Chapter 2998 - Exposing One’s True Nature

Chapter 2998 - Exposing One’s True Nature

That was how Her Lady Queen was. To people that she disliked, she would be disinclined to even talk with them, and only wanted to kill them.

It was due to Chu Feng that Her Lady Queen disliked Chu Zhiyuan and the others. After all, judging from the way they'd conducted themselves, they would most likely remain Chu Feng's enemies now and in the future.

For enemies like them, there was no reason to leave them alive.

However, Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi, as well as Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu, who had not followed him in, all possessed a certain amount of background in the Chu Heavenly Clan.

If Chu Feng were to really kill them, he would definitely be courting a major disaster.

Thus, normally, even if they were excessive, Chu Feng would still exercise forbearance. He would have to wait till he matured in strength and did not fear anyone anymore to return and settle his debt with them.

However, Chu Feng just so happened to not be that sort of person.

Generally, Chu Feng would exercise forbearance. However, there was a limit to his patience. For those that were determined to kill him, Chu Feng would definitely not let them live should he be able to kill them right away.

Thus, Chu Feng would definitely not spare those that aimed their killing intent at him and actually attacked him with the desire to kill him. This was the way Chu Feng handled things.

That narrow cave path was longer than Chu Feng had anticipated. Chu Feng and the others walked for four hours straight before finally reaching the exit.

At that moment, Chu Feng and the others arrived at an enormous cave. This was the end of the cave.

For some unknown reason, the Blueflame Biogas disappeared at this place. Thus, Chu Feng and the others' field of view had become clear again.

Not only was this place very large, but it also possessed magnificent scenery. That said, what caught Chu Feng and the others' attention the most was a fountain in the near distance, and a lake located deep inside the cave.

The cave was very large. It could practically be said to be boundless. However, the lake located deep inside the cave was also very vast. Giant waves were surging about and smashing the rock-bank. Rather than calling it a lake, it would not be excessive to call it a sea.

Most important of all, the water in the lake was surging, and red in color. It was as if the water was composed of flames.

At a glance, the water resembled lava. However, the temperature emitted by the water was over ten thousand times more frightening than that of lava. Even though Chu Feng and the others were very far away from the lake, they were still able to feel the intense heat waves pressing in on them continuously.

The lake water was so frightening that, not to mention Chu Feng, likely even Martial Immortal-level experts would undoubtedly die should they fall into it. It was extremely dangerous.

Likely, that lake was the danger indicated by the formation.

However, the fiery red lake was not the most eye-catching thing in that place.

What was the most eye-catching was not located deep within the vast lake. Instead, it was located right before Chu Feng and the others.

It was that spring.

The pond where the spring was located was very small. It was only capable of containing a hundred people. Compared to the boundless red lake located deep inside the cave, it was simply pathetically small.

However, what was being sprayed out of the spring was no ordinary clear water. Instead, the water contained a concentrated amount of natural energies, and even martial comprehension capable of helping one reach a breakthrough in cultivation.

Although that place was extremely vast, there were no rare treasures to be seen. However, to martial cultivators, one such fountain would suffice.

To martial cultivators, cultivation was everything. Places capable of helping one increase their cultivation would be the most precious treasure.

Evidently, this spring was such a treasure.

"I truly never would've imagined that there would be such a miraculous place in the Nine Moons Sacred Domain!!!" A cry of alarm was heard. It was actually Chu Ruoshi.

That Chu Heavenly Clan's magnificent young miss could actually lose control of her emotions too.

It was not just her. Even Chu Feng was feeling extremely astonished.

Chu Feng felt that while a spring like that might not be of much use to a Martial Immortal-level expert, it should be extremely beneficial for Heavenly Immortal experts. As for True Immortal-level cultivators, its benefits would be even greater.

Because of this, it was likely that all of them would have the opportunity to reach a breakthrough in cultivation. If their comprehension was strong enough, the breakthrough in cultivation that they would make would likely not be limited to only a single level of cultivation.

Chu Feng even felt that he might be able to reach the Heavenly Immortal realm in a short few days.

This was not a delusion. Instead, it was truly possible. The reason for that was because the natural energies spraying out of the spring were already so intense even though they were standing quite far away from it. If they were to enter the spring water, the natural energies would naturally be even stronger.

"Little brother Chu Feng, you are truly amazing. You actually really managed to discover such a precious treasure."

"To us people of the younger generation, it is truly an invaluable treasure."

Chu Zhiyuan suddenly spoke. However, at the moment Chu Zhiyuan spoke, Chu Feng suddenly felt an extremely intense killing intent.

At that moment, Chu Feng hurriedly turned around to look at Chu Zhiyuan.

He discovered that Chu Zhiyuan was looking at him with a strange smile on his face. Likely, many people in the Chu Heavenly Clan had never seen such an appearance from Chu Zhiyuan before.

His appearance was truly sinister. It was not only his face that was sinister; he was practically emitting a sort of aura, a dark and sinister aura, from all over his body.

The current Chu Zhiyuan seemed to have cast away his hypocritical mask and exposed his true nature.

"However, little brother Chu Feng, you're too excellent. If you continue to stay in the clan... we will forever be unable to rise in power," Chu Zhiyuan said to Chu Feng.

"Thus, you want to eliminate me?" Chu Feng asked.

"Since you know, why ask?" Chu Zhiyuan smiled.

"Actually, I wanted to ask how you're going to eliminate me. Are you perhaps going to rely on your rank five True Immortal-level cultivation?" Chu Feng mocked.

Even though he was being mocked, Chu Zhiyuan's expression remained unchanged. He said in a dull tone, "Rank five True Immortal? It would appear that even though you're an Asura World Spiritist, your perception is only so strong."

After he finished saying those words, Chu Zhiyuan's clothes and hair started to flutter. He had completely unleashed his aura. His aura was simply not that of a rank five True Immortal. Instead, it was that of a rank eight True Immortal.

"It would appear that you possess some sort of treasure capable of concealing your aura on you. However... you're thinking of eliminating me with only the cultivation of a rank eight True Immortal?" Chu Feng remained very calm.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was not at all surprised by Chu Zhiyuan concealing his cultivation. After all, he had anticipated it.

Chu Feng was not panicky either. After all, being only a rank eight True Immortal, it would be impossible for Chu Zhiyuan to be a match for Her Lady Queen.

That said, Chu Feng knew that someone like Chu Zhiyuan would definitely possess a hidden trump card. Otherwise... it would be impossible for him to stand forth with his cultivation of a rank eight True Immortal and declare his intention to eliminate Chu Feng after seeing with his own eyes how Chu Ruoshi had suffered a miserable defeat by Her Lady Queen's hands.

At that moment, Chu Feng was waiting for Chu Zhiyuan to unleash his trump card.