Chapter 2985 - Unmatched

Chapter 2985 - Unmatched

“Humph,” at the moment when Chu Qing was rushing toward Her Lady Queen with his silver spear Incomplete Immortal Armament in hand and a silver enormous dragon spiraling around his body, at the moment when he was about to reach her, Her Lady Queen let out a light snort.

Her cold snort was filled with disdain.

The next moment, Chu Feng discovered that the black gaseous flames emitted by Her Lady Queen started to change.

The roars emitted by the black gaseous flames grew even more ear-piercing. It was as if there were ten thousand ghosts crying and snarling. Under those circumstances, the dark black gaseous flames grew even more powerful.

“Eggy… her aura changed?”

Chu Feng was able to tell that Her Lady Queen’s aura had completely changed. Earlier, Her Lady Queen still resembled an elegant and graceful celestial fairy. However at that moment, she resembled a demon from hell.

No, she was an Asura.

As for the dark black gaseous flames she now emitted, they were no longer a simple magnificent army of thousands of men and horses. Instead, it was an army composed of countless demons.

It was an army that would bring ruin to everything in its path.


Ear-piercing roars were sounding nonstop. Countless giant hands emerged from the dark black gaseous flames. The fingers of those hands were all incomparably sharp. They seemed to be planning to tear Chu Qing to pieces.

With the situation being like that, Chu Qing was no longer unstoppable. In fact, even the silver dragon that surrounded him was riddled with wounds from the dark black claws.

Most importantly, Chu Qing was now completely surrounded by the black claws.

Chu Qing was already an arrow at the end of its flight, a trapped beast in its final struggle.

The enormous silver dragon was the final barrier that protected him. If the enormous silver dragon were to be destroyed, Chu Qing would be confronted with death.

“The Asura Spirit World is truly amazing. It would appear that I, Chu Qing, will have to unleash my full strength today.”

After Chu Qing said those words, he brandished the silver spear in his hand again. Then, eight enormous silver dragons appeared from it.

At that moment, nine enormous silver dragons had surrounded Chu Qing. Chu Qing’s battle power had increased once again.

“What sort of ability is this?” Chu Feng’s expression changed upon seeing the nine enormous silver dragons that surrounded Chu Qing.

Chu Feng discovered that what Chu Qing had used was not an Immortal Technique, nor was it a martial skill. It also did not resemble a secret skill.

However, this ability was extremely powerful.

It was so powerful that it was actually capable of contending against Her Lady Queen’s strengthened black gaseous flames.

“Humph,” however, even with that being the case, Her Lady Queen was still filled with contempt toward Chu Qing. Her eyes grew even more ruthless.

With the situation being like that, a faint shadow appeared behind Her Lady Queen. That shadow was incomparably large.

It was an enormous face. The face was very indistinct. One could not see its facial features. The only thing visible were two enormous sun-like eyes.

Those two eyes were simply too frightening. They were very gloomy and ruthless. Those were simply the most frightening eyes Chu Feng had ever seen.

Right at that moment, Her Lady Queen lightly shouted, “Power of Asura!”

Then, that enormous face that was gradually taking form turned into gaseous flames and assimilated with Her Lady Queen’s dark black gaseous flames.

At that moment, the dark black gaseous flames strengthened again. Her Lady Queen’s aura also grew stronger.

At that moment, Her Lady Queen actually gained another level of heaven-defying battle power. She was currently capable of surmounting six levels of cultivation.

At that moment, even the nine enormous silver dragons that surrounded Chu Qing were unable to withstand Her Lady Queen’s black gaseous flames. They were left covered in bruises and wounds by the enormous black gaseous flames.

“Amazing! You are truly going to force me to unleash all my capabilities.”

Chu Qing smiled lightly. Then, he narrowed his eyebrows, and a serious expression appeared on his previously good-natured eyes.

At that moment, Chu Qing held tightly to his silver spear with one hand, and began to form hand seals with his other hand. He was also chanting some something that not even Chu Feng could understand.

At that moment, faint silvery light appeared on Chu Qing’s wrist.

The silvery light grew stronger and stronger. In the end, it formed a bracelet. That bracelet was composed of nine spiraling silver dragons.

The bracelet formed by nine spiraling silver dragons grew larger and larger. In the end, they scattered apart and separated from Chu Qing’s wrist, assimilating into the nine enormous silver dragons around Chu Qing.


At that moment, the eyes of Chu Qing’s nine enormous silver dragons started to shine with light. It was as if they were truly alive.

Chu Qing’s battle power had increased by a level again. He was once again on par with Her Lady Queen.

At that moment, the dark black gaseous flames and the nine enormous silver dragons were locked in battle.

Energy ripples scattered everywhere. Even within the isolated space, the energy ripples still scattered explosively in massive waves.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was protected by Chu Qing’s defensive formation. Otherwise, any one of those energy ripples would end up killing Chu Feng miserably, scattering both his body and soul.

Seeing such an intense battle before him, Chu Feng was truly worried for Her Lady Queen.

This was the first time he had witnessed those abilities unleashed by Her Lady Queen. Her Lady Queen’s strength had surpassed what he knew of her.

However, Chu Qing was equally remarkable. The bracelet concealed on his wrist should be a rarely-seen treasure.

As for the nine enormous golden dragons Chu Qing unleashed, it was a special sort of ability that complemented that rare treasure.

Although it was not a martial skill, not an Immortal Technique and not a secret skill, it was able to grant heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting one level of cultivation when used together with that treasure.

That should be Chu Qing’s trump card.

With the situation being like this, it was truly difficult to determine what the outcome between Her Lady Queen and Chu Qing’s battle would be.


At the moment when the battle between Her Lady Queen and Chu Qing was extremely heated, Chu Yue’s mother arrived at Chu Feng’s room with several exquisite dishes of dimsum.

“That is?”

Right after Chu Yue’s mother pushed open the door to Chu Feng’s room, she was stunned.

Before her was not a simple room. Instead, it was an isolated space.

Two streams of power were currently fighting one another inside that isolated space.

Upon closer inspection, Chu Yue’s mother discovered that two people were controlling those two streams of power. One was Chu Feng’s world spirit, Eggy.

As for the other, he was the Chu Heavenly Clan’s number one genius, Chu Qing.

“Their power?!”

At that moment, even though Chu Yue’s mother was a Heavenly Immortal expert, her expression still changed enormously.

She was capable of sensing the battle power revealed by Her Lady Queen and Chu Qing.

Although their cultivations were still only those of True Immortals, their heaven-defying battle power astonished Chu Yue’s mother.

Chu Yue’s mother continued to observe for quite some time before suddenly turning around and closing the door to the room.

The reason why she left was because the battle between Her Lady Queen and Chu Qing had come to an end.

The starry sky that filled the room gradually began to disperse. The furniture inside the room also gradually reappeared.

A ray of light descended onto Chu Qing’s hand. Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen were both standing where they were previously.

At that moment, there was a somewhat unreconciled expression on Her Lady Queen’s exceptionally beautiful face.

However, Chu Feng was relaxed. Although Her Lady Queen and Chu Qing had stopped at a tie, neither of them were injured. This was the best outcome he could hope for.

“Young lady is truly powerful. This Chu Qing is completely convinced.”

Chu Qing first clasped his fist toward Her Lady Queen. Then, he actually ended up bowing courteously to her. Even though they had ended in a tie, Chu Qing was acting as if he had lost.

However, Her Lady Queen did not appreciate Chu Qing’s behavior in the slightest. She turned around and entered the World Spirit Gate.

“Little brother Chu Feng, with such a helper, there is no one among the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s younger generations that could match you,” Chu Qing said to Chu Feng.

“You’ve clearly ended in a tie against my Queen, how could I be said to be unmatched?” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, Chu Qing smiled lightly. He said, “I have turned a hundred years old whilst fighting against that young lady. I, Chu Qing, am no longer a member of the younger generation.”

At that moment, Chu Feng finally understood why Chu Qing was in such a rush to spar with Her Lady Queen.

It turned out that Chu Qing had wanted to weigh himself against Her Lady Queen while he was still a member of the younger generation.

If what Chu Qing said was true, then Chu Feng would really be unmatched among the younger generation with Her Lady Queen at his side.