Chapter 2711 - Causing A Commotion

Chapter 2711 - Causing A Commotion

“It’s not only World Spirit Bones, there’s also… there’s also a lot of treasures,” The woman added.

“There’s actually treasures?” The Chu Heavenly Clansmen grew even more astonished. They hurriedly asked, “What sort of treasures are they?”

“There are a lot of treasures. All of them are materials for world spiritists. Not only are they materials for weaponry refinement, but there are also materials for concocting medicines, setting up formations and all kinds of other things.”

“Furthermore, they are all rare materials. This is especially true for the weaponry refinement materials. They are extremely rare.”

“The Immortal Armament Villa is truly bring extravagant this time around. They’ve actually decided to give away so many treasures,” The woman said.

“That brat is actually this lucky!”

At that moment, those Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations all had expressions of envy on their faces.

They had finally realized what the pleasant surprise was.

“It’s alright, as long as Chu Xianshuo comes in, all that brat has obtained in the Immortal Armament Villa will no longer be his,” That Chu Heavenly Clan’s little pretty face said.

“Right, that’s right.”

“Although we don’t know how that brat managed to defeat that World Spirit Beast, no matter how strong he might be, he will definitely not be a match for big brother Xianshuo.”

The Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were unable to take care of Chu Feng. Thus, they placed all their hopes onto Chu Xianshuo.

Furthermore, from their attitudes, it could be seen that they were extremely confident in Chu Xianshuo.

Chu Feng was currently standing before the corpse of the World Spirit Beast. That corpse was still enormous in size.

Merely, it no longer had the appearance of a ferocious beast. Instead, it had turned into over a million World Spirit Bones and countless treasures that were flickering with light.

Seeing the hill of treasures, a joyous expression filled Chu Feng’s face.

As a world spiritist, Chu Feng knew very well how precious those treasures were. They were all extremely rare materials.

To world spiritist, those were simply things that they would yearn for even in their dreams.

This was even more so for Chu Feng, as he needed weaponry refinement and weaponry strengthening materials the most at the moment.

And at this moment, the materials he needed were right in front of him.

Furthermore, their quality was even better than Chu Feng had anticipated. It could be said that they had surpassed his expectations.

“Even the heavens are helping me. It would seem that I must go and thank that girl later.”

Chu Feng was pleased beyond his expectations. At the same time, his impression of Xia Yun’er had somewhat changed.

The reason for that was because that World Spirit Beast had been very difficult to deal with. In the beginning, Chu Feng had wanted to defeat that World Spirit Beast using his own strength.

However, Chu Feng discovered that it was extremely difficult for him to defeat that World Spirit Beast using his own abilities. At the very most, he would only be able to battle it to a stalemate.

If he were to continue to battle it, he would only be wasting time.

Thus, in the end, he decided to take Xia Yun’er’s advice and attack that World Spirit Beast’s weakness with all his strength.

In the end, that World Spirit Beast was successfully defeated by Chu Feng.

Xia Yun’er had not lied to him.

If it wasn’t for Xia Yun’er’s advice, it would likely have been very difficult for Chu Feng to discover that World Spirit Beast’s weakness.

The reason for that was because the World Spirit Beast had disguised itself very well. If Chu Feng were to try to find its weakness by himself, he would not have found anything.

The only thing he could determine from the World Spirit Beast was that it was brought up by a powerful world spiritist.

Chu Feng was certain that the Immortal Armament Villa possessed extremely talented world spiritists.

“Chu Feng, with this many World Spirit Bones, I think that you will be able to obtain first place in this hunt even if you didn’t continue with hunting World Spirit Beasts,” Her Lady Queen said.

“I feel the same. However, I must be certain about this first.”

Chu Feng gathered all of the treasures before him. Then, he began to set up another spirit formation. He summoned the winged cheetah again. Then, he began to rapidly travel on top of the winged cheetah.

Chu Feng had decided to travel all around the entire hunting ground to see whether or not there were any other places with a greater amount of concentrated World Spirit Beasts than he had killed earlier.

He was doing this so that he could be absolutely certain of obtaining first place in the hunt.

After a series of observations, Chu Feng was able to ascertain that there were no other locations in the hunting ground with a greater concentration of World Spirit Beasts than the region where that enormous World Spirit Beast had appeared.

The World Spirit Bones Chu Feng had obtained so far were more than sufficient for him to get the first place in the hunt.

After verifying all this, Chu Feng decided to no longer bother with meaningless hunting. Instead, he found a location and set up a concealment formation to hide himself within it.

Chu Feng was going to refine a weapon.

To be precise, he was going to strengthen his weapon.

Chu Feng was going to strengthen his Incomplete Immortal Armament, the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

“Chu Feng, is there really a need for you to be this urgent? There’s not much time left in the hunt.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was actually planning to strengthen the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler, Her Lady Queen spoke to urge him against it.

After all, last time, even with Li Yue’er’s assistance, it took him three entire months to turn the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler into an Incomplete Immortal Armament.

At present, there was not much time left in the hunt. Her Lady Queen was worried that Chu Feng would be interrupted at a crucial moment when strengthening his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

After all, weaponry refinement was a very dangerous thing. Last time, Chu Feng had nearly suffered a fatal accident.

“Hehe, Milady Queen, trust me this time around. I am confident that I will be able to successfully strengthen the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler within six days,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was filled with confidence. He was actually confident, and not being arrogant.

With the increase in his cultivation, Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques had also grown stronger.

Furthermore, after the weaponry refinement process from last time around, Chu Feng had obtained experience in weaponry refinement.

That experience could be said to have allowed Chu Feng to reach a completely different level in weaponry refinement.

Moreover, Chu Feng currently possessed much better materials than he had anticipated.

This would greatly diminish the difficulty of his work.

That was why Chu Feng was so confident.

“Since you’ve decided, you can go on ahead. However, remember, if the situation is to turn bad, you must immediately abort the process. You are not allowed to force yourself,” Her Lady Queen reminded Chu Feng in a very serious manner. She was truly afraid that a mishap would happen to Chu Feng.

After all, Chu Feng was truly as stubborn as a donkey sometimes. No one would be able to persuade him.

“Rest assured, I will definitely not force myself this time around,” Chu Feng guaranteed with a smile.

After that, Chu Feng began to set up a spirit formation to strengthen his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

This time around, Chu Feng was moving in a very fluid manner. It was as if he had received divine help. All procedures were done perfectly.

As a result, Chu Feng greatly increased the speed of the strengthening process.

Five days.

In merely five days, Chu Feng had managed to finish strengthening the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

The Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler’s appearance had changed. It was no longer as rough as it was before. Instead, it had become very refined.

It was a large crimson ruler with a width of two feet and a length of two meters. Its entire body was red, and a large, magnificent dragon was carved onto it.

At a glance, it simply looked like a work of art, a shocking sight.

Not only had the appearance of the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler changed, but its aura had also changed. It was even stronger.

At least… it was no longer inferior to Xia Yun’er’s Incomplete Immortal Armaments.

Chu Feng felt that if the Incomplete Immortal Armaments Xia Yun’er had used were top quality Incomplete Immortal Armaments, then the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler would also be a top quality Incomplete Immortal Armament.

Although Chu Feng had successfully strengthened his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler, his eyes were still tightly closed.

After a good while…

Chu Feng opened his eyes again. When he opened his eyes, an overjoyed expression filled them.

Chu Feng was wild with joy. He actually shouted, “This All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart is truly a most precious treasure!”

“Aiyoyo, what caused you to become this happy? It seems that you’ve managed to obtain martial comprehension again?” Her Lady Queen asked with a smile on her face.

She was certain that Chu Feng had managed to obtain martial comprehension after strengthening his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler. Furthermore, he must’ve obtained a lot of martial comprehension.

Else, Chu Feng would not be acting like this.

“The martial comprehension I’ve obtained this time is even more abundant than last time. I now have a whole new level of understanding toward the path of martial cultivation.”

“It is as if I am now able to see the junction to break through to rank two True Immortal.”

“Eggy, I want to attempt a breakthrough immediately,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re planning to undergo your breakthrough here?”

“Although you’re inside the hunting ground, what you’ve trained in is the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“Even though you’re in the hunting ground, as long as you manage to successfully reach a breakthrough, the Divine Tribulation’s lightning will still appear outside the hunting ground. You will end up causing a commotion,” Her Lady Queen said.

“That’s right. A commotion is precisely what I want.” Chu Feng said.