Chapter 2959 - Scattering One’s Soul

Chapter 2959 - Scattering One’s Soul

Chu Xuanzhengfa called out for Chu Feng several times and received no response. With that, Chu Xuanzhengfa’s body shifted and he began to fly toward the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps. He wanted to forcibly pull Chu Feng out of the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps.



However, when Chu Xuanzhengfa approached the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps, the lightning from the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps started to attack him.

Chu Xuanzhengfa was actually knocked away by the lightning.

It was most definitely not as simple as being only knocked away. Chu Xuanzhengfa’s body was completely scorched. It was as if he had been burned by raging flames. He was seriously injured.

“Lord Vice Hall Master!!!”

Seeing this scene, the people from the Law Enforcement Hall immediately rushed over.

“I’m fine,” Chu Xuanzhengfa was already grimacing in pain. However, his eyes were still completely focused on Chu Feng.


At that moment, the thunder from deep within the sky grew even more ear-piercing. The Nine-colored Divine Lightning that had gathered in once place had started to become restless. It was as if it would strike down at any moment.

Right at that moment, a voice was heard.

“Chu Xuanzhengfa, if you wish for your men from the Law Enforcement Hall to die with you, continue standing out there. Otherwise… return to the main city immediately.”


Turning around toward the source of the voice, it was actually the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder, Chu Hanpeng.

Chu Hanpeng was no longer deep in the main city. He was currently standing on top of the main city’s city walls and looking at Chu Xuanzhengfa with his hands behind his back.

At this moment, Chu Xuanzhengfa felt very conflicted.

He understood what Chu Hanpeng was telling him. If he was to stay here, his men from the Law Enforcement Hall would definitely stay to accompany him. When the lightning in the sky struck down, it would not only be he and Chu Feng that would suffer. His men from the Law Enforcement Hall would also be killed by the lightning.


At that moment, another shout was heard. It was Chu Lingxi.

Chu Lingxi had not entered the main city. She was standing outside the main city’s entrance and staring at Chu Xuanzhengfa.

“Lingxi, quickly, get inside!” Chu Xuanzhengfa shouted.

“No!” Chu Lingxi shook her head stubbornly.

“You!!!” Chu Xuanzhengfa was placed in a very difficult position.


Right at that moment, explosive rumbles once again sounded from high up in the sky. At that moment, the entire region started to tremble violently.

“Damn it!”

Seeing this, Chu Xuanzhengfa gnashed his teeth, and then waved his sleeve. A golden ray shot toward the Heavenly Lightning Steps. When it reached the Heavenly Lightning Steps, it suddenly scattered apart and formed a large formation that protected the Heavenly Lightning Steps within it.

That was a defensive treasure.

At the same time as Chu Xuanzhengfa tossed the treasure, his body also shifted. He brought the people from the Law Enforcement Hall and began flying toward the main city. When he arrived at the gate, he also brought Chu Lingxi into the main city.

“Formation, rise!”

When Chu Xuanzhengfa, Chu lingxi and the others entered the main city, Chu Hanpeng tossed a banner toward the sky.

That banner seemed to come into contact with something, and it gave rise to energy ripples. The energy ripples turned into nine-colored lightning that quickly spread out. In the blink of an eye, it had completely sealed off the vast and boundless main city.

It turned out that it was a grand defensive formation. That grand defensive formation was extremely powerful. At the very least, it was over a hundred times more powerful than the defensive treasure Chu Xuanzhengfa had tossed out.

At that moment, the Nine-colored Divine Lightning finally struck down from the sky. It was aimed directly at the Heavenly Lightning Steps Chu Feng was standing on.


A loud explosion was heard. Lightning filled the sky, wreaking havoc at the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps.

However, that seemingly extremely mighty Nine-colored Divine Lightning did not bring forth much of a commotion. Not only did its energy ripples not affect the main city, but the range of its energy ripples was only a hundred meters.

This was totally not what the crowd had anticipated.

Could it be… that this was only just an abnormal sign?

“Chu Feng!!!”

Right at that moment, Chu Xuanzhengfa started to shout hysterically.

It was only after he shouted that the crowd realized that the Heavenly Lightning Steps had disappeared. It was forcibly shattered apart. As for Chu Feng, he was floating in midair.

Chu Feng’s body had been destroyed. Floating in midair was his spirit body. Only Chu Feng’s spirit body remained. At that moment, Chu Feng’s eyes were closed. It was unknown whether he was dead or alive.


Right at that moment, the formation that had protected the Chu Heavenly Clan’s main city suddenly disappeared. It was Chu Hanpeng; he had undone the grand defensive formation.

At the moment when the grand defensive formation was undone, Chu Xuanzhengfa immediately flew out and arrived beside Chu Feng, grabbing hold of him.

At the moment when he caught Chu Feng, Chu Xuanzhengfa’s nervous expression eased greatly. The reason for that was because Chu Feng was still alive.

However, he was only at ease momentarily.

Although Chu Feng was still alive, his aura was very weak. In fact, his soul even showed signs of dispersing.

Once a martial cultivator became a True Immortal, their bodies would be indestructible should their soul remain alive.

However, should their soul be destroyed, they too would die.

“Lord Supreme Elder, am I allowed to bring Chu Feng into the main city now?”

Chu Xuanzhengfa raised his head and looked to Chu Hanpeng on the city walls.

“The fault of one’s father is unrelated to the son.”

“Back then, Chu Xuanyuan made an enormous blunder for Chu Feng’s sake. However, that is most definitely not what Chu Feng had desired.”

“As for Chu Feng, since he is not someone incapable of cultivating and is also Chu Hanxian’s grandson, he is qualified to return to our Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“Thus, from today on, Chu Feng… is a member of our Chu Heavenly Clan,” Chu Hanpeng spoke loudly.

Once he finished saying those words, Chu Xuanzhengfa immediately brought Chu Feng back into the main city. At the same time, he shouted, “Bring all the doctors to the Law Enforcement Hall!”