Chapter 3035 - Genocide

Chapter 3035 - Genocide

"Seniors, it’s all my fault. I failed to find the two of you sooner, and have made you suffer."

"However, from today on, I guarantee that no one will dare to harm the two of you again."

"I will have those animals pay the price for their actions right now," Chu Feng looked to Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi and spoke with a judgmental tone.

"Chu Feng, do not be impulsive. Those animals are very powerful. If you are to provoke them, you'll likely suffer a great catastrophe," seeing that Chu Feng wanted to avenge them, Zi Xunyi hurriedly grabbed Chu Feng to stop him.

Even though she firmly believed Chu Feng's talent to be superior to that of ordinary people, that he was a genius among geniuses, she knew very well how ruthless and terrifying those Bandit Beasts were after being captured for so long. She did not wish for Chu Feng to brave danger because of them.

Seeing Zi Xunyi acting like that, Chu Feng's heart felt even more pained.

He knew that Zi Xunyi was most likely scared by the torture of the Bandit Beasts.

Otherwise, she wouldn't be continuing with her work obediently even when someone was causing a commotion by trying to flee, and when the great majority of the captured workers stopped their work to watch the commotion and look for an opportunity to escape.

She was scared. She was acting like that out of fear. It was because she was afraid that she didn't dare to rebel.

But, one must know that Zi Xunyi was not easily scared. She was Zi Xunyi, a person who had endured countless hardships, experienced countless trials, and become an all-powerful existence in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

For someone like Zi Xunyi to become so timid, one could imagine what sort of torture and abuse she had suffered by the Bandit Beasts' hands.

"Those animals! I will definitely make them suffer miserable deaths!" At that moment, Chu Feng was clenching his fists even tighter. Chu Feng, who had always been calm and collected, was actually gnashing his teeth, his face deep red from anger. His eyes were burning with anger and emitting an intense killing intent.

Chu Feng was determined to kill. Treasures and such were completely worthless to him now.

At that moment, Chu Feng was determined to exterminate the Bandit Beasts that would not shrink from any crime.


Right at that moment, a scream was suddenly heard.

It was Xu Jialuo. Xu Jialuo had fallen heavily to the ground before the people of the Luo Family. He was completely covered in blood, and seriously injured.

Although both him and that Bandit Beast were rank one Heavenly Immortals, he not only did not possess an Incomplete Immortal Armament, but Xu Jialuo didn't even know any Immortal Techniques. Thus, he was simply no match for that Bandit Beast.

Seeing such a scene, the crowd that had stopped working and were watching the battle in the hopes of being saved hurriedly picked up the crystal stones that they’d put down and began to work again.

They all knew that they would have no chance to escape.

To them, they would at the very most receive some punishments. However, Xu Jialuo and the people of the Luo Family would not be let off with a simple punishment. Instead, they would all be killed.

At that moment, the people from the Luo Family were all trembling. Fear filled their faces. They were truly scared.

Seeing the fiendish appearance of those Bandit Beasts, they were able to imagine what would happen later.

Death. They all knew that they would be killed.

At that moment, they were filled with regret. If they knew this would’ve happened, they would’ve listened to Chu Feng, and not allowed Xu Jialuo to attempt to escape.

At the very least, if they didn’t revolt, they would still be able to live. Yet at present, they would not be able to live anymore. Furthermore, who knew what sort of torment they would suffer before their deaths?

“Animals! Today, I will completely eradicate you all from this world!!!” Right at that moment, a furious shout exploded from the direction of the two formations.

Turning over, the crowd were able to see a figure soaring into the sky and arriving in the air above the formations.

“It’s Lord Benefactor?” Luo Dali was overjoyed to see Chu Feng. He realized that Chu Feng might finally be planning to act.

“Why is he causing a commotion at a time like this? Is he trying to die?”

“Mad, that man is truly a madman, a lunatic.”

However, compared to Luo Dali, the others from the Luo Family all felt that Chu Feng was a madman.

Even Xu Jialuo, who successfully mastered his family’s divine technique and become a rank one Heavenly Immortal, was no match for the Bandit Beasts. How could a young man with the cultivation of a rank one Martial Ancestor possibly be able to take them on? That was simply courting death, nothing more than courting death.

“Another one seeking death? Very well, I will grant your wish today.”

“I shall see who else dares to attempt escape,” upon seeing Chu Feng, that rank one Heavenly Immortal Bandit Beast let out a sneer.

“Drop dead!” Right at that moment, Chu Feng let out another shout.

After he shouted those words, martial power visible to the naked eye swept forth like a tornado with a speed ten thousand times faster than lightning.

At that moment, the weather started to change as violent winds covered the region. Chu Feng’s enormous martial power instantly submerged everything.

Even the people from the Luo Family that were outside the formations were overturned and lightly injured by that martial power.

“Heavens, that…”

When the people from the Luo Family crawled up and saw the scene before them, they were all stunned. A fearful expression never before present emerged in their eyes.

This was especially true for that Luo Xiaofeng. Her body was trembling violently in fear. She was acting as if she had seen a ghost.

The reason for that was because all of the buildings in her field of view had been razed to the ground.

Weapons, body parts and blood covered the ground.

Those weapons were the Bandit Beasts’ weapons.

Those body parts were the Bandit Beasts’ bodies.

The blood was the Bandit Beasts’ blood.

There was so much blood that it formed a lake.

An intense reek of blood filled the air. It was truly an odor of death.

Dead. All those Bandit Beasts from earlier had died. They were instantly eradicated. Not a single one survived.

Even that rank one Heavenly Immortal Bandit Beast that seriously injured Xu Jialuo met a tragic death without even an intact corpse.

At that moment, Luo Xiaofeng and the people from the Luo Family were unable to keep themselves from turning around to look at Chu Feng again.

“Did he do that?” Luo Xiaofeng let out an incomparably frightened voice.