Chapter 2705 - Undisciplined And Out Of Control

Chapter 2705 - Undisciplined And Out Of Control


Following a thunder-like sound, the earth started to tremble.

Tens of thirty meter-long and a dozen meter-tall beasts were galloping.

These beasts were translucent in appearance, and emitted light throughout their bodies. Not only did they appear to be sacred, but they were also extremely fierce.

If an ordinary individual were to encounter these beasts, they would most definitely be scared witless. They would have turned around and fled from the beasts immediately.

However, at that very moment, there was a person standing atop a winged cheetah and chasing the group of ferocious beasts.

While the body of that winged cheetah was only several meters in size, its wings were over a dozen meters long. Currently, it was flapping its massive wings with an extremely fast speed.

Perhaps its flying speed was related to its wings. That winged cheetah was flying with an unimaginable speed.

Soon, that winged cheetah managed to catch up to the group of ferocious beasts. The person standing atop the winged cheetah spread open his palm. Then, a golden-bright and dazzling net-like substance began to float above his palm.


Suddenly, that man raised his arm, and then the net-like light substance flew out from his palm.

Once that light left his palm, it started to rapidly increase in size. In the blink of an eye, it turned into an enormous net that was many thousands of meters long.

It covered the entire sky as it descended from above, enveloping all of the running ferocious beasts.

After the ferocious beasts were caught in the net, the enormous golden net started to rapidly shrink in size. Like sharp blades, the net began to cut the ferocious beasts’ bodies apart.

The beasts let out roars nonstop, and began to unleash their power with the intention of breaking free from the net. Yet, it was all useless. In the end, they were all obliterated by that golden net.

After the ferocious beasts died, they turned into piles of dazzling golden bones. Those bones all had the same appearance. They were all only two feet long, and shined with a faint golden light.

Although only several tens of ferocious beasts died, they turned into several hundred bones.

The man waved his sleeve, and an attractive power emerged. That attractive power sucked all of the bones into his Cosmos Sack.

As for that man, he was none other than Chu Feng.

What he had hunted down earlier were World Spirit Beasts. What he had absorbed into his Cosmos Sack were World Spirit Bones.

It had been half a day since Chu Feng had set foot into the hunting grounds.

The World Spirit Beasts that Chu Feng had killed earlier were the final batch of World Spirit Beasts left in the region.

In merely half a day, Chu Feng had hunted down over ten thousand World Spirit Beasts, and harvested over a hundred thousand World Spirit Bones.

“Never would I have expected that it would take me half a day to hunt down all of the World Spirit Beasts in this region.”

Although Chu Feng had reaped an abundant harvest, he was not very satisfied. The reason for that was because he had truly never expected that it would take him so much time to hunt the World Spirit Beasts in the region after sealing it away.

After all, Chu Feng had felt that hunting World Spirit Beasts after sealing the region away would be as easy as catching a turtle in a jar.

Unfortunately, even though those World Spirit Beasts were formed with spirit formations, they actually possessed intelligence that surpassed what Chu Feng had anticipated.

It turned out that they would only become aggressive and attack when faced with those possessing strength weaker than their own.

However, when they encountered people with strength surpassing their own, they would immediately flee.

Most importantly, those World Spirit Beasts were actually capable of sensing danger. Even when Chu Feng deliberately concealed his aura, they would still discover him once he got within a certain distance from them. After that, they would immediately flee from Chu Feng.

Thus, it could be said that Chu Feng had spent half a day playing a game of cat and mouse with those World Spirit Beasts.

Fortunately, in the end, Chu Feng had managed to completely hunt all of them down.

“The way this Queen sees it, you’ve obtained a very vast harvest in this half day period. Merely, we do not know whether or not these World Spirit Beasts you’ve killed are enough for you to obtain first place,” Her Lady Queen said.

According to the observations Her Lady Queen made on their journey, that region contained several tens of times more World Spirit Beasts than other regions.

Thus, Chu Feng hunting down all of the World Spirit Beasts in the region would serve as an enormous harvest.

This sort of harvest was most likely something that others would not even dare to imagine.

Merely, Her Lady Queen was also uncertain as to whether or not the World Spirit Bones harvested from that region would be enough for Chu Feng to obtain first place.

After all, Chu Feng had rushed toward the southeast directly after entering the hunting ground. Thus, he had not managed to explore anywhere else.

Thus, neither Chu Feng nor Her Lady Queen knew whether or not there might be any other regions of the hunting ground with even more concentrated amounts of World Spirit Beasts than the southeast.

“Only half a day has passed so far. I can continue to hunt more World Spirit Beasts,” after saying those words, Chu Feng turned around and began to fly toward the direction where he came from.

Chu Feng’s purpose was very simple. He planned to obtain the first place in the hunt. Thus, even though he had obtained an enormous harvest right, he would still not dare to slack in the slightest.

Soon, Chu Feng arrived at the location where he had set up the concealment formation.

Although others were unable to see Chu Feng when looking from the outside, and the concealment formation made it so that the outside looked like the border of the region, Chu Feng was able to see the situation outside clearly.

“Aren’t those the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations? What are they doing?” Chu Feng suddenly stopped.

The reason for that was because he saw those ten members of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation, those eight men and two women.

Apart from them, there were several hundred people present.

Those people were actually all kneeling on the ground. They were currently taking out World Spirit Bones from their Cosmos Sacks to hand to those Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

“They couldn’t possibly be… robbing them, right?” Even Her Lady Queen was extremely surprised.

She knew that those Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were good for nothing. Yet, she never expected them to be this bad.

They were actually so despicable that they’d started to rob others.

“That should be the case. They are robbing them. Merely, does this not go against the rules of the hunt?” Chu Feng started to ponder.

He felt that there was no rule stating that one could snatch another’s spoils.

“Although there are no explicit rules stating that one can rob others, there are also no rules stating that one cannot.”

“The way I see it, this hunt is a cruel game to begin with. As long as one does not kill others, there is nothing that would go against the rules,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Milord, I think that it’s wrong for you to do this sort of thing!”

Right at that moment, a woman from the several hundred people kneeling on the ground suddenly shouted.

That woman was also a member of the younger generation. She should be in her eighties. However, she had the appearance of a young girl.

However, it should be mentioned that Chu Feng noticed that she was not deliberately concealing her actual appearance. Rather, she was someone who had a naturally youthful look.

That said, the woman’s appearance, although young, was very ordinary. She belonged to the sort of people that no one would take note of in a crowd.

That said, while she had an ordinary appearance, she was emitting a determined and stubborn gaze in her eyes.

She was the only one among the group kneeling on the ground that possessed that sort of gaze.

“Impudent! A mere commoner dares say that this young master is wrong?!”

Standing before that woman was a man from the Chu Heavenly Clan. That man had a very long horse-like face.

At that moment, he was questioning the woman with an interrogating tone.

“These are what we’ve obtained from hunting World Spirit Beasts. It would naturally be wrong for you to rob what is ours,” that woman said.

“Very well, I might as well tell you all why our Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations are always able to obtain rewards every time we come to participate in this hunt.”

“It’s very simple, we have all always plundered our World Spirit Bones from others.”

“Through plundering, we made it so that others would not be able to obtain more World Spirit Bones than us. That is the method of our victory,” that horse-faced Chu Heavenly Clansman said.

There was not only no trace of apology in his eyes when he said those words, but he was even extremely proud of himself.

“How could the Immortal Armament Villa allow you all to act like this?” That woman asked.

“Immortal Armament Villa? What do they think they are? Do they dare to do anything to us?” That Chu Heavenly Clansman said.

“But, as you all are in this place, you should be following the rules of the Immortal Armament Villa,” that woman said stubbornly.

“Enough of your bullshit! Hand it over!”

That Chu Heavenly Clan’s horse-faced man had grown furious. He raised his leg and kicked the woman to the ground.

“Unless you all are to kill me, I will definitely not hand my World Spirit Bones to you all.”

There was already blood at the corner of the woman’s mouth as she spoke. However, not only did she not cower, she even clenched her Cosmos Sack tightly.

“You are truly one to not know how to cry until you see your coffin! Very well, since you want to die this much, I will help you succeed!” That Chu Heavenly Clan’s horse-faced man was extremely furious.

As he spoke, Chu Feng sensed intense killing intent from his body.

Not only was he, a man, bullying a woman, but he was actually planning to kill her just because she refused to comply with his wishes.

How undisciplined and out of control was he?

Seeing that the situation was bad, Chu Feng stopped ignoring the matter and shouted, “Stop!”

Chu Feng’s shout was ear-piercing like thunder. His shout caused space itself to tremble.

That Chu Heavenly Clan’s horse-faced man was so startled by the sudden shout that his body actually trembled, and he nearly fell to the ground.

However, the very next moment, incomparable anger emerged in his eyes.

He thought to himself, ‘Who dares to shout at me in a place like this?’

However, at the moment when the horse-faced man and the other nine members of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation turned their furious gazes toward Chu Feng, they were immediately bewildered.

The reason for that was because… there was actually not a single person in the direction that they were looking.