Chapter 2955 - With A Lion For A Father, The Son Cannot Be A Dog

Chapter 2955 - With A Lion For A Father, The Son Cannot Be A Dog

At that moment, the people of the younger generation began to turn their gazes toward the older generations present.

There were those that started to openly and quietly question their elders, and those that started to secretly send voice transmissions to question their elders.

The reason for that was because they were skeptical of what Chu Xuanzhengfa had said.

After all, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Old Ancestor, Chu Yetianhong, possessed an irreplaceable status in their hearts. He was the strongest person to have ever emerged from their Chu Heavenly Clan’s throughout its history.

But Chu Xuanzhengfa was actually declaring that Chu Feng’s grandfather and father both possessed greater talent than Chu Yetianhong.

This was no longer a question of whether or not they could accept it. Instead, it was simply something that they were incapable of believing.

Precisely because of that, the astonishment on their faces grew even stronger after they inquired of their elders.

The reason for that was because all of their inquiries ended up confirming Chu Xuanzhengfa’s claims.

Chu Xuanzhengfa did not lie. Chu Xuanyuan and Chu Hanxian had indeed both ascended to the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps’ ninth step.


At that moment, the expressions with which the crowd looked to Chu Feng became increasingly complicated.

As the saying goes, with a lion for a father, the son cannot be a dog. As Chu Hanxian’s grandson and Chu Xuanyuan’s son, Chu Feng… might really end up being able to ascend to the eighth step.

“Humph, so what if your father and grandfather have both managed to ascend to the ninth step?”

“Their accomplishments belong to them, not you,” Chu Huanyu said to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not refute Chu Huanyu. Instead, he smiled faintly and left the words, “You just have to make sure to pay close attention.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng walked up to the first step of the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps before the crowd.



At the moment when Chu Feng’s foot stepped onto the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps, that glass-like flight of steps actually let out a roar. The next moment, lightning began to appear on the flight of steps. A bolt of lightning flowed into Chu Feng’s soles, entered Chu Feng’s body and connected with his Heavenly Lightning Bloodline.

At that moment, Chu Feng was completely enveloped by lightning.

As the lightning entered his body, intense pain also filled Chu Feng’s entire body. Chu Feng felt as if he had been numbed. 

He was being struck and tormented by lightning from inside his body.

However, this sort of pain was tolerable for Chu Feng. After all, this was not the first time Chu Feng had climbed the Heavenly Lightning Steps.

Perhaps because he had already experienced the Heavenly Lightning Steps before, or perhaps because Chu Feng had become much stronger than before, he actually felt that the torment from the lightning this time around was much weaker than last time.

With the situation being like this, Chu Feng took two more steps. In the blink of an eye, he had ascended to the third step.

When Chu Feng ascended to the third step, it was no longer a single lightning bolt that entered his body. Instead, three bolts of lightning entered his body.

The pain from these three lightning bolts was simply not something that a single lightning bolt could compare to. However, Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged.

“That guy is actually this powerful?!”

Seeing that Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged after ascending to the third step, those people of the younger generation that were not fond of Chu Feng started to frown. As for those in support of Chu Feng, they were feeling delighted.

While the great majority of people in the Chu Heavenly Clan were capable of ascending to the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps’ third step, that was also the limit for the majority of them.

However, Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged after arriving on the third step regardless of how much lightning covered his body. This was sufficient to prove that Chu Feng’s perseverance was most definitely not comparable to that of ordinary people.

At that moment, those Chu Heavenly Clansmen who were not fond of Chu Feng started to worry.

However, Chu Huanyu was not too nervous. He knew very well that Chu Feng was a talented individual, and that the third step was simply insignificant to geniuses. Only the sixth step would be an actual trial.

Chu Feng had no idea what the crowd was thinking. He only continued to ascend the flight of steps.




Chu Feng took three successive steps. He had arrived on the sixth step.

“This bastard!”

At that moment, even Chu Huanyu started to frown.

The Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps’ sixth step had been his ultimate performance. When he ascended to the sixth step back then, he was tottering, and possessed no strength to take another step.

However, the current Chu Feng was only slightly pale. However, that was all the effect the sixth step had on him.

Apart from being slightly pale, there was not even a bead of sweat on Chu Feng’s face. This meant that the torment from the Heavenly Lightning Steps’ sixth step did not pose much of a threat to Chu Feng.


“Lord Vice Hall Master, it would appear that Chu Feng truly shows promise in being able to ascend to the eighth step.”

At that moment, Chu Xingde and Chu Xingren were extremely excited.

Chu Xuanzhengfa waved his hand at them to indicate to the two of them to quiet down.

Although Chu Xuanzhengfa had prohibited others from speaking, he too had an excited expression on his face.

He was more excited than anyone else. He wanted Chu Feng to ascend to the Heavenly Lightning Steps’ eighth step more than anyone else.

Because of this, he was paying even greater attention to it all. He did not even want others to speak out of fear of affecting Chu Feng.