Chapter 2988 - I Hate Traitors The Most

Chapter 2988 - I Hate Traitors The Most

“Even if that’s the case, if that girl is truly plotting something, you’d have given her a Full Moon-level Yin Yang Pearl for free,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Although her recent behavior is indeed abnormal, I don’t think she will do anything detrimental to me.”

“If she really ends up doing something detrimental to me, I, Chu Feng, will definitely not let her get away with it. That includes that Yin Yang Pearl; she will not be able to take the slightest advantage of me,” Chu Feng said.

“What do you mean by that?” Her Lady Queen asked with a curious expression.

“According to the understanding of the Yin Yang Fate Pearls I've obtained over the past two days, it would be very difficult for a single Yin Yang Fate Pearl to bear all the Full Moon-level power. Unless one is to use a special sort of method to handle it, the Yin Yang Fate Pearl will end up shattering within a short time frame.”

“However, even if one is to stabilize it, one would only be able to stabilize it temporarily, and not permanently.”

“If Chu Yue isn’t scheming anything, I will naturally guarantee her safety. After all, that is my duty.”

“However, if she holds malicious intentions toward me, and decides to kick her benefactor in the teeth by helping others to take care of me, the one that will suffer would not be me, Chu Feng. Instead, it will be her,” As Chu Feng said those words, his eyes became ruthless.

It was an expression rarely present on his face.

Chu Feng hated those that betrayed him the most.


Time passed quickly. Soon, another day had gone by.

It was now the day when the Nine Moons Sacred Domain would open.

Under the guidance of the elders, Chu Feng and the others of the younger generation arrived at the Nine Moons Sacred Domain ahead of time.

That place was a vast prairie. Apart from the green grasses that moved about with the wind, there was simply nothing to be seen. However, everyone knew that this was the location of the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.

The moment when the nine bright moons appeared up in the sky would be the moment when the Nine Moons Sacred Domain appeared.

However, Chu Feng saw no sign of Chu Xuanzhengfa or Chu Qing.

The reason for that was because the Nine Moons Sacred Domain was extremely large. Furthermore, multiple entrances would appear when it opened. One would enter different areas of the Nine Moons Sacred Domain through the different entrances.

The different areas were suitable for people of different cultivations to train in.

The opening of the Nine Moons Sacred Domain was most definitely not only a cultivation feast for the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations. Instead, it was a cultivation feast for the entire Chu Heavenly Clan.

Generally, apart from Supreme Elder-level existences, everyone else could enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain to train. This included Chu Xuanzhengfa, someone who became an Exalted-level expert at his young age.

This also included people like Chu Qing that were still only True Immortals, even though they were no longer people of the younger generation.

However, as the Nine Moons Sacred Domain was simply too vast, the entrances which Chu Xuanzhengfa, Chu Qing and the others entered were all different from the entrance Chu Feng and the others of the younger generation would enter.

As such, they would not appear at the same place.

“Wasn’t it said that the Nine Moons Sacred Domain would soon open? It’s clearly still daytime right now,” Her Lady Queen said in a confused manner.

Her Lady Queen had heard that at least three moons would appear over the prairie when night fell. Furthermore, the number of moons would constantly change. The Nine Moons Sacred Domain would only appear when nine moons appeared above the prairie.

However, that was at nighttime. Yet at present… it was still daytime.

“It’s said that the Nine Moons Sacred Domain will appear soon. Perhaps it’s different this time around, perhaps it will appear during the daytime,” Chu Feng said.

“But, how could moons appear during the daytime?” Her Lady Queen asked in a puzzled manner.


Suddenly, the wind blowing across the prairie grew stronger. Like blades, the wind started to slice the grass and lift it up into the air.

The grasses filled the sky and began to flutter about like rain.

The previously bright sky had turned dusky. Even though it was clearly a vast clear day just a moment before, it suddenly became night.

The bright sun had disappeared. The only thing now visible was a clear full moon.

That full moon was extremely large. It was as if one could reach it should one extend one’s hand.

The moon was also very round and bright. Even though the sky had darkened, everything on the surface was as clear as day.

Soon, another bright moon appeared. Then a third moon, a fourth moon, and a fifth moon...

In the blink of an eye, eight enormous bright moons were hanging in the sky.

At this time, the earth was completely brightened by the moon. It was simply even more dazzling than daytime.

However, strangely, even though the ground was illuminated brighter than during the day, the sky was still pitch-black. Only the eight moons continued to bloom with light.

It was as if the pitch-black sky was off-setting the eight bright moons.

All of this was very unconventional.

“What miraculous scenery,” Seeing the situation become like that, even Her Lady Queen revealed an astonished expression.

A rare expression of joy and fondness appeared in Her Lady Queen’s beautiful eyes.

Women loved beautiful scenery. It would appear that even Her Lady Queen was no exception.

“Indeed, it’s very miraculous,” Seeing such a beautiful scene, Chu Feng also felt his mood becoming better. At the same time, an astonished expression also appeared in his eyes.

As a world spiritist, Chu Feng knew very well what illusions were like. Even though the scenery before him seemed unrealistic, Chu Feng was unable to find any sign of it being an illusion. It was as if all of it was real.

If all of it was real, then how could it not be miraculous?

“The ninth moon will take some time to appear. However, when the ninth moon appears, the Nine Moons Sacred Domain will also appear.”

Right at that moment, an elder spoke loudly. “After the Nine Moons Sacred Domain appears, there will only be nine days to train. Regardless of what sort of harvest you might obtain after nine days, you all must still exit the Nine Moons Sacred Domain. Otherwise, you will be trapped within it and killed.”

“Do you all understand?”

“We understand,” The people of the younger generation present all said in unison.

“It’s good that you do. Pair yourselves in groups of two and prepare for the arrival of the Nine Moons Sacred Domain,” That elder said.

After the elder said those words, the crowd that were originally standing in a scattered manner all walked over to one another. The pair that caught the crowd’s attention the most was Chu Ruoshi and Chu Zhiyuan.

The reason why they were so focused upon them was because of the rumors stating that Chu Ruoshi and Chu Zhiyuan had managed to awaken their Yin Yang Fate Pearls to the Half-moon level.

“Big sis Ruoshi, I’ve heard that you and big bro Zhiyuan have managed to awaken your Yin Yang Fate Pearls to the Half-moon level. Is that really the case?” A curious young woman walked over to Chu Ruoshi and asked with a beaming smile on her face.

“Zhiyuan, is it fine?” Chu Ruoshi turned to ask Chu Zhiyuan. It was as if Chu Zhiyuan was the person in charge.

However, this scene did not come as a surprise to the crowd. They had already gotten used to Chu Ruoshi’s behavior over the years.

They had no idea exactly what sort of medicine Chu Zhiyuan fed Chu Ruoshi. However, the high and removed Chu Ruoshi was like a helpless little bird before Chu Zhiyuan.

Because of this, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s young men were extremely envious of Chu Zhiyuan

“We’ll have to reveal it anyways, there’s no harm in doing so sooner,” Chu Zhiyuan smiled lightly. As he spoke, he took out his Yin Yang Fate Pearl from his Cosmos Sack.

Chu Ruoshi also took out her Yin Yang Fate Pearl. When the two of them placed their Yin Yang Fate Pearls together, the insides of their Yin Yang Fate Pearls changed simultaneously. Soon, a half-moon appeared in both Yin Yang Fate Pearls.

They were indeed Half-moon-level Yin Yang Fate Pearls.

“They’re really at the Half-moon level. Truly amazing!” The crowd exclaimed in astonishment upon seeing the Chu Ruoshi and Chu Zhiyuan’s Yin Yang Fate Pearls.

After all, only three pairs in the Chu Heavenly Clan’s entire history had managed to awaken their Yin Yang Fate Pearls to the Half-moon level.

Chu Ruoshi and Chu Zhiyuan would become the fourth pair. They would likely be the only pair of people present with Half-moon-level Yin Yang Fate Pearls.

No, that might not necessarily be the case. The Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation’s geniuses were not limited to only Chu Ruoshi. There was also Chu Huanyu, Chu Haoyan, Chu Lingxi and Chu Feng.

At that moment, the crowd all cast their eyes toward Chu Lingxi and Chu Huanyu. After all, this was a pair of geniuses. Likely, they would be able to attain quite an accomplishment too.

“Don’t think about it. This young lady has no heart to bother revealing it to you all,” Chu Lingxi said coldly.

Once she said those words, the crowd’s interest in Chu Huanyu and her immediately disappeared. Thus, they turned to Chu Feng and Chu Yue.

Although Chu Yue and Chu Feng were on different levels, Chu Feng was a heaven-defying genius. As such, the crowd was filled with expectations toward them.

After all, Chu Feng had became someone who created miracles.

The crowd all felt that he might be able to refine and awaken his Yin Yang Fate Pearls to the Half-moon level all by himself. 


Right at that moment, someone opened their mouth and sprayed a mouthful of blood onto the grass before them.

Then, that person fell to the ground, unconscious.

This sudden scene caused the crowd’s expressions to change greatly.