Chapter 3047 - The Treasure's Transformation

Chapter 3047 - The Treasure's Transformation

The crack appeared to have been created through someone piercing the ground with an enormous sword.

The size of the crack was not very large; it was only ten meters long, and around two meters at its widest.

However, the crack was extremely deep, bottomlessly deep.

Strangest of all, even when using his Heaven's Eyes, Chu Feng was unable to determine how deep the crack was. Nor was he able to determine where the crack lead.

The destination of the crack was an unknown place.

However, it just so happened that the power calling to the Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet originated from none other than that crack.

Thus, even though the crack lead to an unknown location, Chu Feng had no choice but to enter it should he want to check it out.


Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his hand. Immediately, he sent forth a ray of martial power that entered the surroundings of the crack.

Chu Feng was trying to use his power to forcibly cut open the crack. As long as the crack increased in size, he would naturally be able to see what was in the crack more clearly.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng's attack did not have any effect on the crack.

"Strange. Why would the ground here be this tough? Even with your power, you were actually unable to cause the slightest bit of damage."

"Chu Feng, this place is definitely not an ordinary place. If you are to enter that crack to check things out, you will likely encounter shenanigans."

"You must remember to be careful at all costs. If the situation is to turn amiss, leave immediately," after discovering that the crack on the surface of the ground was extraordinary, Her Lady Queen became curious.

However, Her Lady Queen was still worried for Chu Feng's safety. That was why she reminded Chu Feng to leave immediately should the situation turn amiss.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt unspoken, bitter suffering. He actually wanted to tell Her Lady Queen that the surroundings had been amiss since long ago.

However, Chu Feng could not tell her that. The reason for that was because he wanted to enter the crack and investigate things. Should he tell her what he was feeling, she would definitely not allow him to take such a risk.

Truth be told, being in such a forest and seeing such a crack in the ground, Chu Feng truly felt that it was not a crack, but rather the entrance to hell.

What awaited Chu Feng could very possibly be countless demons, ghosts and malicious spirits.

However, Chu Feng had no other choice. After all, it was as they said, profit could only be found within dangers.

Furthermore, Chu Feng firmly believed that opportunities and dangers coexisted.

Thus, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and entered the crack.

However, Chu Feng did not jump into the crack directly. The reason for that was because he was truly afraid. If there were really traps inside, Chu Feng would be throwing his life away should he jump into it.

Thus, Chu Feng was slowly climbing down by grabbing onto the walls.

Upon entering the crack, Chu Feng was no longer able to use his Heaven’s Eyes and other world spirit techniques.

That place seemed capable of obstructing all sensing abilities.

Chu Feng could only go onward by relying on his own eyesight. Unfortunately, Chu Feng's field of vision was extremely limited; he was only able to see roughly thirty meters away.

Furthermore, after entering that place, that strange sensation grew even stronger.

Being in that place, Chu Feng felt as if there were countless eyes watching him. Furthermore, that sort of feeling was growing more and more intense.

However, there was clearly nothing in his surroundings at all. This caused Chu Feng to feel extremely uneasy.

With the situation being like that, and with his Heaven’s Eyes being ineffective, Chu Feng was actually also feeling somewhat uncertain.

At that moment, Chu Feng was only able to make judgements from what he could see with his eyes.

However, his eyes could only see a short distance, and the feeling of being watched was very intense.

Gradually, Chu Feng felt that there were truly a lot of eyes watching him.

Furthermore, the further down he climbed, the larger the crack became.

That crack which had appeared to only be two meters wide at its widest and around ten meters long when looking from the outside, had become so wide that Chu Feng was no longer able to see the opposing wall. Furthermore, as it was bottomlessly deep, it simply resembled an actual abyss.

“This place is simply an abyss. It’s too deep,” Her Lady Queen gasped.

“Eggy, say, why do you think the Abyss Elf Clan is named the Abyss Elf Clan? Could it be that it’s related to this abyss?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s very possible that this place is where the Abyss Elf Clan truly resided.” Her Lady Queen said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt a chill. Even his hair began to stand on end.

That place simply felt like hell. If the Abyss Elf Clan originated from a place like that, they would either be a demonic race or a race of monstrous beasts.

However, according to Chu Youyuan, the Abyss Elf Clan was a very beautiful race with handsome men and beautiful women. Their bodies also emitted a special sort of temperament.

They innately give off a sort of immortal air.

What came to Chu Feng’s mind upon hearing that description was the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm’s Ancient Era’s Elves.

However, a race like the Ancient Era’s Elves was evidently different from a demonic race or a race of monstrous beasts. After all, their appearances were simply too pleasing, and they resembled beings from the world of immortals. As such, how could they be placed together with monstrous beasts or demons?

That said, Chu Feng had also asked Chu Youyuan about the origin of the Abyss Elf Clan.

The reason for that was because the ‘Abyss’ in their name represented being deep underground. This was a completely opposite concept from celestial fairies or elves that descended from the sky.

Unfortunately, the Abyss Elf Clan had existed way too long ago. As such, no one knew what the origin of the Abyss Elf Clan was.

Even during the time when the Abyss Elf Clan ruled over the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, the Elf Clan’s Sacred Ground was a forbidden area that no one was allowed to enter. Furthermore, the Abyss Elf Clan would never bring any of their guests into the Elf Clan’s Sacred Ground.

Thus, practically no one had entered the Abyss Elf Clan’s territory. At the very most, they would appreciate the beautiful scenery of the Elf Clan’s Sacred Ground and feel the intense natural energy emitted by the Elf Clan’s Sacred Ground from outside.

“Exactly what is the Abyss Elf Clan? Could it be that they’re really a race that crawled out of this deep abyss?”

Chu Feng was growing more and more uneasy. His hair that was standing on end was unable to calm down.

After all, Chu Feng had seen quite a few beings that came from deep underground. For example, there was the Magma Emperor that had nearly destroyed the entire Ancestral Martial Lower Realm. He too was an existence that had come from deep underground.

There was also the Ancient Era’s Ferocious Beasts that were sealed deep underground. Those were also murderous and cold-blooded beings.

Thus, the impression Chu Feng had toward existences from deep underground was not good at all.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng felt the Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet in his hand start to tremble violently. Following that, Chu Feng was able to sense many strands of strange power flowing out from deep underground. They were being absorbed by the Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet.

“Eggy, this Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet of mine is changing. Did you see that? There’s some sort of power here that it can absorb. I feel that my Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet seems to be awakening,” Chu Feng was wild with joy. Even the nervousness and unease he had felt earlier disappeared into thin air.