Chapter 2966 - The Embarrassed Chu Lingxi

Chapter 2966 - The Embarrassed Chu Lingxi

After unleashing his Divine level Lightning Mark, both Chu Feng’s cultivation and speed increased.

However, the situation remained very dangerous for Chu Feng.

The reason why Chu Feng did not activate his Divine level Lightning Mark from the very beginning was because he felt that his earlier speed was just right.

The speed he was traveling at earlier was the fastest speed Chu Feng could travel and guarantee his safety.

The speed with which Chu Feng was traveling at this moment far surpassed his control.

At this speed, Chu Feng’s observational ability would not be able to keep up.

The cave was filled with traps. If Chu Feng’s observational ability was too weak, it would be very easy for him to become trapped.

However, at that moment, Chu Feng had no heart to concern himself with all those things. The reason for that was because he was practically certain that the shout earlier was Chu Lingxi’s voice.

Not only was Chu Lingxi Chu Xuanzhengfa’s daughter, but even if Chu Lingxi was unrelated to Chu Xuanzhengfa, Chu Feng would still not ignore her if she was in a crisis.

It was as Her Lady Queen had said, although Chu Lingxi appeared to be arrogant and cold, she was one of the very few good people among the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

Chu Feng was truly incapable of ignoring her being in danger.

Fortunately, Chu Feng only traveled for a short while before arriving at the location where the call for help sounded from.

Merely, at that moment, Chu Lingxi’s cries for help had grown softer and softer.

The reason for that was because she had fallen into a trap.

That trap was very small. When looking at it from afar, it it seemed to only be a pond, filled with semi-transparent green water.

The pond was very deep, extremely deep.

However, the most frightening aspect regarding the pond was most definitely not how deep it was. Rather, it was that the water in the pond was no ordinary water. Once one fell into the water, one would lose the power to escape. The more one struggled, the weaker one would become. Even someone of Chu Lingxi’s cultivation was incapable of contending against the water in the pond.

However, Chu Feng was an Insect Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist. Furthermore, his Heaven’s Eyes had also grown stronger. Thus, Chu Feng’s observational ability was much stronger than before.

Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that while the water in the pond was very powerful, it was actually not fatal. It would only trap its victims. Evidently, Chu Lingxi was currently trapped in the water.


After observing the pond, Chu Feng immediately leaped into the pond water.

After leaping into the water, Chu Lingxi’s calls for help grew clearer.

After Chu Feng entered the water, he started diving down directly. Soon, he saw Chu Lingxi. She was struggling, and trying extremely hard to escape the pond.

Unfortunately, she was unable to unleash any of her abilities. Instead, layer upon layer of dark green gaseous flames began to surround her. Not only were the dark green gaseous flames capable of binding its victims, it was also capable of agitating them.

To put it simply, the dark green gaseous flames would affect one’s state of mind and make one lose their rationality. With that, one would forever be trapped in the pond.

Chu Lingxi had already lost her rationality. She did not notice that she was still violently struggling, violently shouting for help.

This was the first time Chu Feng had witnessed the proud young miss Chu Lingxi panicking like that.

Truth be told, her panicky appearance was quite adorable. At the very least, it illustrated that she too was human.

That said, Chu Feng also knew very well that it was that dark green gaseous substance that had caused Chu Lingxi to act like that way. Otherwise, a normal Chu Lingxi would definitely not be panicking like that.

After Chu Feng approached Chu Lingxi, he gently pressed his palm on her head. Then, layer upon layer of spirit power was instilled into Chu Lingxi’s body.

Chu Feng was helping Chu Lingxi regain her rationality. Only by regaining her rationality would she have a chance to escape from the pond.

The power of the pond’s water was extremely strong. If it wasn’t for the fact that Chu Feng was an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, it would truly be very difficult for Chu Feng to help Chu Lingxi.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.


With Chu Feng’s assistance, Chu Lingxi, who was originally panicking, ended up losing consciousness. However, she soon regained consciousness.

“What are you doing?”

Chu Lingxi was immediately alarmed upon seeing Chu Feng. After all, she was capable of feeling Chu Feng’s palm on her head.

Seeing Chu Lingxi trying to forcibly push him aside, Chu Feng hurried said, “Don’t move, I’m trying to save you.”

Chu Lingxi was quite intelligent. She immediately realized that she had fallen into danger. Furthermore, after Chu Feng appeared, her panicky state of mind had also grown much more alleviated. She determined that Chu Feng was indeed helping her.

Thus, she no longer tried to push Chu Feng aside. However, her charming little face turned apple-red.

“Yoh, girl, you’re quite shy,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Men and women should not have close physical contact at will. If you weren’t helping me right now, I would’ve already chopped your hand off,” Chu Lingxi glared at Chu Feng.

“Puu~~~” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself, and burst out laughing.

Then, he said, “I’ve only touched your head, how could this be considered close physical contact?”

“The hell do you know?” Chu Lingxi wanted to say something, but then hesitated. She then said, “Finish this quickly.”

Seeing Chu Lingxi acting like this, Chu Feng’s smile widened. That said, while Chu Feng was smiling, he did not stop the transmission of his spirit power into Chu Lingxi.

With the situation being like that, the dark green gaseous flames that surrounded Chu Lingxi started to gradually vanish.

“Do not oppose it. Follow the undercurrent of the pond water,” Chu Feng said.

“If we are to follow the undercurrent, we’ll sink,” Chu Lingxi said.

“That’s right, we have to sink,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah?” Chu lingxi was surprised.

“Trust me. It will be absolutely impossible to swim out through the entrance of the pond,” Chu Feng said.

“Oh,” Chu Lingxi nodded her head reluctantly. However, she did stop resisting the undercurrent.

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi started sinking further down into the pond.

Right at that moment, with a thought from Chu Feng, he began to release his spirit power. Then, he started forming hand seals with his hands. Soon, his spirit power started to change. It turned into a spirit formation that surrounded Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi.

“What is this going to do?” Chu Lingxi asked.

“This will increase our sinking speed,” Chu Feng said.

“Oh,” Chu Lingxi nodded. However, the expression in her eyes suddenly changed. She cried out in alarm, “This is wrong!”

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng was stunned.

Chu Lingxi turned around and used her clear and beautiful eyes to stare at Chu Feng. She said, “When did you become an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist?”