years now, and have never discovered this so-called danger that you speak of.”

“The only thing it has bestowed upon me is power. It has provided me with enormous assistance. It is akin to a respected master.”

“Your declaration to destroy the Sacred Mountain is akin to a declaration of killing my respected master. I’m afraid I cannot agree to it,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Big brother Chu Feng, what big brother Tianyi said is correct. The two of us were the first to discover this place. Furthermore, we have trained here for several years now, and have truly never encountered this danger you speak of.”

“Furthermore, it is not only the two of us that have trained here, everyone else has trained here. Nothing has happened to any of us,” Jiang Wushang said.

“Indeed, nothing seems to have happened to us. Furthermore, we didn’t sense any sign of danger either.”

Once Jiang Wushang said those words, many people also voiced their agreement.

“Chu Feng, could you be overthinking things?”

With the situation being like that, there were people that began to question Chu Feng. After all, the volcano was a sacred cultivation ground that could increase their cultivations quickly. They would naturally not want to lose it like this.

“I’ve already said that it is absorbing some sort of power from you all. To be exact, it is not power that it is absorbing, but rather something from your bodies. Could it be that you all didn’t notice that you are no longer the same as before? That you all are extremely avaricious now?” Chu Feng asked.

“Avaricious? We merely want to become even stronger. How is that avaricious?”

“Very well, even if that is avaricious, you are definitely avaricious too.”

“In the entire martial cultivation world, which cultivator isn’t avaricious? If we aren’t avaricious, would there be conflicts, would people even bother to put forth their all to cultivate?” Zhang Tianyi refuted him.

“It would appear that senior brother Zhang’s wisdom has been confused. I am unable to reason with you,” Chu Feng said.

“Unable to reason with me? Why don’t you explain yourself properly?”

“You declared that there’s a Natural Oddity within the Sacred Mountain, and that it is exploiting us to help with its own awakening.”

“Why don’t you show some proof to your claims? If you cannot show any proof, you are simply harboring ill intentions,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“I am harboring ill intentions? Very well, why don’t you tell me what sort of ill intentions I, Chu Feng, have,” Chu Feng said.

“Humph. Ever since you arrived at the Holy Land of Martialism, your cultivation has gradually surpassed ours. Furthermore, the distance between us has been growing wider and wider. This gave you a sense of superiority over us, over all of us.”

“I know that you must’ve had a series of fortuitous encounters in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm too. Your cultivation now is definitely incomparable to before.”

“As such, you are feeling even more superior now.”

“However, upon returning to the Holy Land of Martialism, you were surprised to discover that such a sacred cultivation ground, such a heaven-bestowed Sacred Mountain, had actually appeared in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Through the Sacred Mountain, our cultivations have increased greatly. This is especially true for little brother Wushang and myself. Our cultivations have even reached peak Half Martial Ancestor. We are only a bit away from setting foot into the legendary Martial Ancestor realm.”

“It is not that I am arrogant. However, I am confident that the current you might not necessarily be a match for the two of us.”

“Because of this, your sense of superiority is gone. This came as an enormous shock, an enormous sense of defeat, to your ego.”

“You are feeling extremely unwell. Why did you enter the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm and train bitterly for so long? In the end, you ended up being inferior to us, who stayed in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“As such, you fabricated a lie to destroy the Sacred Mountain, destroy the source of our ability to increase our cultivation.”

Zhang Tianyi pointed to Chu Feng and spoke loudly. His voice was filled with discontent toward Chu Feng as he said those words.

After he finished saying those words, the crowd were all quiet. They all knew what Zhang Tianyi said to be very excessive.

However, they also began to suspect Chu Feng’s claims.

What if what Zhang Tianyi said was true, and Chu Feng was really fabricating a lie to destroy their sacred cultivation ground?

The possibility of that being the case was there. After all, Chu Feng was unable to show any proof that there was something nefarious hidden in their sacred cultivation ground.