Chapter 2990 - The Opening Of The Sacred Domain

Chapter 2990 - The Opening Of The Sacred Domain

Chu Yue seemed to have prepared herself for a backlash from the crowd. However, when faced with the crowd’s displeased expressions and their soft-spoken criticisms, Chu Yue was filled with cold sweat. Her delicate body was trembling slightly.

However, even with that being the case, Chu Yue still spoke with resolve, “Big sis Ruoshi, everyone has the right to their own decision.”

“I, Chu Yue, will never forget the grace little brother Chu Feng has shown me. However, today, I wish to partner with Chu Haoyan even more. This is the decision that I’ve made today.”

“What? She’s actually really decided to seek shelter from her enemy?!” The crowd once again burst into an uproar after hearing what Chu Yue said.

If Chu Feng were Chu Yue’s benefactor, Chu Haoyan would be her enemy.

Many people present were well-aware of how Chu Haoyan had deliberately made things difficult for Chu Yue during the Sacred Domain Selection.

Yet now, not only was Chu Yue was kicking her benefactor in the teeth, not only was she abandoning Chu Feng, but she was actually seeking shelter from Chu Haoyan, the person who had deliberately made things difficult for her before. The crowd were truly incapable of understanding Chu Yue’s frame of mind.

Even though Chu Haoyan was one of their Chu Heavenly Clan’s strongest geniuses, even though his grandfather was one of their Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders, Chu Feng had already completely revealed his genius. Chu Feng was someone with unbounded potential.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had treated Chu Yue extremely well.

For Chu Yue to abandon Chu Feng for Chu Haoyan was very insensible in the eyes of many.

“All of you, it’s time to shut up! What’s wrong with Chu Yue’s decision?! Could it be that you all think that I, Chu Haoyan, am inferior to that Chu Feng?!” As the crowd continued to waggle their tongues, Chu Haoyan shouted angrily.

His shout was like a command. The people that were still discussing the matter immediately shut their mouths.

Even though many people felt that Chu Haoyan was indeed inferior to Chu Feng, no one would dare to say it out loud. At the very least, no one dared to say it in front of Chu Haoyan.

The reason for that was because Chu Haoyan’s grandfather possessed enormous power in their Chu Heavenly Clan.

“Chu Yue, you can enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain together with me,” Chu Haoyan said to Chu Yue.

Once Chu Haoyan said those words, Chu Yue immediately walked over to him without the slightest hesitation.

At that moment, Chu Haoyan had a pleased expression on his face. He looked to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, I truly do not know what you’ve done to Chu Yue behind the scenes to make her not dare to enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain together with you.”

“Heh…” Facing Chu Haoyan’s cutting remarks, Chu Feng chuckled lightly. He said, “Everyone here knows what I’ve done. I, Chu Feng, have helped Chu Yue obtain her qualifications to enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain from your hands. That is what I’ve done to Chu Yue.”

“In other words, if it wasn’t for me, Chu Feng, you would not be able to partner up with Chu Yue right now,” Chu Feng said.

Once Chu Feng said those words, Chu Yue did not even dare to raise her head. She felt extremely ashamed.

As for Chu Haoyan, he revealed an expression of anger on his face. Chu Feng’s words were simply a great humiliation to him.

However, the anger on Chu Haoyan’s face only lasted an instant, and he did not explode with rage.

Instead, he said coldly, “Chu Feng, I feel that it is meaningless for you to bother arguing with me. It’s better that you find a partner first. Otherwise, you will not even possess the qualifications to enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.”

“However, I believe that all those that are sensible will not choose to partner up with you,” Chu Haoyan put extra emphasis on his final sentence.

Once Chu Haoyan said those words, many women present revealed a change in their expression.

They’d all received Chu Haoyan’s voice transmission at the same time. They were being threatened. Chu Haoyan was threatening them to not partner up with Chu Feng.

With the situation being like this, those that were originally planning to abandon their partner to seek shelter from Chu Feng had no choice but to give up on the thought.

Although Chu Feng possessed unbounded potential, it remained that Chu Haoyan, with the backing of his grandfather, possessed greater power than Chu Feng at present. No one was willing to offend Chu Haoyan at such a time.

After all, Chu Haoyan was totally capable of killing those that supported Chu Feng before Chu Feng rose in power.

“So that’s your plan. You want to make me unable to enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, is it?”

“Because of that, you’ve gone as far as to poison your own partner. Chu Haoyan, you are truly malicious,” Chu Feng looked at Chu Haoyan with a profound expression in his eyes.

“So it was Chu Haoyan who poisoned her?”

“That’s very possible. All of this seems to have been planned.”

The crowd were enlightened by Chu Feng’s words. They suddenly realized that all of the events occuring seemed premeditated. The target of this plot was Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you must provide evidence before making such bold claims. Without evidence, you should not make false accusations of others,” Chu Haoyan pointed at Chu Feng.

“You know exactly what happened very well,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he looked to Chu Yue, “Big sis Chu Yue, you should know in your heart too, no?”

Once Chu Feng said those words, Chu Yue’s body trembled.

“Chu Feng, are you planning to threaten and extort people now that you’re unable to provide evidence?” Chu Haoyan asked coldly.

After he finished saying those words, he pulled Chu Yue to his chest and said to her with an incomparably gentle tone, “Don’t be scared; with me here, that Chu Feng will not be able to harm you.”

“Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, it is not that I’m trying to lecture you, but threatening a young woman is not something that a man should do,” right at that moment, another mocking voice was heard.

It was Chu Huanyu.

If one were to ask who the person was that detested Chu Feng the most amongst everyone present, one would definitely think it was Chu Haoyan.

Only the people of the older generation knew that the person who detested Chu Feng the most was Chu Huanyu.

Chu Huanyu’s father, Chu Kongtong, had entered the Chu Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm. He had insulted the Old Ape and destroyed Chu Feng’s fake grave. Because of that, he was punished by Chu Feng’s father.

Because of that, he became a cripple.

As the saying goes, one’s son should obtain revenge for one’s father’s grudges. Chu Huanyu had vowed to avenge his father, vowed to kill Chu Xuanyuan and Chu Feng.

Because of his intense hatred toward Chu Feng, Chu Huanyu would seize every opportunity to insult Chu Feng, even if he knew that the person in the wrong was not Chu Feng.

“Look at this, finally, a perspicacious person finally appears. Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, it would appear that it is not only I, Chu Haoyan, who managed to see through your hypocritical nature,” Chu Haoyan grew even more confident after seeing Chu Huanyu speaking for him.

His features turned extremely disgusting. It was as if his scheme had truly worked.

“Heh…” However, faced with Chu Huanyu and Chu Haoyan’s insults and mockeries, Chu Feng merely chuckled. That chuckle of his was filled with contempt.


Right at that moment, the earth started to shine even more intensely. Another bright moon appeared in the sky.

All nine moons had appeared at the same time!

With all nine moons present, the earth started to rumble.

Soon, a dazzling white light appeared in the vast and boundless prairie before the crowd. The light started to stretch continuously for tens of thousands of miles, practically covering everything in the crowd’s field of view.

When the white light started to wane, what was present before Chu Feng and the others was no longer a vast and boundless green prairie. Instead, it was a vast expanse filled with building complexes that reached all the way to the sky.

These buildings appeared somewhat shabby. However, they were also emitting a sort of sacred aura. As such, one would feel reverence toward them the moment one saw them.

“The Nine Moons Sacred Domain has finally appeared!”

Seeing the Nine Moons Sacred Domain before them, many people were unable to contain the excitement in their hearts.


Right at that moment, gates started to appear from the Nine Moons Sacred Domain in nonstop succession.

The gate that was directly facing the crowd was a gate with a yin yang pattern.

Even without others explaining it to them, the crowd knew that it was the Yin Yang Gate.