Chapter 3080 - There Can Never Be Too Much Deception In War

Chapter 3080 - There Can Never Be Too Much Deception In War

After taking out his Immortal Armament, Chu Feng placed it directly across his chest, right in front of the location where Li Anzhi’s incoming attack would strike.

This scene confused everyone. Even the experts of the older generation were unable to understand exactly what Chu Feng and Li Anzhi were trying to do.

Chu Feng was using an Immortal Armament that he could not use to protect himself, whereas Li Anzhi was trying to attack Chu Feng knowing full well that he would likely not be able to cause any injury to Chu Feng. This confrontation between them served no purpose at all.


Right at that moment, golden veined patterns suddenly appeared on Li Anzhi’s body. The veined patterns originated from his chest, and instantly covered his entire body. The veined patterns were glistening with golden light. Even though Li Anzhi was wearing clothes, one could still see them clearly.

Sparkling with light and emitting a domineering aura, Li Anzhi looked like a god descending onto the world of mortals.

“Oh no!”

Seeing this scene, the expressions of Chu Xuanzhengfa and the other Chu Heavenly Clansmen immediately changed. This was especially true for Chu Xuanzhengfa, who even stood up nervously.

The reason for that was because Li Anzhi had obtained a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation the moment those golden veined patterns appeared on his body.

With his Heaven level Lightning Mark active, Li Anzhi was already a rank eight Heavenly Immortal. After obtaining that heaven-defying battle power, Li Anzhi was now able to contend against rank nine Heavenly Immortals.

Chu Feng would simply not be able to withstand such a Li Anzhi.

Everything happened too quickly. By the time the crowd realized how dire the situation was, it was already too late. Li Anzhi’s sword had fiercely thrust into Chu Feng’s Immortal Armament.

Although the Immortal Armament acted as Chu Feng’s shield and stopped Li Anzhi’s attack from penetrating into his flesh, Chu Feng was still beaten back miserably.

When Chu Feng fell onto the ground, he even rolled several times. He was truly left in a very sorry state.

Although Chu Feng was not seriously injured, there was still blood flowing out the corner of his mouth, and scrapes on his body. Moreover, he was only able to stabilize himself after rolling on the ground several times.

Thus, the current Chu Feng was truly left in a very sorry state.

“What is going on? How could Li Anzhi suddenly obtain heaven-defying battle power?”

The crowd were all confused. As they looked to one another, questions filled their eyes.

At the moment when the crowd was confused, the Saintly Stellar Monk said, “It’s the Ancient Era’s treasure, Golden-grain Inner Armor.”

“It’s actually the Golden-grain Inner Armor?!”

Many people revealed astonished expressions upon hearing those words.

They had heard about the Golden-grain Inner Armor. It was indeed a treasure that could allow one to gain a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation. Because of that, the Golden-grain Inner Armor was extremely valuable, and had triggered countless battles. Later on, the Golden-grain Inner Armor was lost.

No one would’ve expected the Golden-grain Inner Armor to land in Li Anzhi’s hands.

At that moment, they realized why Li Anzhi was so filled with confidence from the very start.

As Li Anzhi had the strength of a demon-level genius to begin with, he had become practically undefeatable after using such a treasure.

“Chu Feng, what did you say to our clan’s Li Yan earlier?”

“Oh, wasn’t it ‘there can never be too much deception in war?’ Right now, I, Li Anzhi, will return those words to you.”

Li Anzhi looked to Chu Feng. There was a faint smile on his face.

Mockery. It was so very mocking. Li Anzhi was simply ridiculing Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng slowly got up. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

With his Immortal Armament in hand, Chu Feng pointed to Li Anzhi and said,“Li Anzhi, stand there and don’t move. Watch as I defeat you.”

“What? You want to defeat me?”

“Chu Feng, could it be that you are still unable to tell the circumstance that you’re in right now?”

“Defeat me? What makes you think you can do that?”

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the mocking smile on Li Anzhi’s face grew even more intense.


However, Chu Feng acted as if he did not hear Li Anzhi. He took a step forward and soared into the sky. With the square ruler Immortal Armament in hand, he began to fly toward Li Anzhi.

Seeing this, Li Anzhi shook his head.

He felt that Chu Feng was merely unable to accept his defeat. However, what could he possibly do? With the Golden-grain Inner Armor, Li Anzhi’s battle power had already surpassed Chu Feng’s battle power by an entire level of cultivation. Even if Chu Feng were to charge at him, he would only be inviting disaster upon himself.

In fact, the crowd present were also confused. Chu Feng was holding an Immortal Armament that he simply could not use. What use was there in rushing toward Li Anzhi like that?

That said, whilst the great majority of the crowd were confused, there was also a small portion of people that were focused on the battle with anticipating expressions.

Apart from the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, there was also that unfathomable Saintly Stellar Monk and the old lady who possessed a certain relationship with Chu Feng’s grandfather.

Their expressions were different from those of the others. The others were all worried for Chu Feng and confused by his actions. As for them, they were filled with expectation, and looking forward to what Chu Feng would do.

Under the attentive gazes of the crowd, Chu Feng arrived before Li Anzhi. He also slashed forth his Immortal Armament at Li Anzhi from the right.

No, to be exact, that was a swat. Chu Feng’s square ruler Immortal Armament did not target Li Anzhi with any sharp edge. Instead, it was swatted at him like an enormous palm.

“Chu Feng, it’s useless.”

“I will not even bother to dodge your attack. You will not be able to harm me,” Li Anzhi said to Chu Feng.


However, the very next moment, when Chu Feng’s square ruler Immortal Armament landed on Li Anzhi, Li Anzhi was knocked flying several tens of thousands of meters away like an arrow shot out from a bow.

In the end, Li Anzhi was knocked out of the enormous battle stage and crashed violently into the main viewing platform.

Crushed rocks scattered in all directions. Li Anzhi actually even shattered the formation around the battle stage with his collision.

At that moment, not only was Li Anzhi’s complexion very pale, but he was also vomiting blood repeatedly. His right arm that was struck by Chu Feng’s ruler had shattered, and half of his entire body has been mutilated.

However, this was the result of Chu Feng holding back. Otherwise, Li Anzhi would’ve likely been killed already.

“How could this be?!”

Seeing this scene, the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were all astonished.

Li Anzhi’s battle power was an entire level above Chu Feng’s. As such, how could Chu Feng possibly injure Li Anzhi?

When the crowd looked to Chu Feng again, their expressions all changed enormously.

That square ruler Immortal Armament was still being held by Chu Feng. However, at that moment, that square ruler Immortal Armament was flickering with light. Not only was its power being used by Chu Feng, but it had also granted Chu Feng a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation.

“How could this be?! How could he, a Heavenly Immortal, be able to use an Immortal Armament?!”

“It’s that bracelet! It’s that bracelet on his wrist!”

Whilst confused, there were experts from the older generation that noticed the bracelet on Chu Feng’s wrist that was circulating runes and symbols.

They determined that Chu Feng being able to use his Immortal Armament must have something to do with the bracelet on his wrist.

“What sort of treasure is that?! It actually allowed Chu Feng to use an Immortal Armament?!”

The crowd all exclaimed in astonishment.

Right at that moment, the Saintly Stellar Monk said, “If I am not mistaken, that should be the legendary treasure capable of allowing Heavenly Immortal level experts to use Immortal Armaments, the Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector.”

“Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector? Heavens, that is the Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector?!”

“Right, that must be the Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector!”

Once the Saintly Stellar Monk said those words, the crowd were all stunned.

The Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector was equally renowned as the Golden-grain Inner Armor.

Merely, compared to the Golden-grain Inner Armor, the Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector had disappeared for an even longer period of time. And now, it actually ended up in Chu Feng’s possession.

“You damned bastard, you were still concealing a trick up your sleeve?!”

Li Anzhi let out a furious shout. He was looking at Chu Feng with eyes filled with resentment.

He knew that he had been careless. Otherwise, he would not be left in such a sorry state. However, that was also precisely the reason why he detested Chu Feng so much. If it wasn’t for Chu Feng concealing his trick so well, he would not have been so careless.

Faced with Li Anzhi’s murderous and resentment-filled gaze, Chu Feng smiled and said, “If I do not hide more tricks up my sleeve, how am I supposed to teach you exactly what it really means by ‘there can never be too much deception in war?’"