Chapter 3101 - Xian Lingyue’s Request

Chapter 3101 - Xian Lingyue’s Request

“They did not mention anything. They were simply too tyrannical. They did not allow us to speak. They were simply unwilling to discuss anything with us, and simply did not consider us as people at all.”

“That’s right, they were simply too arrogant,” the people from the Elf Kingdom said.

Their tones were filled with complaint and displeasure when they said those words.

They would naturally be displeased. The Elf Kingdom was a noble race standing at the apex of the Holy Land of Martialism.

As people standing at the apex, they were looked down upon by others. Naturally, they would feel very displeased.

“That said, Chu Feng, you also do not have to worry too much about this. Judging from their behavior, they didn’t seem to have taken Miaomiao away to bring harm upon her. Instead, they wanted to take her back to their clan to nurture her.”

“That’s because, while they were very impolite and rude toward us, they were extremely polite toward Miaomiao.”

“Thus, apart from Miaomiao being unwilling to return with them, perhaps her returning was a good thing for her.”

“After all, none of us are able to help Miaomiao with her staying here. We simply have no idea as to how to help nurture her talent,” Xian Lingyue said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded. That said, there was still some hesitation in his eyes.

If Xian Miaomiao’s clan had taken her back for the sake of nurturing her, then it would naturally be a good thing.

However, Xian Miaomiao was unwilling to return, and forcibly taken back. This was going against her wishes. Because of this, Chu Feng was feeling somewhat displeased.

“Seniors, how long has this volcano been here?”

After making inquiries about Xian Miaomiao, Chu Feng began to question the existence of the volcano.

Chu Feng had noticed that the cultivations of everyone present had managed to make different levels of progress.

Furthermore, their levels of progress were enormous.

There were even people that managed to break through the limits of the Martial Emperor realm and step into Half Martial Ancestor realm.

Such a change was certainly stunning. After all, in the Holy Land of Martialism, a Half Martial Ancestor cultivation was something that countless geniuses failed to attain in their entire lifetimes.

For the people’s cultivation to have such progress, Chu Feng knew that it was thanks to that volcano.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was able to sense that the gaseous flames emitted by that volcano were truly no small matter. Even if he were the one to enter it, he would also be able to train in there.

However, Chu Feng did not dare to enter it. The reason for that was because the gaseous flames gave Chu Feng a very dangerous sensation.

It was not a feeling of opportunity. Rather, it was purely danger.

As Chu Feng had sensed that something was amiss already, he would naturally have to find out about the origin of the volcano.

After inquiring of the crowd, Chu Feng came to find out that, over a year after he left the Holy Land of Martialism, the volcano suddenly appeared.

People were able to train using the gaseous flames emitted by the volcano. However, one could not stay within the gaseous flames for too long. If one were to do so, one would feel ill-at-ease and become irritable. Sometimes, one might even lose control of themselves.

In fact, there were even people that stayed in the volcano’s gaseous flames for too long that ended up going mad and murderous.

For people that turned like that, no treatment was able to cure them.

Because of that, a rule was established. People were allowed to train using the volcano. However, one could not train for more than twenty hours at a time.

One must withdraw from the volcano when the time limit of twenty hours was about to be reached. Furthermore, one must recuperate for at least forty hours before one could train using the volcano’s gaseous flames again.

That was also the reason why there were so many people resting and not training, even though practically everyone from the Holy Land of Martialism was gathered there.

“It would appear that that volcano is extremely dangerous,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

He was saying those words as a forewarning to the people present.

Chu Feng was planning to destroy the volcano.

However, Chu Feng knew what this volcano meant to the people of the Holy Land of Martialism with limited talent. He knew that it bore their dreams.

Destroying the volcano would be akin to shattering their dreams, shattering their future. Likely, they would feel very pained should the volcano be destroyed.

As such, Chu feng had to give them a forewarning about his intentions.

“Chu Feng, there’s no problem anymore. We have already grasped the pattern to train with the volcano. As long as we train according to the rules we established, the volcano will not bring about any danger to us.”

“Little brother Chu Feng, you can rest assured, that volcano is truly very safe.”

“We have named the volcano the Heavenly Sacred Mountain. To us, the Sacred Mountain is simply akin to something bestowed on us by the heavens.”

Sure enough, after Chu Feng mentioned the danger of the volcano, he was immediately refuted by the crowd.

Although those people had refuted him out of good intentions, and their words could not be said to be a refute either, the ones that had refuted Chu Feng were all his closest friends and family.

Chu Feng was certain that everyone had become greatly dependent on the volcano.

At the very least, for now, they would not allow others to say that the volcano was bad.

They even went as far as to name the volcano.

Bestowed by the heavens?

Chu Feng knew that they were all overthinking it.

That volcano was simply not something bestowed by the heavens. Instead, it was very possibly the devil’s trap.

“Chu Feng, you should try to urge everyone,” right at that moment, a voice transmission entered Chu Feng’s ears.

Chu Feng subconsciously turned his eyes to Xian Lingyue. The reason for that was because that voice transmission was from Xian Lingyue.

Furthermore, from Xian Lingyue’s eyes, Chu Feng saw something that was not present in other people’s eyes. It was a pleading expression.

“Chu Feng, that volcano is not something good at all. It will cause people to lose their wisdom.”

“Even if one is to follow the training rules, one will still inevitably lose their wisdom.”

“There are already a lot of people among my clan that started major battles because of small conflicts.”

“Even people that had very good relationships in the past would fight one another due to trivial matters.”

“A lot of our fellow clansmen have already died. Furthermore, the great majority of them were killed by their fellow clansmen.”

“The other powers, including your Cyanwood Mountain, have also experienced the same thing.”

“Unfortunately, everyone is already extremely dependent on the volcano. They will not allow anyone to speak ill of the volcano. Although they’re all acting harmonious right now, if anyone is to voice their intention to leave the vicinity of the volcano, they will immediately be lashed out at and insulted.”

“I think you’re the only one that might possibly persuade them,” Xian Lingyue said to Chu Feng through a voice transmission.

At that moment, Chu Feng turned his eyes to the crowd. Whilst the crowd all appeared to be joyous and normal at that moment, Chu Feng was actually also capable of sensing the changes to them.

When Chu Feng mentioned that the volcano was dangerous, he immediately felt ill-intentioned auras. Even though those ill-intentioned auras were very weak, Chu Feng, with his sharp perception, was still capable of sensing them.

Perhaps it was because the one who had declared the volcano to be dangerous was Chu Feng that the crowd painstakingly suppressed the resentment in their hearts.

Chu Feng firmly believed that if it were someone else that uttered those words, they would likely end up being targeted by the crowd like Xian Liangyue said.

It was true: the volcano had altered the crowd’s mentality.