Chapter 3055 - The Man Inside The Gate

Chapter 3055 - The Man Inside The Gate

After the eight members of the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generation entered the Upper Realm Gate, they quickly started flying deeper into it.

“Why would that Li Ruochu have such great speaking rights?”

“Not only did she look for Li Yue’er and bring her back into the clan after she returned, but she even sent Li Yue’er into our Li Heavenly Clan’s Grand Training Formation that would open once every thirty years.”

“One must know that only a single person can enter that Grand Training Formation. Furthermore, it is something that people can only fight over once every thirty years.”

“Yet, that Li Ruochu managed to obtain that opportunity to train in the Grand Training Formation for Li Yue’er that easily. It’s simply too unconvincing!”

“And now, she actually managed to change even an Supreme Elder’s intention with a single sentence.”

“If this is to continue, how could there ever be a day for us to shine?” A woman among the eight Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations spoke in a very displeased manner.

It would appear that even though they all realized that the old lady was feeling very displeased when she changed her order, she had only changed her order because of Li Ruochu.

“You’re worried that Li Yue’er will retaliate against you after she rises in power, right?”

“You can’t blame anyone for that. After all, you decided to bully Li Yue’er so ruthlessly after Li Ming died,” the man leading the group of eight said with a laugh.

“That’s not what I’m worried about. I am merely unable to understand why that Li Ruochu, a mere person of the younger generation before the Supreme Elders, would possess such capabilities in our Li Heavenly Clan,” that woman spoke with indignation.

“It’s for no other reason than the fact that she’s Li Ruochu, our Li Heavenly Clan’s strongest genius.”

“She is not even two hundred years old right now. However, she’s already a rank two Exalted. Is that not enough to prove her strength?”

“If you were to have her strength at her age, you too would be able to gain such speaking rights in our clan,” the man leading the group said.

“Humph,” the woman snorted. She said, “Regardless of how talented she might be, she will, sooner or later, be surpassed by big brother Li Anzhi.”

“Of course. After all, big brother Li Anzhi is one of the Ancestral Martial Decastars.”

“One must know that the Ancestral Martial Decastars are the ten strongest people of the younger generation in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.”

“With his talent, surpassing Li Ruochu is only a matter of time.”

Once that woman said those words, she immediately gained endorsements from the others present.

“All of you, it’s best for you to not forget that, before Li Ming’s death, our Li Heavenly Clan’s strongest person of the younger generation was Li Ming, not Li Anzhi.”

“Furthermore, Li Ruochu also held the title of being one of the Ancestral Martial Decastars in her youth. Furthermore, at that time, she was the strongest among them,” the leading man said.

“Big brother Youbin, you are demoralizing yourself. How do you know that big brother Li Anzhi will not become the strongest of the Ancestral Martial Decastars in the future? How do you know that big brother Li Anzhi will not surpass Li Ruochu in the future?” The woman who had spoken earlier said in a very unconvinced manner.

“That’s right. Big brother Youbin, you speak of us bullying Li Yue’er as if you yourself haven’t bullied Li Yue’er. If Li Yue’er is to emerge in power, it will not be a good thing for you either. Why are you only speaking for those sisters?” The other six people also voiced their concerns.

“I naturally know that Li Yue’er and Li Ruochu are our enemies, that little brother Anzhi is our hope.”

“However, we must still discuss things on their own merit. We cannot indulge in fantasy. And if we are to discuss things on their own merits, then Li Ming’s talent back then was indeed stronger than little brother Anzhi’s talent.”

“To be precise, Li Yue’er is also frighteningly talented. That is also the reason why I was so against her, and why I tried so hard to refuse to let her grow in our clan.”

“However, not only is that Li Ruochu still alive, but she even returned to our clan. With her return, Li Yue’er now has a backer again. It is inevitable that she will rise in power. It is just like how our Li Heavenly Clan is destined to annex the Chu Heavenly Clan now that the Upper Realm Gate had opened.”

“Thus, I will urge you all thusly: rather than continuing to be Li Yue’er’s enemy, it is better to quickly reconcile with her,” the man leading the group said.

“No wonder big brother Youbin has continuously sought for Li Yue’er and Li Ruochu and intentionally tried to appease those sisters ever since Li Ruochu returned.”

“Merely, big brother Youbin, you’re overrating them too much, no?”

“Don’t you know that your manner of conduct has already caused big brother Li Anzhi to become very displeased?”

“If you are to continue to act like this, big brother Li Anzhi will definitely fall out with you.”

“That’s right. Big brother Youbin, no matter how powerful those sisters might be, how could they be more powerful than big brother Li Anzhi?”

“After all, standing behind big brother Li Anzhi is…”

“The way I see it, the one that should fend for themselves is you, and not us.”

The other seven people of the younger generation present were all disapproving of their leader’s words, and began to advise him instead.

Faced with the crowd’s disapproval, the man laughed lightly. Then, he said, “I’ve already said all that I should. You all can make your decisions as to what to do yourselves.”

Suddenly, that man’s expression changed. He pointed ahead and shouted, “There’s someone ahead!”

At that moment, all of the other Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations started to look ahead seriously. It was only then that they discovered that there was a grand formation ahead of them. That should be the Upper Realm Gate’s main formation.

However, there was currently a person next to the main formation. That person was currently walking toward them.

“That is… a Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation?” At that moment, the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations all started to ponder who that person was.

“Who are you?!” Suddenly, the leader of the Li Heavenly Clan’s group shouted loudly.

Compared to his mild temper when talking with the other Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations, the leader of the group’s tone had turned very arrogant and overbearing.

Faced with that threat-filled shout from the Li Heavenly Clan’s group leader, the incoming individual suddenly stopped. Then, he waved his sleeve, and spirit power began to fly toward those Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

Seeing that spirit power, the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations all revealed a change in expression. They had not expected their opponent to directly attack them.

That said, they soon realized that it was not an attack. Besides, even if it was an attack, it would not be able to injure them.

Finally, the spirit power came to a stop. It actually formed a horizontal border before them.

“He… what is he trying to do?”

Seeing the border before them, the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were all puzzled. They all looked to their leader, Li Youbin.

At that moment, Li Youbin had a furious expression on his face. He shouted, “I am asking you a question, are you deaf or what?!”

Faced with those words, the man on the other side lightly chuckled. He said, “Who I am is not important. Merely, I wish to tell you all this. Do not cross that line. Otherwise… do not blame me for being impolite.”

The person who had said those words was none other than Chu Feng.