Chapter 2992 - The Remorseful Chu Yue

Chapter 2992 - The Remorseful Chu Yue

“There’s actually a sun and moon within the Yin Yang Fate Pearl? Could it be the legendary Sun-moon level?!”

At that moment, the elders present all arrived before Chu Feng to carefully examine the Yin Yang Fate Pearl in his hand.

They were trying to make certain that it was the legendary Sun-moon level. After all, they did not dare to believe that Chu Feng had really managed to awaken his Yin Yang Fate Pearl to the Sun-moon level.

After all, the Sun-moon level was a legendary level, the highest level.

“Don’t bother looking anymore, if that’s not the Sun-moon level, what else could it be?” Chu Lingxi looked at those elders like they were fools.

She felt that Chu Feng’s Yin Yang Fate Pearl was an undeniable truth. For those elders to ask that sort of question meant that they lacked intelligence.

Of course, among the people present, only Chu Lingxi dared to cast that sort of eye of contempt at those elders.


After their moment of astonishment, sounds of people sucking in cold air could be heard continuously.

Not to mention the people of the younger generation, even the elders present were looking at Chu Feng with renewed reverence in their eyes.

The Self-Punishment Mysterious Technique Chu Feng trained in was the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

As a world spiritist, Chu Feng was the strongest Asura World Spiritist.

During the trial of the Heavenly Lightning Steps, Chu Feng awakened the legendary tenth step.

Even in awakening the Yin Yang Fate Pearls, Chu Feng managed to awaken the legendary Sun-moon level.

Was Chu Feng even human?!

Chu Huanyu, Chu Haoyan, Chu Ruoshi and Chu Lingxi had always been deemed to be their Chu Heavenly Clan’s geniuses. However, they were simply incapable of being compared to Chu Feng.

Demon-level genius? Likely, this was what an actual demon-level genius was like.


Right at that moment, a shattering sound was suddenly heard.

As the crowd were all focused on Chu Feng’s Sun-moon Yin Yang Fate Pearl, they simply did not notice that light shattering sound.

However, Chu Yue’s expression changed enormously. The reason for that was because that shattering sound came from her palm. It was her Yin Yang Fate Pearl. Cracks had appeared on the Yin Yang Fate Pearl in her hand.

“Lord Elders!!!”

Alarmed, Chu Yue cried out. With her cracked Yin Yang Fate Pearl in hand, she rushed over to the elders in panic to request their help, “Lord Elders, please look… what is happening to my Yin Yang Fate Pearl?”

“That is?” With how panicky Chu Yue was, the crowd were unable to not notice her.

When the crowd saw the Yin Yang Fate Pearl in her hand, their expressions turned to those of shock.

Why would cracks appear on Chu Yue’s Yin Yang Fate Pearl?



Right at that moment, the number of cracks on Chu Yue’s Yin Yang Fate Pearl started to increase. Soon, the entire Yin Yang Fate Pearl was covered in cracks.

“Lord Elders, what is happening to my Yin Yang Fate Pearl? Please help me!” Chu Yue started to stomp her feet anxiously as she saw that her Yin Yang Fate Pearl on the verge of shattering.

“Eh… regarding this… let me have a look.”

The elders present were placed in a very difficult situation. The reason for that was because even they did not know what was happening. However, as they were, after all, the elders in charge, it was their duty to take care of something like that.

As such, they could only extend their hands and receive the Yin Yang Fate Pearl from Chu Yue to see what was wrong.


However, right at that moment, another cracking sound was heard. The next moment, Chu Yue’s Yin Yang Fate Pearl shattered completely. It turned into gas that scattered into the air.


Everyone was stunned upon seeing this scene.

There were people who revealed puzzled expressions, and people who felt that this was unfortunate.

Regardless of the circumstances, it was a Full Moon-level Yin Yang Fate Pearl. It was truly quite unfortunate for it to shatter like that.

At this moment when the crowd were all confused and surprised, only Chu Feng had an undisturbed expression.

He knew very well why the Yin Yang Fate Pearl shattered. Originally, Chu Feng would have been able to set up a formation over it to take care of the problem of it shattering.

However, Chu Feng was unable to find a reason to help Chu Yue at that moment.

Someone like Chu Yue was no longer worthy for Chu Feng to extend a helping hand.

Whilst Chu Yue might appear to be weak and delicate, she was someone who truly placed her own self-interest above everything else.

Regardless of how good you were to her, she would still abandon you for the sake of her own self-interest.

“Truly useless, you’re unable to even protect a Yin Yang Fate Pearl,” at that moment, Chu Haoyan let out a cold snort. Then, he swept his eyes over the crowd. He asked, “Is there anyone else willing to become my partner?”

Once he asked that question, he immediately received responses.

Furthermore, Chu Haoyan was in no mood to be picky anymore. As such, he randomly picked someone and harmonized his Yin Yang Fate Pearl with hers.

However, what he did caused Chu Yue to become completely dumbfounded.

She had clearly betrayed Chu Feng for Chu Haoyan’s sake. Chu Haoyan had promised her that he would protect her.

Thus, why would Chu Haoyan abandon her in the blink of an eye and partner up with someone else?

Wouldn’t that mean that all that she had done for Chu Haoyan earlier would have been done in vain?

For Chu Yue, she had renounced the giant tree that was Chu Feng. Yet In the end, she ended up being abandoned herself so easily.

“Lord Elder, this…” At that moment, Chu Yue’s eyes had turned red. She looked to the elder who had received the Yin Yang Fate Pearl from her, seeking an explanation.

“Chu Yue, I also do not understand what happened to your Yin Yang Fate Pearl. It would appear that you will not be able to enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.”

That elder revealed an awkward expression. It was clear that he did not wish to say anything to Chu Yue. Thus, he immediately turned around and spoke loudly, “The Yin Yang Gate has opened. All of you, quickly, go on in. Do not waste time.”

Once he said those words, who would possibly still dare to stay? The crowd that had already harmonized their Yin Yang Fate Pearls began to enter the Yin Yang Gate in pairs.

At that moment, seeing that Chu Lingxi was unwilling to change her mind. Chu Huanyu did not attempt to say anything anymore. He also randomly found himself a partner and harmonized his Yin Yang Fate Pearl with hers. Then, he also entered the Yin Yang Gate.

As for Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi, they too harmonized their Yin Yang Fate Pearls. They started walking toward the Yin Yang Gate.

Right at the moment when Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi passed by Chu Yue, Chu Yue suddenly said, “Little brother Chu Feng,”

“What’s wrong? Are you regretting your actions now? I’m afraid it’s too late,” Chu Lingxi looked to Chu Yue with incomparable disgust in her eyes.

Chu Yue’s tears were already falling like rain. Remorse filled her face. She truly looked pitiful.

“What do you need?” However, even though Chu Yue appeared so pitiful, Chu Feng’s tone was very cold. It was simply a complete reversal from his previous gentle attitude.

Faced with such a Chu Feng, Chu Yue’s body grew stiff. She realized that it was too late. Thus, the remorse on her face grew even more intense. In fact, she did not even dare to look at Chu Feng. She lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry.”

Hearing Chu Yue’s ‘I’m sorry,’ Chu Feng merely smiled indifferently. Then, together with Chu Lingxi, he entered the Yin Yang Gate.

At that moment, a sigh was heard. It was from a man.

He was sighing because his partner had decided to abandon him to partner with Chu Haoyan, causing him to lose his qualifications to enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.

He arrived at Chu Yue’s side and said, “I had originally thought myself to be very pitiful, since I was abandoned by my partner. However, it would seem that you’re even more pitiful than me. That said, Chu Yue, I am truly unable to comfort you.”

After saying those words, the man moved his face beside Chu Yue’s ear. With a low voice, he said, “Because you deserved this.”

“Haha,” after he finished saying those words, that man started to laugh heartily as he walked away.

As for Chu Yue, her body was shivering from head to toe. The regret in her heart was akin to an erupting volcano, spreading through her entire body.

Deserved this?

Indeed, Chu Feng had treated her extremely well. Yet, she decided to betray Chu Feng.

She indeed deserved it. She knew this even without others telling her.

However, there was no path for her to turn to anymore.