Chapter 3022 - Rapid Passage Of Time

Chapter 3022 - Rapid Passage Of Time

After informing Chu Feng about the spatial cracks, Chu Youyuan started to wholeheartedly treat his injuries.

As for Chu Feng, he began to carefully inspect the tunnel ahead so as to not miss the appearance of a spatial crack.

The reason for that was because while the trajectory of the spatial tunnel might be constant, spatial cracks could appear at random, and were constantly on the move.

It might be possible that a spatial crack would be present not far ahead of Chu Feng. However, when Chu Feng approached it, the spatial crack might already have disappeared.

It was also possible that a spatial crack would appear in the location where Chu Feng had just passed, even though there was clearly nothing there when he passed by.

It was precisely because of the random nature of spatial cracks and their mobility that spatial tunnels were such a frightening place to be.

Even though there would definitely be one or more spatial cracks in every spatial tunnel, the mobility of the spatial cracks caused many people to be trapped in spatial tunnels for their life.

That was the reason why Chu Feng needed to focus on observing the tunnel ahead.

Unfortunately, even though Chu Feng was so focused, luck was not looking after him.

Chu Youyuan had already completely healed his injuries. Time was still passing nonstop. Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan had been now been drifting in the spatial tunnel for several months already.

The day of the Heavenly Beloved Martial Competition was approaching. Yet, Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan were still trapped in the spatial tunnel, with no exit to be seen.

During those past several months, Chu Feng had gained sufficient comprehension to make a breakthrough to rank five Heavenly Immortal. However, Chu Feng had not attempted to make his breakthrough the entire time.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was afraid that he would be forever trapped in the spatial tunnel. He was withholding his breakthrough opportunity precisely for that.

According to Chu Youyuan, there were true experts in the martial cultivation world that were capable of separating themselves from the world and roaming the vast starry sky.

Those experts were capable of forcibly ripping an opening in the spatial tunnels with their own power, and rescuing the people trapped inside.

However, spatial tunnels were extremely well-hidden. Even those enormously powerful experts would not be able to detect their existence.

That was the reason why Chu Feng needed to retain his breakthrough opportunity. If they were fortunate enough to encounter an expert roaming through the vast starry sky, Chu Feng could then make his breakthrough and draw forth the Divine Tribulation’s lightning, exposing his location.

As long as that expert was interested in Chu Feng, that expert would act to rescue him.

Of course, this method was all based on luck. It could even be said that, compared to encountering a spatial crack, encountering an expert like that would be even less likely to happen.

After all, experts of that level were extremely rare in the entire martial cultivation world. Naturally, it would be very difficult for one to run into one such expert.

However, there was no other choice. Chu Feng could not allow himself to be trapped here forever. Even if the possibility of encountering an expert like that was extremely slim, he still had to attempt it.

At that moment, Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan were still traveling inside the spatial tunnel. Chu Feng was sitting cross-legged. He seemed to be pondering some things.

As for Chu Youyuan, he was looking ahead.

Even though it had been so long, and they had not encountered any spatial cracks in all this time, Chu Youyuan’s focus did not waver.

“Lord Youyuan, I cannot wait anymore,” Suddenly, Chu Feng stood up. A crimson sword was present in his hand. It was the Demon Armament, the Evil God Sword.

“In the end, you’ve decided to use that sword?” Chu Youyuan was facing Chu Feng with his back. He did not turn around. However, he knew what Chu Feng wanted to do.

“Lord Youyuan, we cannot allow ourselves to be trapped in here forever,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, I know that Demon Armament of yours to be very powerful. However, you should be able to sense the power of the spatial tunnel.”

“If you are to continue waiting, there is still a chance of escape. However, if you are to use your Demon Armament and end up receiving its backlash, you might end up having no chance of escape,” Chu Youyuan said.

This was actually not the first time Chu Feng had attempted to use the Evil God Sword.

However, Chu Youyuan had managed to urge Chu Feng against using his Evil God Sword every time. Chu Youyuan knew that the Evil God Sword would have an enormous backlash, and might even endanger Chu Feng’s life. Thus, he did not want Chu Feng to use the Evil God Sword.

“Lord Youyuan, you don’t have to urge me against it anymore. I have made my decision. This time around, I must definitely attempt it.”

“Moreover, Lord Youyuan, please rest assured. I will not go all-out in my utilization of the Evil God Sword. I will only give it a try. If it doesn’t work, I will immediately stop my activation of the sword. I will definitely not allow it to cause enormous harm to me or seize my body.”

“Lord Youyuan, just allow me to give it a try,” Chu Feng spoke with a pleading tone.

Being inside the spatial tunnel for so long, Chu Feng had already realized that the spatial tunnel revolved around the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Thus, should a crack appear in the spatial tunnel, it would most likely allow Chu Feng to return to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

At that time, Chu Feng would be able to demand justice from Chu Zhiyuan and the others.

Chu Feng was impatient to retrieve justice for himself. That was the reason why he was so impatient.

Faced with such a Chu Feng, Chu Youyuan was hesitant.

“Chu Feng, look!” Suddenly, Chu Youyuan pointed ahead and shouted.

Looking toward the direction indicated by Chu Youyuan, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly. Then, extreme joy filled his face.

A cobweb-like image had appeared ahead of the spatial tunnel. It was a legendary spatial crack.

“Spatial crack, it’s a spatial crack. Chu Feng… you don’t have to use the power of your Evil God Sword anymore. You will be able to leave this place,” Her Lady Queen was leaping up and down in joy. She was simply even more excited than Chu Feng.

After all, Her Lady Queen knew about the power and danger of the Evil God Sword even better than Chu Youyuan. Thus, she had hoped that Chu Feng would not have to use the Evil God Sword’s power even more than Chu Youyuan.

And now, with the spatial crack appearing before them, it meant that Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan would be able to leave the spatial tunnel. Not only would Chu Feng not have to use the dangerous Evil God Sword, but he would also be able to leave the spatial tunnel and return to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. With this, Her Lady Queen would naturally be unable to contain the joy in her heart.