Chapter 3033 - Familiar Auras

Chapter 3033 - Familiar Auras

“You are truly capable of boasting. If you want to save someone, then go and save my big brother. We do not need you saving us,” Luo Xiaofeng said while pointing at Chu Feng.

Right at that moment, Xu Jialuo spoke with a very impatient tone. “Are you all planning to follow me or not? If you are, then follow me right away. If not, then you all can stay here.”

The current Xu Jialuo was incomparably arrogant and proud. He was reacting as if he was the son of heaven, overlooking everything.

However, even though he was so proud and arrogant, he was refuted by Chu Feng. Naturally, Xu Jialuo would feel very displeased.

After Xu Jialuo finished saying those words, he began to walk toward the outside of the formation.

Seeing that, the people from the Luo Family hurriedly followed after him.

“Lord Benefactor, this…” Luo Dali looked to Chu Feng. He was momentarily at a loss as to what to do.

Even though Luo Dali was also surprised by Xu Jialuo’s sudden increase in cultivation, he seemed to believe in Chu Feng’s words even more.

“Trust me. Go and urge that Xu Jialuo to not do anything. If he is to ruin my business, even if the Bandit Beasts don’t kill him, I will,” Chu Feng said.

“Dali, what are you still standing there for? Quickly, come over here! Do you really think that madman will be able to save you?” Right at that moment, a shout was heard. It was Luo Dali’s mother.

“Lord Benefactor, I am sorry. Even if I am to die, I must die with my family,” Luo Dali bowed helplessly to Chu Feng. Then, he ran toward his family.

“Truly foolish,” Seeing the people of the Luo Family that left following Xu Jialuo, Chu Feng shook his head helplessly. Then, he sat down cross-legged.

Although the people from the Luo Family were very foolish, Chu Feng had promised Luo Dali to save his family. Thus, he would naturally not refuse to save them.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to hold nothing back, and unleashed his perceptive power to its limits to detect whether that place was the actual hideout or not.

Meanwhile, the people from the Luo Family had arrived outside the formation following Xu Jialuo.

“Impudent! Who allowed you all to come out?! You all have truly grown tired of living!”

Xu Jialuo and the people from the Luo Family were immediately surrounded the moment they left the formation.

"Humph, a bunch of monstrous beasts dare to act so impudently before this young master?"

Faced with the Bandit Beasts that surrounded them, Xu Jialuo merely waved his hand and shot forth a wave of martial power. The monstrous beasts that surrounded them all exploded and died. They did not even have time to scream in pain before dying by Xu Jialuo's hands.

"There are slaves escaping, slaves escaping!!!"

Once Xu Jialuo killed those Bandit Beasts, even more Bandit Beasts rushed toward them and surrounded them. Furthermore, the Bandit Beasts that were rushing over to surround them were becoming stronger and stronger.

That said, regardless of how powerful those Bandit Beasts were, as long as they were not at the Heavenly Immortal Realm of cultivation, they were no match for Xu Jialuo regardless of how numerous they were. The more that rushed over, the more that ended up being killed by Xu Jialuo. Killing them was simply as easy as stomping ants to death.

At that moment, the Bandit Beasts that were acting arrogantly and aggressively earlier all turned extremely timid and fearful after having a lot of their fellows killed by Xu Jialuo.

Seeing Xu Jialuo slaughtering those Bandit Beasts, Luo Xiaofeng had a love-struck expression. She would even look to Luo Dali, who stood behind her, repeatedly.

Her expression seemed to be saying, 'Look at how you were looking down at my big brother Jialuo before. Look, do you see how powerful he is now?'

"A bunch of trash! You've actually allowed a human expert to infiltrate here!" Suddenly, a furious shout exploded from afar. When that voice exploded, the entire region started to tremble violently. The people from the Luo Family even felt as if their eardrums were about to explode. The vibration from that explosive shout caused their heads to feel very dizzy.

After that explosive voice was heard, a figure flew into the sky. Then, that individual landed before Xu Jialuo and the others.

After that individual landed, not only did panic cover the faces of the people from the Luo Family, but even Xu Jialuo's expression changed.

The person that had arrived before them was naturally also a Bandit Beast. However, that Bandit Beast was stronger than Xu Jialuo had anticipated. That Bandit Beast was a rank one Heavenly Immortal.

But Xu Jialuo had clearly observed his surroundings with his perception. He had simply not detected any rank one Heavenly Immortal-level existences.

"Big brother Jialuo, what's going on? Why would there be such a powerful monstrous beast here?" Luo Xiaofeng had a panicky expression on her face.

It was not only Luo Xiaofeng who was panicking; the others from the Luo Family were also panicking. They had all followed Xu Jialuo and walked out of the formation. It was obvious that they were with him.

If Xu Jialuo was unable to handle that monstrous beast, he would not be the only one out of luck. They too would end up suffering the same fate as him.

"What's there to panic about? I've already mastered my divine technique. No one will be able to obstruct me today," As Xu Jialuo said those words, he swung his sleeve. Immediately, surging martial power swept forth and then turned into countless ferocious beasts that rushed toward that Bandit Beast to attack it.


That bandit beast was not to be outdone either. After letting out a roar, it unleashed its powerful martial power.

It was like a surging storm. Energy ripples spread all over the place. The two of them then collided with one another.

While Xu Jialuo and that Bandit Beast were fighting, Chu Feng was carefully observing the entire hideout.

Perhaps because Xu Jialuo had caught the attention of the Bandit Beasts, even though Chu Feng had unleashed his perceptive ability full-force, no one noticed him.

The more Chu Feng observed, the more joyous he became. Even though he was still unable to find the location of the treasures, he deduced this place to most likely be the Bandit Beasts' hideout.

"These auras?!"

Suddenly, Chu Feng's expression changed again.

As Chu Feng pulled back his perception, he reduced the scope of his power. This caused his perception to become even stronger.

Even though Chu Feng did not deliberately try to sense the people inside the two formations, he still ended up sensing two familiar auras.

"Lord Youyuan, please wait here for me," Chu Feng said to Chu Youyuan beside him.

After he finished saying those words, before Chu Youyuan could respond, Chu Feng hurriedly turned around and flew toward the corner of the other formation.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng landed beside a woman.

That woman had a very beautiful appearance. Before her, a woman like Luo Xiaofeng would simply be considered ordinary.