Chapter 3064 - Li Clan’s War Chariot

Chapter 3064 - Li Clan’s War Chariot

“This… could it be the Fire Qilin Armor?”

Upon seeing the red armor, the crowd’s eyes all started to shine. Even Chu Hanpeng revealed an astonished expression.

The Fire Qilin Armor was an extremely precious treasure.

All of the people in the Ancestral Martial Starfield that had experience and knowledge had all heard of the Fire Qilin Armor.

Wearing the Fire Qilin Armor, no one apart from experts at the Heavenly Immortal realm or above would be able to bring harm upon the wearer.

Furthermore, it was said that the Fire Qilin Armor also possessed intelligence. If one were able to make the Fire Qilin Armor recognize them as its master, the Fire Qilin Armor would fuse with them.

At that time, not to mention experts below Heavenly Immortal cultivation, even Heavenly Immortal-level experts would not be able to cause any harm to the Fire Qilin Armor’s master. In fact, even when fighting against Martial Immortals, the Fire Qilin Armor would still be able to protect its master’s life.

But that was just a rumor. The Fire Qilin Armor had passed through multiple hands. However, not a single person was able to make the Fire Qilin Armor recognize them as its master.

That said, the most amazing aspect regarding the Fire Qilin Armor would be its reputation.

Wearing it would serve as a sort of status symbol. Thus, one could totally neglect its actual usage.

“This armor is the Fire Qilin Armor.”

“Today, I will present this Fire Qilin Armor to little friend Chu Zhiyuan,” the Saintly Stellar Monk said while looking at Chu Zhiyuan.

“Senior, you must not. That Fire Qilin Armor is too precious,” although that was what Chu Zhiyuan was saying, his eyes were fixed on the Fire Qilin Armor.

Actually, the Fire Qilin Armor did not have much use for him.

However, as the Fire Qilin Armor was a treasure that even many Exalted-level experts wanted to wear, what sort of honor would he, a Heavenly Immortal-level expert of the younger generation, possess should he be able to wear it?

“Little friend Chu Zhiyuan, you need not be so modest. This gift of mine is something that this old man had prepared for the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s number one heavenly-beloved genius. As for you, you are qualified to accept this gift of mine,” as the Saintly Stellar Monk spoke, he waved his arm lightly, and the Fire Qilin Armor broke through the sphere and began to float toward Chu Zhiyuan.

“Thank you Milord,” Chu Zhiyuan bagan to admire the Fire Qilin Armor after receiving it.

“Let’s see you put it on,” the Saintly Stellar Monk said.

“Sure,” Chu Zhiyuan hurriedly put on the Fire Qilin Armor.

It must be said that the Fire Qilin Armor’s reputation was not in vain.

Chu Zhiyuan had an extraordinary air to begin with. Merely, he was lacking a bit of the airs of a ruler.

However, after wearing the Fire Qilin Armor, the airs he emitted immediately soared. Standing there, he resembled a god of war, a true ruler.

Before wearing the Fire Qilin Armor, Chu Zhiyuan was, no matter how powerful, only a person of the younger generation.

However, after he wore the Fire Qilin Armor, even many of the older generation’s experts present were eclipsed by him.

That was all due to the Fire Qilin Armor.

As the saying goes, humans will be judged by their clothing just like horses were judged by their saddle.

A good suit of armor was capable of altering the airs that one gave off completely.

“The Fire Qilin Armor’s reputation is truly well-justified. Chu Zhiyuan thanks senior.”

Overjoyed by the enormous gift, Chu Zhiyuan kowtowed to the Saintly Stellar Monk.

No one felt what Chu Zhiyuan was doing to be inappropriate. Firstly, the Saintly Stellar Monk was someone who was qualified to receive such an enormous act of respect.

Secondly, the Fire Qilin Armor was a priceless treasure. For the Saintly Stellar Monk to present such a gift to Chu Zhiyuan, it was only natural for Chu Zhiyuan to express his thanks.

“Get back up, get back up,” with a smile on his face, the Saintly Stellar Monk gently waved his arm, and a gentle power brought Chu Zhiyuan back to his feet.

Suddenly, the Saintly Stellar Monk turned to ask Chu Hanpeng, “Brother Hanpeng, which one is Mingyuan’s daughter?”

Hearing those words, Chu Hanpeng’s expression immediately changed. A slightly displeased expression appeared in his eyes.

They all knew who that Mingyuan the Saintly Stellar Monk spoke of was. Gu Mingyuan was Chu Lingxi’s mother. The Saintly Stellar Monk was asking for Chu Lingxi.

“Lingxi has left to train in the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan. She did not participate in the Heavenly Beloved Martial Competition this time around,” Chu Hanpeng said. [1. Ancient = Gu.]

“Oh? Wasn’t it said that that girl was not fond of the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan, and refused to go there to train?” the Saintly Stellar Monk asked.

“People will inevitably change. While Lingxi was insensible in her youth, she has grown sensible now,” Chu Hanpeng said.

“Good, good,” the Saintly Stellar Monk smiled. He seemed to be very pleased with this outcome.

Actually, those that knew about the Saintly Stellar Monk all knew that Chu Lingxi’s mother had once learned world spirit techniques under the Saintly Stellar Monk. Thus, the Saintly Stellar Monk could be considered to be a partial master of Chu Lingxi’s mother.

That was the reason why he was so concerned for Chu Lingxi.

However, hearing that dialogue, Chu Xuanzhengfa, who stood among the crowd, had a subtle change in expression. Unable to contain himself, he glanced to Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi.

Chu Xuanzhengfa knew very well why Chu Lingxi continued to stay by his side even though she knew very well that her cultivation would increase faster following her mother. The reason why Chu Lingxi didn’t follow her mother was because she was not fond of the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan. She also held a grudge toward her mother.

The reason for that was because Gu Mingyuan was not very approving of Chu Xuanzhengfa.

As for Chu Lingxi’s decision to go to the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan, it was actually because of Chu Feng.

What had happened to Chu Feng came as an enormous shock to Chu Lingxi. That was why she decided to go to the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan and train beside her mother.

Chu Lingxi wanted to avenge Chu Feng with her own strength. She wanted to obtain justice for Chu Feng.

At that moment, the gaze with which Chu Xuanzhengfa was looking at Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi contained some sympathy.

The reason for that was because he knew that, regardless of how powerful Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi might be now, they would one day be defeated by Chu Lingxi.

The two of them would definitely not be able to win against someone personally taught by Gu Mingyuan.

Suddenly, the Saintly Stellar Monk asked again, “Oh, that’s right. I’ve heard that Chu Xuanyuan’s son didn’t die, and has returned to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. However, why is it that I didn’t see him in the Heavenly Beloved Martial Competition?”

“Eh…” When he mentioned Chu Feng, Chu Hanpeng found it difficult to speak.

“What’s wrong?” the Saintly Stellar Monk asked.

“Chu Feng has died,” Chu Hanpeng said.

“Died? How did he die? Wasn’t it said that he was still alive, and had returned to your Chu Heavenly Clan?” the Saintly Stellar Monk asked.

“He indeed returned. However, he has died in our clan,” Chu Hanpeng said.

“Died in your Chu Heavenly Clan?” the Saintly Stellar Monk asked.

“Senior, that Chu Feng has indeed died in our Chu Heavenly Clan. However, his death was well-deserved,” right at that moment, Chu Zhiyuan suddenly interrupted.

“His death was well-deserved? What do you mean by that?” the Saintly Stellar Monk asked.

Afterwards, Chu Zhiyuan began to, before all the people present, mention what had happened with Chu Feng, and how he had died. He narrated everything with fervor and passion. When speaking of the crucial parts, he would even appear to be completely enraged.

Of course, all that he was saying were merely lies. He was slandering Chu Feng’s reputation.

Merely, the people present had no idea. Many among them even believed it to be true.

“Saintly Monk, that Chu Feng was a hypocrite. His death was well-deserved.”

“That’s right. Saintly Monk, compared to that Chu Feng, little friend Chu Zhiyuan is the true hero.”

“That’s right. For the sake of his own interests, that Chu Feng went as far as killing his own clansmen.”

“As for little friend Chu Zhiyuan, he braved dangers with no hesitation, and entered the Upper Realm Gate by himself to destroy the main formation, all for our Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. He is truly a righteous person, truly a heavenly-beloved genius.”

After Chu Zhiyuan made his claims, not only did the people present believe him, but they even began to slander Chu Feng and praise Chu Zhiyuan.

However, the Saintly Stellar Monk had a very undisturbed expression. Without saying anything, he silently sat back in the main seat.

Actually, he had already heard about Chu Feng. After all, many people were insulting Chu Feng from the very beginning of the Heavenly Beloved Martial Competition. How could someone like him possibly not be able to hear those mockeries and insults?

He had asked about Chu Feng deliberately. He wanted to verify things for himself.

“Huu, huu~~~”

Right at that moment, surging wind appeared in the distant sky. It was like the arrival of an abnormal sign.

“What is that?”

That scene immediately caught the crowd’s attention, causing them to all to turn their eyes toward it.

Upon looking over, they discovered that it was a war chariot. That war chariot was flying in the sky. Surrounding the war chariot were surging black clouds. It was as if the war chariot was the ruler of the sky, and even the clouds would have to serve it.

The crowd’s attention was originally captured by the war chariot. However, they soon discovered a banner on the war chariot.

That banner was drifting in the wind. Written on the banner were the large characters: Li Heavenly Clan.

“Li Heavenly Clan?!!!”

The crowd’s hearts all tightened upon seeing those characters.

They already knew about the opening of the Upper Realm Gate. As for the other side of the Upper Realm Gate, it was precisely the Li Heavenly Clan.

They knew very well what sort of existence the Li Heavenly Clan was. That was the reason why they all started to panic in fear, as if a calamity had descended upon them, after finding out that the other side of the Upper Realm Gate was the Li Heavenly Clan.

And at that moment, the war chariot of the Li Heavenly Clan had actually arrived at the Chu Heavenly Clan’s front door. With this, how could the crowd not be frightened?