Chapter 2975 - Rip Apart Your Mouth

Chapter 2975 - Rip Apart Your Mouth

At the moment when Chu Feng opened his World Spirit Gate, many of the people present were completely confused.

As everyone knew, in a battle between martial cultivators, victory and defeat would be determined through their martial power. While world spirit techniques also possessed a certain amount of battle power, unless one were an expert world spiritist who trained wholly in world spirit techniques, one would simply not be able to contend against cultivators of the same level, much less cultivators stronger than themselves.

Although Chu Feng was an Exalted-level World Spiritist, he was only an Insect-mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist. Regardless of how powerful his world spirits might be, they would at the very most only be as powerful as he was.

As such, how could Chu Feng's world spirits possibly be able to contend against Chu Haoyan?

Under the crowd's questioning gazes, a beauty gracefully walked out from the World Spirit Gate and appeared before the crowd's field of view.

That person was naturally the extremely beautiful Her Lady Queen.


Once Her Lady Queen appeared, the expressions of everyone present changed. The sound of people sucking in cold air could be heard from the crowd.

The world spirit who walked out from the World Spirit Gate was not the extremely fierce and powerful world spirit that they were expecting. Instead, it was actually such a celestial-fairy-like beauty with an alluring figure.

To witness such a beauty, not only were the young men's eyes shining with light, but the young women were also gasping in admiration.

After all, Her Lady Queen was so beautiful that not even Chu Ruoshi and Chu Lingxi could compare.

"There's actually such a beautiful world spirit in this world?"

At that moment, many of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen started to swallow their saliva whilst looking at Her Lady Queen.

Their reactions were understandable. While they were from the prestigious Chu Heavenly Clan, they had never witnessed a beauty of Her Lady Queen's caliber in their entire lives.

"Chu Feng, and here I was wondering what sort of ability you'd be using. After all this, you've actually called forth such a girl."

"What's this? You want her to fuck me?" Chu Haoyan ridiculed whilst staring at Her Lady Queen.

There was even a wicked desire in his eyes when he said those words.

He was not joking around. He really wanted to violate Her Lady Queen.

At that moment, Chu Feng's expression suddenly changed. Killing intent erupted out from him in that instant.


Chu Feng's sudden explosive killing intent startled everyone present.

They did not understand why Chu Feng would suddenly explode with such intense killing intent.

Only Chu Feng knew that he would not tolerate anyone insulting Her Lady Queen.


Right at that moment, with a thought from Her Lady Queen, her killing intent also burst forth.

The surrounding temperature started to fall rapidly as the air itself started freezing.

Her killing intent was actually even more intense than Chu Feng's.

At the instant Her Lady Queen's killing intent burst forth, black gaseous flames emerged from her body.

Like the reflection of the devil, the cape of the reaper, the black gaseous flames started to surge about as they spiraled around Her Lady Queen.

"This power, it's an Asura World Spirit."

"That is actually an Asura Spirit World's World Spirit! Chu Feng... is actually an Asura World Spiritist!"

There were, after all, a lot of experienced and knowledgeable people in the Chu Heavenly Clan. Before Her Lady Queen unleashed her power, they had no idea. However, once she unleashed her power, there were immediately people among the crowd that realized she was an Asura World Spirit.

"Asura World Spiritist?" While the people of the older generation were experienced and knowledgeable, those from the younger generation were not.

However, they knew what an Asura World Spiritist represented.

While Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines could be said to be the king among abilities a martial cultivator could possess, it remained that there were still Divine Bodies capable of contending against Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines.

However, Asura World Spiritists were the sole kings among World Spiritists. No one would be able to contend against them.

Chu Feng’s identity as an Asura World Spiritist had undoubtedly once again caused the crowd to have a whole new level of respect and envy toward him.

Among possessors of Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines, Chu Feng was someone who trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

Among world spiritists, he was actually an Asura World Spiritist.

He represented the best in the world on both fronts. With this, how could people not feel envious of him?

“So you’re actually from the Asura Spirit World. No wonder you’re so arrogant to dare unleash your killing intent at me.”

“However, little girl, how can you, with your mere rank five True Immortal-level cultivation, possibly be able to contend against this young master?” After Chu Haoyan finished saying those words, a ‘Heaven’ character Lightning Mark appeared on his forehead.

At that moment, not only were there lightning flashes, rolls of thunder and violent winds, but Chu Haoyan’s aura also increased from rank seven True Immortal to rank eight True Immortal.

Chu Haoyan was worthy of being a genius of the Chu Heavenly Clan, as his strength truly did not let down his reputation as a genius.

“Little girl, not only are you going to be powerless to defend yourself today, but your master will also be powerless to defend himself,” after saying those words, Chu Haoyan turned to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, your world spirit is truly good-looking. Why don’t you hand her over to me so that I can enjoy her for the night? If you do that, I can consider sparing you today.”

After saying those words, Chu Haoyan swallowed some saliva and revealed a wicked smile.

"Chu Haoyan, you'd best control your mouth. Otherwise... today will not be as simple as a mere spar," as Chu Feng spoke, not only did his killing intent grow more and more intense, but he even placed his hand on his Cosmos Sack.

Her Lady Queen noticed this. She noticed that Chu Feng was planning to personally take care of Chu Haoyan.

However, the current Chu Feng was still no match for Chu Haoyan right now. If he were to fight against Chu Haoyan, the only thing he could use would be the Evil God Sword.

If the Evil God Sword was to be unleashed, this would no longer be a mere fight.

Seeing that Chu Feng was no longer able to keep his calm, Her Lady Queen said, "Chu Feng, for trash like him, just hand it to this Queen to take care of."

"What? Little girl, are you blind? Are you incapable of seeing the Lightning Mark on this young master's forehead? Are you incapable of sensing this young master's aura? You dare to still declare that you're going to take care of me at a time like this?" The smile on Chu Haoyan's face turned into one of utter mockery.

To him, what Her Lady Queen said was simply a joke.

In fact, it was not only Chu Haoyan who was feeling this way. Many other people were also baffled by Her Lady Queen's words.

Regardless of how powerful an Asura World Spirit might be, she remained to only be a world spirit. With such an enormous disparity in cultivation, there was simply no chance for her to win. As such, how could she make such an arrogant declaration?

It was as if the one grasping victory in their hands was her.

At that moment, Her Lady Queen suddenly smiled beautifully at Chu Haoyan. She said, "This Queen will personally rip apart that mouth of yours."

"Haha, come, my little beauty, this young master is waiting for you," Chu Haoyan burst into loud laughter and opened his mouth wider. He was acting as if he was waiting for Her Lady Queen to come and rip apart his mouth. His behavior was truly arrogant.

The reason for his arrogance was because he simply did not believe that the girl before him was capable of ripping apart his mouth.


Right at that moment, ruthlessness suddenly flashed through Her Lady Queen's beautiful eyes.

In the next moment, the dark black gaseous flames surrounding Her Lady Queen turned into two hands that shot straight toward Chu Haoyan.

The speed of those hands was simply too fast. By the time Chu Haoyan managed to react, the two hands formed from dark black gaseous flames had already reached his mouth.

The next moment, a 'rip' was heard.


Chu Haoyan's miserable scream rang out.

The reason for that was because his mouth had been forcibly torn apart. Blood was splattering all over, and he was feeling an enormous amount of pain.